How to enter the Japanese market?

According to Miłosz Bugajski, an online marketing specialist in Japan, the Japanese middle class is an attractive target group. Particular attention should be paid to the elderly with the highest average income and active participation in the virtual world.

Japan is currently the second largest economy in Asia and the third largest in the world with a GDP of more than $ 5 trillion. According to the World Bank for 2020, the country has a population of almost 123 million people and an average per capita income of just over 40,000. dollars a year. In recent years, exports to this attractive market have become much easier for Polish entrepreneurs. In February 2019, the Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan entered into force, an important element of which is the creation of a free trade zone. With the entry into force of the agreement, it will be gradually liberalized to 99 percent. Current value of imports from the European Union. The rules for exporting industrial materials and many food products have already been significantly simplified. So how do you effectively reach consumers from the Land of the Rising Sun?

The oldest society in the world

The first step in connecting with Japanese consumers may be to start your online marketing efforts. Japan is a highly networked society open to new technologies and practices in the virtual world. According to the World Bank, about 93 percent of Japanese use the Internet (2020). It is estimated that the number of social media users could be as high as 81%. population. Thanks to the use of appropriate media, we will be able to communicate with them behind the table in Poland.

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According to Miłosz Bugajski, an online marketing specialist at Humble Bunny’s Tokyo branch, the key to successful entry into the Japanese market is to understand the country’s demographic structure. It is the oldest society in the world, with almost half of the population over the age of 49. Because work experience is associated with a position in the hierarchy of most Japanese companies, older people often hold the highest positions and have the largest consumer budgets. Most of them are active users of the Internet and social media. Adapting our relationship to the expectations of this customer segment can allow us to reach a very attractive group of consumers.

Online and marketing communications in Japan

According to the report “Digital 2022: Japan” Datareportal companies were the most popular social media in Japan in 2021: Youtube, Line, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As Miłosz Bugajski points out, the latter platform is often used for business in Japan, which is somewhat reminiscent of LinkedIn in other parts of the world. Line, in turn, is the most popular messenger in the country, as well as a suitable channel for sending personalized advertising messages.

The interaction of Japanese consumers with newsletters is higher than that of Europeans and Americans. Japanese and Japanese enjoy reading emails from well-known brand manufacturers, as well as participating in personalized campaigns. However, it is more difficult to convince them to take the first step, ie to subscribe to the bulletin, due to their distrust of untested producers.

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Many exhibitions by PAIH are held in the United Kingdom.  The picture shows the market salons in China Hi

In addition to social media, important marketing communication channels include Google and Yahoo! Japan. While increasing awareness of our brand among Japanese Internet users, it is worth using the advertising tools available in both of them, and due to the similarity of these tools, we can use twin strategies in them. According to the We Are Social report, search engines are the most popular source of information about well-known brands in Japan, as well as the most common place to discover new ones.

Introduce yourself

A unique opportunity

Annual introduction to the content at half price


Online Marketing. Japanese culture and expectations

The Japanese and the Japanese are very skeptical of new brands and solutions. For this reason, it is important to present products and services in detail, ie to include meticulous descriptions, refer to the smallest details and provide the content with a large number of photos. Japanese influencers can help us break our mistrust. However, they are among the most expensive in the world in terms of impact.

In order to reach the Japanese, it is necessary to prepare communication in their native language. Content must be translated carefully. Errors will be attributed to the poor quality of the product or service itself. Japanese internet users prefer messages based on graphics and video materials. It is worth being aware of the importance of symbols and colors that are important in this culture, which in certain contexts can have a special meaning, such as the number 4 associated with death.

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The Polish pavilion offered many attractions at the Dubai Expo, even walking on poles.

Exhibition in Dubai for Poland. Osaka exhibition before Poland

When building marketing content, it is worth adapting the language to the generations we are trying to reach. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the cultural etiquette, which is one of the biggest distinguishing features of Japan. As in everyday life, you need to show respect and courtesy on the Internet, which is mostly served by brick and mortar stores in Japan. Maintaining a sense of consumer identity and a high level of service will undoubtedly make it easier for us to reach these demanding consumers.

According to the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, trade between Poland and Japan is one of the biggest deficits in all relations between our countries. In 2019, the value of our exports was 669 million euros, and our imports were about 4.5 billion euros. So we have a long way to go to rebalance trade. Thanks to the internet marketing of Polish products and services, it will be easier for Polish entrepreneurs to make progress.

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