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The artist, who has been married five times, considers his biggest hits … he has five children. In an interview with Pomponik, he said about his relationship with them, how he relates to his mother and why they would prefer to stay away from show business.

Let’s talk about children. You just put your little boy to sleep. Do you do this often?

Generally, when you want Paula to rest. I think it is standard, as in every home. Also, my son recently started having dinner with me. It eats me up of everything. (smile)

What do you like the most?

Eats everything. Incredibly, he didn’t get into Daddy at this point. I like only chopped cutlets, cabbage rolls and cheese. But he is not a voter. Today I found sandwiches with sausage and white cheese. genocide. He ate almost half of me.

You are a good father.

I don’t know if it’s good, but I can’t give up eating baby food.

At the Children’s Day concert in Skierniewice, you will perform with your daughter Etiennette. You will sing the song “Yes, or a conversation between a father and a daughter” (listen!). What do you say to him in this song?

I think that what I said to my eldest daughter and to my youngest daughter is a difficult moment for a parent to take his child out of the nest. He must be careful, because he is not only good, but also many dangers. In fact, if I had the right to choose, I probably wouldn’t have let her out of this nest, because my father always thinks that his daughter is not ready, despite the fact that girls grow up faster.

Aren’t you so afraid for your son?

I am afraid for every child, but there is a truth in the saying, “When you have a son, you suffer from one boy, and when you have a daughter, you suffer from all the boys in the city.” Not in the true sense of the word, of course, a little. I think that in this play, with the music of Frank Sinatra, my daughter explains to me that I made mistakes and that she is right to make mistakes.

There you also read: “I will give my whole life for paradise.”

This is probably the task of every parent – to prepare the child for the next trip, and make this path as sticky as possible. In 2018, I wrote the song “I pass through the glass”. It often seems to us that cleaning up is enough to walk barefoot safely on our glass-strewn life. There can be nothing worse than that, you have to learn how to walk on this glass. In another song, I wrote the slogan “Remember that in life we ​​pay our debts not only for failures, but also for success.” I want him to be ready for that.

Much of your life is spent in show business. This is a difficult piece of bread.

Meqa! That is why I do everything so that my children do not take advantage of the fact that they have a father in this swamp.

You can’t be completely successful because Etiennette already sings, Vivienne writes songs, Xavier works with you and also creates music, Fabienne recently appeared on the Four program …

But keep in mind that they do it as a hobby. As a child, Vivienne wrote two songs. Now he has exams, and this is an absolute priority for him. Today – I hope he passed Polish tomorrow – math, Thursday – English. He has already chosen high school and is focusing on it. Vivi is dancing, as is Fabienne. As for Etie – two years ago she celebrated # hot16challenge2 with me a year ago.

If he wanted to, he would have the whole album. In fact, they have no pressure to be in show business, which makes me very happy. Fabienne graduated from high school and will try to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. She has clearly defined goals and treats it as a hobby, although she has repeatedly danced at Polish or European championships. But, of course, I will not force the child to be who he is.

Have you ever tried to influence their choices?

Of course I tried, especially with my son.

Xavier doesn’t want to read.

I think you can agree with him. He wanted to go to journalism and started reading. But this is not an elite profession as it once was. The media has changed a lot in recent years and is constantly changing dynamically. Xavier “What will I get out of this?” he began to think. The master uses the lesson, draws knowledge from the largest collection of knowledge available, ie the Internet.

Journalism is not a field like medicine or law, and it may seem pointless to study it just for the sake of studying it. Of course, unlike me, I would like Javier to have a higher education. I urged him not to give up, but I will not force him.

She watches your children on media and social channels. These are very well organized youth. You did it.

These are my biggest hits. They are organized, as they say – “danger” is hidden in every corner. Crisis situations often occur unexpectedly. Children have a lot to do with themselves. Sometimes in marriage, such people do not know much about their spouse when they spend most of their time together.

I think we do our best to help them with their mothers. But at the same time, the phrase “You won’t tell me how to live” is becoming more and more relevant, and we hear it from young and old children.

Your families are falling apart. But in spite of everything, you have a good relationship with your ex-wives and excellent communication with your children. This is not typical, how do you do it?

I have not left women behind, so it is difficult for me to explain why families break up. There are probably many reasons, one of which was my alcoholism. I haven’t had a drink in seven years, so my family’s chances of survival are increasing. But I do not intend to take all the blame. I often remember my vows, and because I am aware of what I say, the oath is “sacred” to me.

But we have no influence on everything. And children are on top of it all, and it always has been. After all, I did not choose my partners by chance. These are wise women who have gone their own way, and I can’t imagine that we won’t reconcile with children. Contrary to appearances, let’s take this as the norm. A father who separates his children from their mother when there is no emergency, or vice versa, is simply a bad parent.

So you are a good father.

My children can judge this, I would never say that about myself. In a recent interview, I admitted that I had suffered the most in my life. It was a situation where someone said I was a child. You know, I raised my children with their mothers, I raised them well. I am proud of them.

The expression “childhood illness” hurts me more, because it affects not only me, but also my children. To some extent, it’s as if someone pasted a poster on your stairwell: “Your mother f …”. Apparently, it’s not true, but it remains disgusting. My children are smart, they don’t take it very seriously, they choose their friends differently. But it is still sad.

When you look at your Instagram photos, you look like a big, friendly family.

Of course. My children take care of each other. Of course, more or less, because they also have the right to sue. But in the end, it is always respect for the family they are instilled in. And I think they have.

Only your children are not related to each other. Did you know that your two ex-wives wrote songs together?

I knew I worked with Ania every day. They are from so many different music worlds that I was curious to see what would happen. The main thing is to have fun. Nothing makes me happier.

The concert in Skierniewice is organized by Telewizja Polsat Polsat Polsat We are for Children Foundation. You often take part in various relief campaigns. Why are you doing this

I am the best example of this child who benefited from help. It’s been 47 years since I came to the orphanage at the age of three and it feels like yesterday. Of course, these orphanages look different today, I go to twenty-one every year for 27 years. I do this because I received something and give it back.


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