A few words about interpersonal relationships on the Internet

Hi everyone, there was supposed to be an extensive post about music, but let’s put it another day. After someone close to me offers to pour my words on a piece of paper like tea, something will fully reflect my thoughts. Zero rigid frames in the form of a simple article – described – and with another example next, then a weeping wall, because how to present them all with interest.

Complete subject change.

At 2.35, the conversation ended, great inspiration came.

Without much thought, “Let the will of the pen come true! Let the earth and the sky shake! I’ll … talk about online dating!” Contrary to the big ones and the visible ones, the small but important ones.

Well, what happened to this woman ?! Soon there will be texts in the style of Bravo Gerl, how to behave on the Internet and if not, what to pay attention to and what to allow and what not to do at all – and then when your teacher shakes his finger “nu, nu, nu, my little ones.”

Well, no, let’s deal with this a little differently.

It has long been known that the Internet is available almost everywhere in our time, we use it for profit and entertainment, thanks to which we can work on our own development, it is undoubtedly a huge source of knowledge.

A lot of things are online, from social studies where we can connect with people we already know and meet new people to everything from distance education to shopping, food and much-needed shopping. If we use it wisely, we can benefit greatly from it.

Well, what about these acquaintances?

Maybe let’s start with our little yard, our favorite PPE.

Most of us have probably had an argument with a stranger sitting on the other side of the screen. For example, on this site we write hundreds of comments every day, to some extent waiting for answers – at best, of course, if they agree with our beliefs. By the way, if we pour it together with others, honey is poured into the heart.

From a psychological point of view, this is completely natural, we feel good when accepted by the rest of the environment, our ego is pleasantly flattered by supporting our thoughts on a particular subject, we need to be in a group and be a part. community – even the virtual ones are satisfied.

It’s the perfect version, it went smoothly, everyone agrees that Elden Ring is a brilliant game;), but what if there is any collision?

It may not be as extreme as a friendship split (Bankai84 – respectfully), but it’s a 180-degree different opinion from us. Well, there is a lot to talk about here – for example, when you look at Dear PPE, there are situations where you feel tension, but the exchange of ideas is supported by relevant examples and arguments. Like constructive criticism. On the level of wise sayings, what is important is open-mindedness – and, as is often said, it is good to listen to the wise. We will talk, talk, have a virtual cold and continue without any conflict. It’s also great, I like to learn completely different ideas, sometimes because of this I see something I’ve missed before or I haven’t looked at something as much as you can.

And slowly to the cream de la cream of the internet social cream, to the elegant muffin with every addition the best candy store sells – to the world of unbridled negative criticism, to the continent of evil, to the land of trolls, to the uncultivated naughty commune and the internet reality village. Hejterowo. Those who hate. There are many, you will not speak, you will not discuss wisely, sometimes you will not even have time to say a word, and you will be overwhelmed by a wave of criticism, frequent insults and general frustration (I do not greet those who greet me so nicely and no – I will not show my nipples).

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem, and often it doesn’t end with just harmful needles or biting expressions. It is an increasingly dangerous part of virtual reality, humiliating, hopeless, and distorts one’s image – especially for teenagers and adults, leading to depression and, in extreme cases, one’s own life. On the Internet, on television, in the press, we find newer and more sophisticated forms of Internet hatred. I wonder to myself, why do such people drink poison? Perhaps the satisfaction of real life, the desire to vent one’s anger, hurts another person so much that he feels the personal pain of the hater. In many cases, it’s probably also human jealousy – but on a larger scale, there’s no muttering, “The neighbor has a new bike and it’s breaking that stupid nose.” This is intentional and unintentional damage to the target victim. Their words have no material value.

