Carolina Cvalina-Stępniak on self-acceptance and breast reduction: “I accept my body, I care for it, and I think it doesn’t limit me in any way, but I don’t like it.” [Czule o ciele]

Known as “sex starts from scratch”, Carolina Cvalina-Stępniak spoke about her relationship with her body, her acceptance (or lack of it) and explained why she decided to reduce her breasts. Moreover, she showed how elegant she was on a daily basis.

The girls I worked with were shocked when we told them we would tell them about the subtlety, ”Carolina said as soon as they met. Oh, but I answered with a smile. I felt that we had a conversation that would surprise us on many levels. Carolina Cvalina-Stępniak co-founded the Platform for Impact, a mentor, coach, and author of books and articles. She runs the “Sexy Starts in Head” Instagram profile, where she talks mostly about personal development or business, but also – from time to time – about her personal life, including her relationship with her body. He is completely honest and uncompromising about it. He disagrees with many people who talk about self-love on social media. As part of the era “Body loving” She talked about why she didn’t like her appearance, her reasons for preferring breast reduction surgery, and her daily subtlety.

Carolina Cwalina-Stępniak on self-acceptance and breast reduction

Asia Tvarog: You often say you don’t like your body.

Karolina Cvalina-Stępniak: Because I do not like. I accept my body, I take care of it and I believe that it does not limit me in any way, but I do not like it. I can’t look at myself and say sweet cellulite or something. I hide my shortcomings and, in my opinion, show what is beautiful.

You said: beautiful. However, you like something about yourself.

Yes, my calves. Recently, I also started to like my breasts. I have had surgeries and treatments that have left many scars on my back. Someone may say they are terrible, but I like and accept them. They don’t bother me at all. You know, my relationship with my body is very complicated, because I’ve been through a lot with it. Illness, recovery, weight change … Now I’m working on shaping my body more, because I like this version more. I do it for myself.

Interestingly, there are people around me who always convince me that I look good and that I should not change. But when they lost some weight, they began to say: Carolina, it’s probably inappropriate to say that, but now – when you fall for her – you look better. Among them are those who promote self-acceptance on social networks. Unfortunately, they don’t really love themselves, complain about their appearance, or try to lose weight at any cost. This makes me angry. I do not like hypocrisy.

I think we are at this point where we have to separate and separate ourselves from the bodies of others. Stop commenting on their appearances, telling them what to change about themselves and what not to do.

Yes, I agree with that. Sometimes I joke that I promote anti-naturalism. I like to do make-up, dye my hair and wear so-called firecrackers, I have had several plastic surgeries. Some time ago, I stopped convincing my friends who love nature. And they left me.

You have had breast reduction surgery. Why did you decide to have such an operation?

I decided to have surgery because my breasts were big and it was difficult for me to work on a daily basis. I couldn’t buy clothes, including a bra or pajamas. I could not do sports. Besides, I didn’t like them.

How do you feel a few months after the operation?

Excellent. I believe this is the best thing I have done for myself. I remember that during one of the exercises, my coach Victoria asked me to lie on my stomach and raise my arms. This was amazing for me because I couldn’t do such a thing before the operation. I felt like a little kid learning to walk.

You talked about surgery and recovery on Instagram. How did people who follow your profile react?

The reactions were very positive. I have already received dozens of messages from girls who have decided to reduce their breasts. They told me about their experiences and some even sent pictures on their orthopedic bras.

As you know, this series of interviews is called “Love of Body”. What do you think when you hear this password?

Now? I believe it is a very beautiful name. Although I would add “honestly” to it. Thus, “kind and honest about the body.” I feel a bit like therapy, because during our conversation I realized that the self-promotion of self-acceptance, as I thought so far, does not irritate me, but simply irritates me with the hypocrisy or even hypocrisy of some people who talk about it in public. . Because, of course, you have to take care of your body, treat it well and be happy that it is healthy. But if it’s real and not created for social media needs – like and reach.

How do you show sensitivity to your body on a daily basis?

I take care of them, that’s my situation – I exercise, eat healthy, regularly treat or massage and use quality cosmetics. This is my understanding of subtlety.

You use the name “Sexy starts in your head” on social media, etc. It looks “sexy”, but there’s more to your situation than that, doesn’t it?

This name came to me when I was dealing with my health problems. Indeed, many people have raised, criticized, or considered this search slogan meaningless. In fact, “Sexy starts from scratch” came from how I started to feel with myself, including my body, after the experiences mentioned above. Very simple: I continued. Now it does not arouse emotions as before.

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