Yakub Rzeznichak is under fire from his friend. “Magda cried a sea of ​​tears”

Magdalena Stępień has been living under stress for several months due to the illness of her six-month-old son, who was diagnosed with liver cancer. The model is constantly raising money for the treatment of a boy in Israel. As six-month-old Oliwier struggles for health and life, the press reports on how much the father of a young patient and Magdalena Stępień’s ex-wife, Jacob Rzeźniczak, helped the child’s mother. When she herself commented briefly on her ex-fiancé’s emotional entries and videos, the celebrity’s friends and acquaintances spoke out against the footballer. Recently, Jakub Rzeźniczak described Gczaj as very vulgar, and now he is responding to the words of his personal coach. Claudia AdamczykOliwier Rzeznichak’s mother’s friend.

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Jacob Rzeźniczak was criticized by a friend of Magdalena Stępień. “She cried a sea of ​​tears”

Adamczyk, the mother of Bartosz Kapustka’s son, shared a photo of Magdalena Stępień’s son on Instagram and added a comment to Gczaj’s words. He quoted the celebrity as saying:

“Three weeks and only two days of rest for my son … You don’t have to be together, but you have to respect each other for the child“- Claudia Adamczyk added.

Photo: Instagram / maly_gamon

Klaudia Adamczyk on Instagram

Although Jakub Rzezniczak did not refer to Claudia Adamchik’s words, she recently made a statement in response to her ex-boyfriend’s unpleasant words. “The fact that I was accused of violence a few days ago meant that I could no longer tolerate some of Magda’s behavior.. (…) I have no influence on what Oliwierek’s mother says and publishes, but I appeal to the media and above all to respect my son’s and my personal life and not to repeat some of Oliwier’s strong emotional statements. mother. Don’t use it, “he wrote.

Recall that Yakub Rzeznichak told the media that he wanted to go to Israel, where his son is being treated, after the end of the football season. Then he wrote:

The son of Jacob Rzeźniczak and Magdalena Stępień is battling cancer

“When I arrived at the hospital in Israel, I was given a detailed calculation of the cost of tests, hospital stays and treatment. It turned out that the amount collected was enough not only for tests, but also for my son’s three months of treatment. . The first three weeks are completely spent in the hospital without any transitions. Research has shown that this is a rarer type of liver cancer than we initially thought. In Israel, doctors do their best to determine the best treatment, which is not easy due to the small number of such cases. Until doctors around the world find a place that has experience with this type of cancer in children, we are looking for a solution here (…).. At the moment, we are not always in the hospital, but every two days we go to the oncology department to receive another dose of chemotherapy or to be examined, ”said Magdalena Stępień a few weeks after her son was treated in Israel.

“Oliwier’s father’s theme also appears here. We are working on our relationship, our child is the most important thing for us. His well-being is paramount. We are in constant contact. Cuba has also stated that it will take part in Olisia’s treatment. I am glad that we were able to rise above what separates us and focus on what is really important“- Yakub revealed Rzeznichak’s ex-girlfriend.

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Author of the text: Sergiusz Królak, journalist of Plejada.pl

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