According to Agencja Badań Rynku i Opinii SW Reserach, the profile of the Polish hatter is a man aged 16-24 (53% of those who use hate speech) with secondary education (this group makes up 73% of the total population). Fortunately, we, the users of the specialized portal, are less exposed to such phenomena. It turns out that people who enjoy this are more likely to express themselves in large forums that focus on political issues and raise ideological issues. This is very rare on pages related to a particular topic. It should also be noted that although there is no specific provision in the Criminal Code, you can have legal consequences for this act. Imprisonment for up to two years for defamation and insult – up to one year in prison, incitement to hatred and discrimination. The victim of hatred can also file a lawsuit on his own initiative for the violation of his personal rights. Unfortunately, as long as the Internet is available, there is little chance of effectively combating this phenomenon, as long as there are people, jealousy, hatred and pure evil will be the order of the day.

Well, it’s a difficult subject, let’s look at the last thing that has been, is, and will be interesting on the Internet for a long time – especially after the pandemic, that is, male contact (honesty like political Netflix) is more than friendship with people of the opposite sex. makes a lot of connections, reaches the topic of eroticism and intimacy, which is widely understood).

You can sometimes go crazy on websites, you will slip and fuck! half-page eDarling, MyDwoje, Smartpage or other Badoo, along with the pierdy of other portals that introduce people to each other, if you do not seriously use +18 pages – then we are invited to different types of pages with ads where everyone will find something. for their preferences and preferences (and no, I’m not saying there is a naughty mother 2 km away from you, but serious sites for people looking for partners to fulfill their unusual fantasies). I myself have never used such a thing, I did not need it, but when you look at the popularity and number of such sites, you can think that it is popular and people are involved in such inventions.

This is definitely a great help in finding someone interesting, you can sit at home, look at profiles freely and make the same appointment, or have longer conversations on the Internet without staying safe and leaving your comfort zone too much. We are anonymous here, we open ourselves to other people as much as we want and need, we can finish at any time. This is a definite plus for meeting people in this way. Perfect for introverts Such people are excellent listeners as long as they don’t feel the pressure of the environment – they are here. The network allows you to manifest, dare to be born in time, and in some cases build lasting relationships or close relationships. I do not deny it, every way to meet an interesting company is good, and although dating sites are beyond my interest, I met a person with whom I contacted in a very casual and entertaining way, and I am really pleased;) similar character and approach to many things is the key to a successful day with! The network, however, provides an unrestricted sense of touch (emotional, of course), although it is not uncommon for more and more people to decide on very intimate moments in verbal conversations, almost as digitally. sexual intercourse.

However, let’s pay attention to what we do, on the other hand, we have emotions, feelings, and – if any – we decide to build a very close relationship, to show our true “I”, to some extent remember this. we take our spouse to shared moments of responsibility. Personally, I am a very sensitive, emotional and empathetic woman, but I have developed a necessary trait. Namely, when the heart is pushed forward, the mind can effectively disrupt and regulate it several times;) this is necessary to maintain a healthy balance and not to blame the whole world later. I’m not just talking about the unhappy love of the fairer sex, this cold internet has promised pears to the low willow tree, confused it and disappeared as if nothing had happened. The ladies also have a back, it’s a shame, but one of them will fall madly in love with the other, spend money, the rest of the groom. That’s why I tell you it’s reasonable;)

And the topic is probably the most interesting of all these women’s debates. Yes, use the Internet to fulfill your fantasies, to meet the needs of your body openly. Again, comfort and anonymity bow. Because no matter where such a corporation director, exemplary teacher, or ordinary Mr. Zdzic says from right to left, he likes BDSM, he enjoys agoraphilia or x-rays (that is, he enjoys observing nudity). sexual intercourse committed by others or third parties – of course, with the mutual consent of all). Probably only the Internet allows such people to meet others with similar advantages, and with one click, give themselves a chance to make their lives fuller and more satisfying.

In summary, the Internet is the United States, the Internet forum and the general, casual interests, mainly the conversations of people who do not have the opportunity to see each other in real life, interpersonal relationships that begin through established relationships. Surprisingly, it ends up meeting the most inner needs.

Only this hatred – this is the only disadvantage and pain of the place, do not fall for it;)

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