Cisco provides an overview of private 5G networks for businesses

The most important information:

  • Equipped with partners, Cisco Private 5G as-a-Service allows business customers to reduce technical, financial and operational risks.
  • Cisco works closely with two leading providers of ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) technology to use private 5G networks. Customer testing is currently underway with Airspan and JMA.
  • Numerous 5G pilot projects are underway, covering the education, entertainment, local government, manufacturing and real estate sectors.

Cisco and its partners have announced the details of their strategy to launch Cisco Private 5G, a large-scale Productivity Enhancer for IoT Technology.

Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of digitalization – combining physical activity with IT systems to use analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning to increase productivity and efficiency. Organizations are used to connect devices and people via Wi-Fi. What they haven’t experienced yet is the combined power of Wi-Fi, 5G and IoT.

Transformation of organizations in each industry

In addition to Wi-Fi, private 5G networks and IoT technology have the potential to transform industries and redefine the future of hybrid business. Cisco sees private 5G networks as a complement, not a substitute, for companies’ investments in Wi-Fi or Ethernet and connected management systems. Private 5G is designed to provide connectivity for all applications: factory lounges, supply chains, corporate networks, university campuses, stadiums, hospitals and more.

Cisco Private 5G – private 5G network

The solution is based on a core network and a portfolio of Cisco IoT solutions – sensors and IoT gateways, device management software, as well as monitoring tools and control panels. Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) technology is a key component of this solution. Cisco works closely with two of the leading ORAN suppliers: Airspan and JMA. Currently, tests are being conducted using customer technology.

Key features of the Cisco corporate-level 5G private network:

  • Distribution in the “As a service” model: Presented with global service providers and system integration partners, the private 5G network proposal reduces the technical, financial and operational risks associated with private 5G networks for businesses.
  • Complement with Wi-Fi: The private 5G network integrates with existing corporate systems, including existing and future versions of Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 5/6 / 6E, thus simplifying many operations.
  • Network and device visibility: Using a simple management portal, enterprise IT teams can maintain security policies and manage identities on both Wi-Fi and 5G networks.
  • Pay as you use subscription model: a private 5G network can be financially managed. Thanks to the paid subscription model, customers can save money without incurring initial infrastructure costs. In addition, it allows you to expand the scope of the service when needed.
  • Faster productivity growth: Thanks to this technology, companies can save IT managers from the need to learn, design and manage a complex private operator-class network.

Key Benefits of Private 5G Network Service for Partners:

  • The path to profitability for partners: Cisco reduces the time, energy and capital required by trading partners to sell these services, allowing them to generate revenue faster.
  • Use of personal labels: Partners can use private branding using the Cisco Private 5G Network on a subscription basis and avoid initial capital costs and long solutions development periods. They can also add value by enriching Cisco Private 5G with their own solutions.

“Cisco has developed a universal wireless strategy for the future of hybrid operations. Jonathan Davidson, Cisco’s executive vice president and general manager of the Mass Infrastructure Group, said 5G should work with Wi-Fi and existing IT environments to facilitate the digital transformation. “Enterprises pursuing a digital strategy using the Internet of Things, analytics and automation will create a significant competitive advantage in terms of value, sustainability, efficiency and flexibility.”

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