They loaded the account for 200 zlotys and left. The restaurant left a “surprise”

An unusual incident took place in one of the restaurants in Wroclaw. Two women who chose menu products worth 200 PLN left without paying the bill. “They skillfully took advantage of our carelessness. When I went to the table, I saw it instead of money …” What did the waitresses see?

They left without paying and left the restaurant by surprise

The owners of the Remont restaurant in Wroclaw write: “We really wanted to thank the two customers who jumped out of the restaurant in these difficult times and gave us a gift as a payment.”

The photo shows that customers left only an unopened condom in the account box where women had to put their money.

On the same day, customer service waiters commented on the situation on Radio Esca. “The three of us took turns. These girls immediately made a bad impression and we watched them carefully. They were suspicious and did not inspire us. They used our carelessness wisely and just left. When I went behind the table, I saw a girl. Condoms instead of money. – Says the waiter Magda from Remont Bar Wrocław.

On Mother’s Day, her mother paid her dues. “That one girl doesn’t feel responsible”

They did not pay more than 200 PLN. They ordered two chicken burgers, a pork whip, two glasses of Aperol spritz and a glass of wine.

“We believe that karma will return. And the picture will be shared. Unfortunately, some people are using our trust and commitment,” they said. They added sarcastically that they wish their customers would ever run out of condoms at the restaurant.

After the article about the theft was published, the restaurant, where the cameras were installed, shared images of both young women. The mother of one of them told Remont that her daughter was on Mother’s Day.

“He apologized and solved part of the account, we took a picture of the girl. The other girl does not feel responsible, does not want to pay (yes, threw a condom at us), it still appears on our Facebook – maybe someone wants to tag her and tell her to eat You have to pay, ”they wrote.

The reaction of Internet users

The discussion began under the article. Internet users criticized the girls’ behavior and did not hesitate to address the women who ran away from the bar.

“His parents didn’t have that rubber,” he said.

“The straw of the shoes came out”,

“My guess is that you have to pay immediately after ordering. There are more and more people who think they are entitled to everything (free of charge). Maybe such an approach will put an end to these thefts. **, ie. Skipping buildings.”

What do you think?

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