Fixed or mobile Internet – what to choose for your home?

Many people are interested in whether mobile or landline internet will be better before signing a contract with an operator. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages and are completely different. In this text, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of landline and mobile internet, and try to answer the question of which option would be better for a certain group of people.

Mobile and landline Internet – what is the difference?

The fixed line internet, as the name implies, can only be used where it is connected. It is believed to be our home or company. Of course This does not mean that we have access to a network assigned to a particular device. The Internet can be brought in the classic form, but nevertheless, we often have a router that connects our computers and smartphones.

Mobile Internet works on a completely different principle. When deciding on such a solution, we usually buy a modem and router, as well as a SIM card – just like on our smartphone. Router and modem can be installed anywhere. On the other hand, for example, if we are separated, we just take the devices with us and place them wherever we are. This is very practical, although it should be noted that we do not have the same good coverage everywhere.

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed line internet

The advantage of fixed line internet is more stable connection than mobile internet. Atmospheric conditions do not affect the quality of the transition as much as with the technology we will pass. Here is another plus When signing a contract for landline internet, we have unlimited data transfer. So you don’t have to worry about how many GB we use per month. This is especially useful for the whole family when we play a lot of online games at home, watch a movie, or use an internet connection. Price is also an advantage. Of course, the offers of individual internet providers are different, but the stationary solution is often positively compared to this mobile. Take the current Play offer, for example. It varies between 35 and 55 PLN per month, depending on the stationary internet speed (150-600 mb / s) with the purple operator. With the same operator, for the upper amount in this range, we can only rely on mobile internet with a full GB transfer limit of 100 GB. This includes a fee for the router (plus a starting fee for the device).

Fixed line internet has two major drawbacks. First of all, we can’t use it anywhere. If we travel a lot, this solution may not work well in our situation. Fast, unlimited internet potential will not be fully used. We will also have to find an alternative solution, for example, to share network access from a smartphone while traveling. Another disadvantage of landline internet is its availability availability. A certain operator does not have its own infrastructure everywhere, a lot depends on where we live. There are still areas where no operator offers its services.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile internet

When we turn on the computer and connect to the WiFi in our house, after obtaining mobile internet, we actually use the same base stations when browsing the internet on a smartphone. So we are submissive thus the limitations of wireless communicationbut they are heavier. Small networking concerns, such as updating Facebook on your phone, are less noticeable than trying to download large files to your computer. Today, the disadvantage of mobile internet is not its speed, but rather the stability of the connection. When we have mobile internet, the risk of sudden weather events adversely affecting our network connection is greater when using the solution. over the cable. Network load is also important – the Internet can work a little worse at certain times of the day.

The main advantage of mobile internet is its … mobility. The provider’s infrastructure does not limit us as much as landline internet. If we use the mobile Internet of one of the largest operators in Poland, then When going to the other end of the country, we can put the modem in a bag and use the network only if there is coverage in the destination. This feature is sometimes important even when we want to use the Internet only in our own home. You can find out the reason by reading one of the previous paragraphs. Operators did not reach every residential area with stationary infrastructure.

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Mobile internet or fixed internet – what to choose?

Need internet for your home and don’t want to worry about slow downloads? Want a stable connection? Fixed line internet is probably better for you. You just have to do it Check to see if any of the operators with the appropriate offer have their own infrastructure in your area. Mobile internet is a good choice for those who are very mobile and do not want to sign a new contract every time and are looking for a provider in the next place.

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