NFT verses, visual novels and clicks

Visual novels and clicks are two genres that have always been a source of controversy between players, especially hardcore. Can these types of elements and the NFT verse, which has become increasingly popular in recent times, be called a game?

Visual novels

Visual novels are something between a game and an interactive book. All the action is presented with the help of non-rich animations and, above all, text walls. Therefore, the whole game is based on clicking between dialogs and making dialogue choices.

Most of the visual novels are made in the style of anime, because this genre is in the country of the Sun, which is extremely popular. It’s actually a perfect way for fans of a particular brand to experience an additional story – to feel the atmosphere of the whole world, to navigate places, to talk to heroes and to discover many different endings depending on the choices that are often made. dialogues.

In this case, can visual novels be called games? According to the definition of Oxford Languages, a video game is a game in which an image created by a computer program is controlled on a monitor or other screen. Technically, yes, visual novels are video games. This is a special genre that will not appeal to all players, but at the same time not harmful in any way. Therefore, if someone wants to expand their knowledge about the plot of a particular series, or just to experience more in a certain world, it will be an excellent solution and an interesting substitute for a manga or physical short story.


The second genre that causes a lot of suspicion among the gaming community are clickers. Games that require us to simply press a mouse button or the screen of a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, these are incredibly simple productions that are very addictive and make it impossible to break away from them.

Thanks to grinding, we earn in-game currency, which is then converted into purchases or upgrades, which make money faster or even automatic. It sounds pretty appealing and requires virtually zero interaction by the player – and yet I’m sure most of us have lost this type in at least one title in a while.

Clicker Heroes | Source: ClickerHeroes Wiki

In clicks, the topic of microtransactions, where we can get currency for real money, appears very often. It often turns out that in the later stages of the game, this is the only way to move faster, but it is always completely optional. Technically, it’s also a game, there’s no doubt about it – and it’s worth noting that these aren’t harmful productions, but a way to kill time or have fun in the background where we’ll just invest a few minutes. on public transport or before bedtime.


NFT, one of the most topical issues in recent months. What are the productions in which blockchain-based tokens play an important role? These are incredibly meaningless and imitation games that encourage users to use their slogans as a source of great income. We get “paid” by selling NFTs with things like skins or avatars – the pot-and-pot model is the ideal thing. Sounds like a dream to get money to play.

However, these are productions made from scratch for profit. Not only does this serve to add bricks to the entire financial pyramid, but it also pushes the blockchain to a point where it is completely unnecessary. The biggest productions like Axie Infinity are still acceptable, but there is a big leak of unnecessary productions. For months now, my Twitter wall has been full of ads for NFT games that have no idea about themselves and often use popular brands – Minecraft is the most popular, although recently even the creators of Cyanide & Happiness have taken such a position. this issue. In the NFT world, a scam is therefore not uncommon – and it is already harmful.

The owners of this type of NFT collection have recently been flooded with messages aimed at forcing independent studios to create games based on even tokens. We recently discussed the topic in an interview with Michał Grzegórzek-Kiaszewicz, a senior designer from Spicy Lobster. You can find an article on how blockchain has become a curse for independent game developers at this link.

So when we think about what is called a game and what should not be, we should not take into account the game itself. Everyone plays what they want – and sometimes they are hundreds of hours of giant and extensive RPGs, and sometimes FPS, sports, logic, or sliders. For some, visual novels with very non-creative clicks or text walls can be equally entertaining – the problem is that no representative of these genres uses another brand and is not selected for the popularity of a foreign project. These games, of course, are made for profit (like everything), but they have a lot of passion – unlike 90% of NFT-verse creation. I also don’t know anyone who makes significant money in money-making games – and many have tried. So this is another scam with signs in the lead role, and unfortunately it no longer stops surprising anyone.

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