Meowing and muttering: the secrets of cat speech, part 1. Cat advice

Author: Anna Kleszcz / Kociniec Koci Sierociniec
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Meowing is a form of communication between a cat and a human, because in nature we hardly come across cats meowing at each other (except for mothers and kittens calling each other). Are cats specifically taught to murmur and meow to talk to people? Today, cat breeder Alexandra Stasiorowska from the Kociniec Koci Sierociniec Foundation will do just that.

Cat owners know very well “what their cats are meowing at them”, they can tell when an animal is meowing because they want to play, and when it is a form of talking and attracting attention.

Sometimes there are cats in particular that interpret the reality around them in their own way, such as a sudden sneeze or cough – then they always yawn and sometimes “snort” or “sneeze elsewhere!”

Meowing is a form of communication with humans, because in nature we rarely encounter cats meowing each other (except for mothers and kittens calling each other). Cats, as extremely bright creatures, have mastered the art of communicating with their owners, so they can tell them about their current needs: “Just feed me fast,” “I miss you so much,” “play with me,” “Did I miss you for a long time?” . Of course, the positive messages are one thing, but older animals, especially at night, also have loud meows that can effectively deprive members of the entire household of sleep – this is most often associated with the aging process of cats and progressive dementia. Screaming and tying the cat to a separate room is useless, because we only “open” his feelings, mainly fear, horror and loneliness. Cats also meow when something hurts them, sometimes they can even turn into a kind of cry, so if our pet meows for no reason, we must go to the vet – suddenly it turns out that the cat needs treatment. which sound problem will be eliminated. It happens that when a cat begins to lose some of its senses, such as the ability to see or hear, it also gently meows around the house, so it is always worth consulting a specialist to make sure that the place is not painful or sick.

Meowing also occurs in cats in the heat, it has a fairly characteristic color – it is deeper, sometimes it can smoothly turn into a cat’s scream, full of screams or even complaints. Its frequency can also be disturbing, as there are always cats that make loud noises, except for moments of eating and a short nap. This is a sign for us that it is time to arrange a sterilization procedure for the cat as soon as possible.

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Who among us has not met a single Mruczek? When asked where the name came from, we often heard that it was an extremely grumpy cat. A cat’s growl is believed to be a sign of pleasure and happiness. In fact, cats express their good mood in this way, whether by stroking them, hugging them, or looking at a bowl full of food or a package of crunchy sweets. They murmur, rub our feet, slap our caregivers on the forehead, even while eating! How is this possible? There are several theories about the origin of this sound. One of these is the sound produced by the muscles in the larynx, which widens and narrows the glottis. The second is that the constant murmur comes from the hard, elongated hyoid bone that connects the tongue to the skull, and the interesting thing is that large felids cannot murmur. Another theory is that murmurs are caused by the vibration of false vocal cords along with vocal cords. Interestingly, cats can mutter gently from the first days of life – so they tell their mother that everything is fine, and she responds in the same way, creating a sense of security.

However, murmurs are not always a sign of comfort and well-being. Sometimes cats mutter when something hurts them, scares them, and sometimes … when they die. In this way, they inspire and try to calm down.

Remember that murmurs lower blood pressure in humans, relieve stress and tension, so let’s try to give our pet as many reasons for mutual satisfaction as possible!

If you have any questions about your cat, you can contact Alexandra Stasiorowska – a certified cat breeder and president of the Kociniec Koci Orphanage Foundation. You can read more about the Foundation’s activities HERE. Alexandra’s advice is also on her Facebook profile.

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