Online registration for all doctors in 2023? Pilots and tests coming soon

  • Health Minister Adam Niedzielski has announced a new project to digitalize the health care system
  • In the second half of May, a pilot electronic registration program will be launched in two voivodships (Lodzkie and Mazowieckie).
  • Electronic registration will allow patients to visit a cardiologist at the National Health Fund or register for magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography with the help of ICP.
  • – The pilot is primarily focused on facilities serving in poviat located far from major city centers – explains the Ministry of Health
  • The ministry plans to launch a pilot electronic registration by the end of 2022. The introduction of a central electronic registration for all doctors in 2023 will depend on its results

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Doctor’s central electronic registration. Pilot registration by ICP begins

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced at a news conference on May 9 that an electronic registration pilot had been launched. The pilot e-registration program in the province will begin in the second half of May. Mazowieckie and Łódzkie and will seek out health services such as outpatient specialist care in the following areas:

  • cardiology,
  • magnetic resonance imaging,
  • computed tomography.

– Institutions that have signed a contract with the National Health Fund for at least one of the above services can participate in the pilot project – the Ministry of Health explains to the Health Market.

– The pilot is primarily aimed at institutions that serve in poviats far from major city centers and ensure that participants are concentrated in the nearest possible area in one voivodeship, the ministry explained.

A cardiologist at the National Health Foundation, MRI and tomography records via the Internet.  Electronic registration in May

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Electronic registration of specialists through the Internet Patient Account

The ministry explains that after receiving an e-application, the patient will be able to enter the ICP and select the necessary parameters for the search of terms.

“Those who provide services for each of the services will show the patients the time they have set, after which patients will be placed on the list (waiting room) according to the algorithm,” the ministry explained.

Visits can be arranged:

  • By the patient through the patient’s Online Account,
  • by any medical facility (eg POZ coordinator) that assists the patient in making an appointment at a specialist clinic,
  • by a health care provider.

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Electron stethoscope.  The revised order will come into force on May 13.  Extended pilot

If there are no deadlines in the electronic registration, the patient will go to the “waiting room” and receive a notification.

– After presenting the referral or DiLO card and additional rights, the user determines the search criteria (time, place, selected institution, selected medical staff, teleportation) and receives a list of results. You can then book a visit in advance (the date is temporary), which will be confirmed by the system later – informs the ministry.

– The search allows separate search criteria, for example, next month in Krakow or next Warsaw – MZ emphasizes.

It should be added that if the treatment is continued, the appointments are made by the service provider.

If there are no deadlines for electronic registration, the patient can keep the search criteria and his application will be sent to the “waiting room”.

– Then, if there is any date, the system will save the patient according to the criteria. The ministry said that when the consent is given, the patient will receive information about the expected date.

Each change in the saved visit (appointment, cancellation, change of date) will create a reminder for the patient through the application mojeIKP, send an email or SMS.

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Electronic registration for all discounts in 2023?

The pilot program for the three benefits mentioned above in the two states will run until the end of 2022.

– The next steps will depend on its outcome, but in the end we want all services that require or do not require referrals to be electronically registered (in accordance with the provisions of the law on benefits), and this is the first visit. We plan to expand the system to continue treatment in the long run, the Ministry of Health said.

It should be noted that the draft order of the Minister of Health on a pilot program in the field of electronic registration of selected health services in the field of outpatient care has been submitted for public discussion.

The deadline for comments is next week.

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