Today the fortune teller reads on the Internet [ROZMOWA]

The Shaman Mermaid told us who used her advice today, what questions were asked the most, and why the demonstrations were held online.

Although your personal life has temporarily removed you from this profession, you have been practicing esotericism for more than 30 years. How did you discover the gift of anticipating future events?

– As a child, like every girl, I wanted to be a fairy. It turned out that I was able to realize this dream because I was called to the cards. I received this gift from my grandmother.

It all started when, at the age of 17, I had to bury my great, true love. Unable to accept it, I began to look for life after death. And I found them. Six months after he left, my girlfriend came to me in the form of a bright, wavy cloud. We talked. He wanted to take me with him and told me that I could decide my fate. He told me what my future life would be like.

– Did you feel dissatisfied?

– I wanted more. That’s how I found a fairy. When I saw the tarot cards, I felt that my life would be different then. It was like joining – I felt such a strong desire for these cards that I still can’t describe it. I felt a kind of alliance with them, as if they were part of me. I knew they were created for me and I had been looking for them for a long time. It was as if, after a long journey, I had finally found the missing piece in the whole riddle.

– Why did you return to the Tarot after a break of twelve years?

– It was necessary to gain new life experiences between the ages of 18-30. To win polish and wisdom. Today I can say with full consciousness that I am doing a good job and I can’t finish it. Whoever is called once by the Tarot will never be separated from him. And the more you give to the Tarot, the more it will give you in sight.

“What’s the matter?”

– In my work I use not only Tarot cards, but also pendulums that help me, among others. Get rid of evil spirits in homes, cleanse the souls of my clients, get rid of poison, envy, jealousy. Sometimes there is a guardian spirit in the house, but sometimes it is a harmful, alien being who empties our life energy and harms us in many different ways, constantly introducing himself to us. I take these evil spirits and leave the good ones if they want.

The ability to be divine is very important to me because it allows me to help other people who are often lost in their lives. I can consciously say: I save people’s lives.

– Thank you, do customers come back to you?

– I could mention such cases a lot. The person I sent to the doctor came back and said that due to my health symptoms, the problem was observed in time and he could live normally. It is mainly related to neoplastic diseases that affect many people today.

Divination is a great responsibility. As you say, people come to you at the crossroads of life. You help them make important decisions.

– Every time I open the cards, I am responsible for my word. I always want the best for the other person. I am right, I confirmed this by swearing years ago. I am the eyes and voice of the Tarot. When I see a disease – I must warn. When I see an accident – I have to say about it.

However, it can be difficult to tell someone about the future, so the words should be chosen in a balanced and correct way. I have to empathize with another person, feel it with all my being – care and love. Act like someone close to him.

What do your customers ask most?

– The women who come to me the most ask about love. This is the theme of every show. This area has become quite a concern in recent years, and many people are struggling with emotional problems in their personal lives. Clients ask if they can find love and someone suitable for them, but also about the relationship that already exists: will the problem be solved, can the relationship be saved, is it still possible to live with another person.

The second most discussed topic is usually work and related money. Clients are asking if they can find a job and if their financial situation will improve.

Common questions usually come in third place: what good can you see and hear?

How do you feel when you fold the cards? Should you be afraid of prophecy?

“Sometimes I feel and know the answer before I put the cards down.” I say out loud that I already know what the Tarot will show, and it is confirmed. So it’s not just what I read in the pictures. I feel the visions with everyone.

It is important to choose a fortune teller consciously. There are many men and women who have no idea about it and can even offend their customers. Divination is a beautiful thing. Problems can be avoided, many things can be avoided – and it’s easier to prepare for certain processes when they can’t be prevented.

How can I contact you? Do your services fit every budget?

– I received at home, talked to customers on the phone. But my pandemic rules have changed a bit, and the relationship with me is a little different now.

I only predict electronically – via basic Messenger and WhatsApp. After making an earlier payment to my account, I look at fortunes with a click and even via PayPal. The instructions really fit every budget, as prices start at 30 PLN. I know that not everyone can afford such services, so I tried to share the services so that everyone could adjust their financial capabilities.


What do his clients say about fortune tellers?

We came to Szamanka by chance. One of the users of the social network asked a fortune teller to help him in a difficult moment in his life. Beata (name changed at his request) was one of those who used the services of our interlocutor and mentioned him in the comments.

– I only had to name the fortune teller after my mother. I also asked about my husband. Everything he wrote was true. He knew my situation, although I had not disclosed anything before. I talked to the fairy in the communicator, because at that time I was hiding it from my ex-husband, so it was good for me. After an hour of conversation, I was just sure that everything I expected would be confirmed on the cards. It helped me make important decisions, although I wouldn’t just be influenced by divination – Beata tells us.

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