(OPINION) The end of NEXT Mobile. Who’s next?

The end of the NEXT Mobile virtual network. An operator with a great idea, maybe a plan, ends before any success. This end will take place at the end of May this year. Brands that start operating in cooperation with other institutions (foundations, sports clubs) end their activities. Several brands, including all this, are disappearing from the market. Sounds great, but paradoxically so little that no one will notice.

NEXT Mobile even had an interesting business idea. Everyone could easily and cheaply launch their “own” mobile network. Anyone can submit their name, logo, website, Customer Service Center and sales hotline, platform, marketing and legal support (formalities), etc. Interesting idea, isn’t it? However, nothing has been achieved, as evidenced by the quarterly reports on the transfer of numbers on mobile networks provided by UKE, which shows the shamefully low results of all NEXT Mobile and a number of other previously co-operated networks. with foreign institutions.

Do you want success? Do the opposite of everything!

Sometimes, looking at some MVNO networks, I come to the conclusion that if they want to succeed, if they have a second chance, they should do the same, and vice versa. Quite the opposite. An example of such a network (I think we can talk about it in the past) was NEXT Mobile. I would find a lot of evidence to support my dissertation, but it is a waste of time. In short, it is the chaos of action, the disclosure of completely unrealistic plans to the public, the loud announcement of many projects at a time when the former are dying, the desperate offer of services under your own brand at prices that bring virtually no profit, and so on. and so on. It is not necessary to be a genius here, to conclude that such a thing must end in total disaster.

In the beginning, there was an idea, and it may even seem that the network is evolving. After strange niche projects such as Globitel Mobile or Arreks Mobile, two projects based on well-known and well-known brands have emerged – we are talking about Viva! Mobile (animal rights foundation) and Pogoń Mobile (Extracurricular football club). Then came the noisy announcements of the next projects, but apparently nothing happened. What is strange and immediately strikes me is that the organizations that brands are trying to build a mobile phone network had a nose. From the outside, it seemed that NEXT Mobile wanted to launch these networks and knelt down and called on its owners to join it, not these institutions. And that should have been a disaster. I have not seen any encouragement from companies that want their own mobile networks, nothing. Anyway, I didn’t see anything on NEXT Mobile.

Then, probably aware of NEXT Mobile’s catastrophic location, he tried to sell products under his own brand. In an attempt to take advantage of the ongoing epidemic in Poland, we were offered a shockingly low cost mobile internet offer, “support” for distance learning students, a promotion activation fee and finally for students. The latter was probably the last attempt to save the last situation from despair and failure.

This is the end …

And that’s the only thing that can be written about it. The operator posted a message on its website on the completion of operations on May 31 this year

Ladies and gentleman,

Please note that Next Mobile Sp. z oo 31 May 2022. terminates the provision of telecommunications services in accordance with the rules for the provision of telecommunications services and therefore terminates all contracts for the provision of telecommunications services concluded in accordance with the rules for the provision of telecommunications services with a 30-day notice period. and service price lists along with promotion rules.

From June 1, 2022, all rules and price lists related to the provision of telecommunications services will cease to apply, ie:

1) Pogoń Mobile – Rules for the provision of telecommunications services,

2) Viva Mobile – Rules for providing telecommunications services,

3) Next Mobile Price List,

4) Internet offer price list,

5) Pogoń Mobile – Smartphone offer price list,

6) Pogoń Mobile – Mobile Internet offer price list,

7) Thank you! Mobile – Mobile offer price list,

8) Thank you! Mobile – Internet offer price list,

9) Mobile Firends and Family 1 Promotion Rules,

10) Internet Friends and Family Promotion Rules,

11) Mobile Viva 1 Presentation Rules,

12) Internet Viva Promotion Rules 1

At the same time, we would like to note that you must use your current phone number until May 31, 2022. to apply for the transfer of this telephone number to another telecommunication service provider serving in the public mobile telecommunications network.

Legal basis: Art. 60 sec. 1 point 3 and Art. 61 sec. 5 Paragraph 3 of the Telecommunications Law of 16 July 2004.

Next Mobile Team

Interestingly, the brands created by NEXT Mobile in cooperation with other companies (Pogoń Mobile, Viva! Mobile) should still work today, but their websites do not work in practice. Yes, this is a really sad and ugly ending.


There are some candidates looking for the role of networks that can adapt to NEXT Mobile. At that time, MVNO NEXT Mobile projects were running out, a company that once wanted to offer a similar operating model, that is, to create its own mobile phone network. Some even work theoretically. With exactly the same result, maybe worse. And probably the finale will be similar (in the optimistic version, because it promises to be more funny) … Some pseudo-networks have a problem in answering the question “have they started yet or are they leaving?” for.

NEXT Mobile – it seems – will remain a brand in the market. Other services offered on the project’s website, such as mass SMS sending, Communication Platform Service, etc. is informed about. I hope that at least this will be done wisely and will save the rest of the project.

Source / Photo: including / NEXT Mobile

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