“The Tinder Cheater.” Behind the scenes of the case for Simon Leviev is a Polish security guard

“We spent most of our time on the jets he rented. We only drove the best cars like Maserati, Rolls Royce Phantom, S-class, top shelf. Hotels have never been “lower” than five-star ones, and they never are: beautiful restaurants, where you often have to book a table two or three weeks in advance to get in. Everything was at a very high level. In fact, it is probably no better, Peter Kaluski, his bodyguard, told Report. Simon Leviev. Israelis all over the world “Tinder scammer“.

“Scammer from Tinder” by Piotr Kaluski: two years of life in suitcases

– We go to the tailor in jeans, jacket, shirt and we have a luxurious dinner. We go to the sushi restaurant where you have to reserve a table two weeks in advance. Of course, the door is always open to him, the table is always there. Five beautiful women sitting there, two Israelis, the whole menu comes to the table, literally! Invoice – 15,000 euros. From dinner to the building at 11 p.m. A similar situation, the table is always there, the most expensive bottles of vodka, girls, very beautiful new girls. Fun until the morning. At 5:30 in the morning we knock on the door and return to the hotel: “Piotrek, let’s fly, Barcelona is waiting” and so on. – For two years it was the usual day of Piotr Kaluski’s bodyguard.

– The flight from Vienna to the Canary Islands, stopping in Paris, we had to buy a few bottles of champagne here – so we stopped – it cost 480,000 euros one way – says Piotr Kaluski.

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As he explained, Simon Leviev paid for everything.

– We were able to visit three or four European countries a day, and seven or ten countries a week. That’s why there was life on permanent suitcases – says a Pole who plays the role of a bodyguard during these trips.

Private planes, rented helicopters, the best cars and women. “There were dozens of women,” says Kaluski.

Tinder Cheater held ten dates a day

– Often there can be six, seven, eight, ten dates a day, so fast, short dates. Then, if anyone was more interested in dating, they would have dinner and three or four girls would come. And he officially told them, “Please get to know each other, we’ve all met on Tinder. We’re a family now.” He smiled and entertained everyone. They knew each other very well – explains Kaluski.

Peter Kaluski confessed to the Report that he was officially an accomplice of the scammer in public. When Leszek Dawidowicz was asked why he decided to speak to the Report, he said he was tired.

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– I’m tired of people approaching me with such anger, hatred, hatred, accusing me of something that does not exist at all. I want to take my position, – said Piotr Kaluski.

In the Netflix documentary, women talk about meeting Leviev on a popular dating program. “Private planes, luxury cars, entertainment all over the world, I felt like in the movie …” – says one of the victims.

Women were encouraged to take out loans for their “new lover”. “She is a professional, I lent her 30,000,” said one woman. They lost 140 thousand, 250 thousand. dollars.

“I didn’t sign up for it,” says another hero.

Video with bloody guard

Leviyev introduced himself as a billionaire and explained his temporary financial problems by being “hunted by enemies” and forced to hide. For this purpose, he used, among other things, a video taken with his bloody bodyguard.

Piotr Kaluski told Raport where the video came from.

“That was the situation, it was Copenhagen,” Kaluski said, adding that his boss had entered a club with many Muslims without removing his traditional Jewish hat. He did not like what was happening there.

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– Because there was a table near the table and there were bottles of vodka and champagne on the table, they attacked me with bottles, they just started beating me with these bottles. Ambulance photos are real, not fake. People hold a grudge against me, the hatred is “you heard him record.” Sorry, a few glasses on my head were broken – explains Piotr Kaluski.

The authors of the Netflix documentary believe that Simon Leviev is the author of a work that acts as a kind of financial pyramid. Some women paid to live in luxury with others.

Expert: Revealed spiritual “legend”

– We were followed very often, very often, all of a sudden, we quickly changed our place. There have been many such strange cases. Leaving Tel Aviv, it is one of the safest airports in the world. It takes the average citizen 3.5 hours to pass these checks with checks, everything. I did it for 15 minutes, Kaluski said.

He said those who were supposed to control them knew Simon Leviev. “And they knew the people who passed these checkpoints with me in Israel,” he added.

– One thing is certain, the protagonist of this report has or has had certain contacts with Israeli government agencies. Neither safety inspection nor pyrotechnic inspection. This is unthinkable for Israel, says Marcin Faliski, a former foreign intelligence officer.

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Faliński is a former spy. He agreed to analyze The Tinder Cheater story for the Report, along with additional information not available to the creators at the time of writing.

– It is clearer that this is a moral issue, a marriage, this fraud, a “legend”, it is a veil for other things. It is obvious that. Perhaps this is one of the goals. We don’t know what women he met, says Faliński.

– We do not know, for example, among the women he met in France, there are no women from the Ministry of Defense, perhaps from the aviation or defense industry. We do not know in what other countries and with whom he met, who he was, whose daughters, whose wives he was. It’s hard to say – the former spy claims.

“This money is enough for a week”

– I was shocked to hear that he took money from them and made a living from it. “If we collect money from these four girls who talk about it, this money will probably be enough for her for a week,” Kaluski told the Report.

Meanwhile, the authors of the document on Simon Leviev claim that there must be hundreds of women, and his operation was a pyramid scheme. Some had to sponsor others.

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– Excellent, where are they? Half a year has passed since the film’s premiere, and there is no word in the media that the injured girl will expose herself for even a dollar, Kaluski said.

– Perhaps, along with all this moral issue, this is one of the answers to the fact that they are also “legends”. At the same time, some other activities could be carried out there, which were (perhaps) the goals of these activities, Faliński said.

“Some jobs need such people”

When Leviev was asked how many different passports he had seen, Kaluski replied that there were very few, three.

A Report reporter asked the former security guard how Tinder Fraud explained the different names on the passports.

“He explained that he changed his name because it was illegal,” the guard replied.

When Levin showed them at the airport and asked if anyone would understand that the passports were genuine, the expert concluded that they were most likely real.

– They were real, produced by the state of Israel, so it is difficult to say that they are fake. In this case, they may be legalization passports. So they are real documents, they are validated, they are in systems, they are safe, there is something called deep legalization. There is a place, but it is a real document, in the sense that you can move with it. Especially in Israel, Faliński told the Report.

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– Can Simon Leviev be a person connected with the secret services? – Leszek Dawidowicz asked. – It seems that such a man should pay as little attention to himself as possible. We have the opposite – the journalist asked.

– Because we need such a product. It is created, it is in the media, it is known, it is shown a lot. There are many women around, there are many “bright” elements in her life. We needed such a “we” – I say this in terms of “some” services. He must act in such a way for the duties he performs. It is not that every target determines that a scout or colleague should look the same, invisible. For some positions, you need people like him, Faliński explained.

He did not give up living in luxury

An Israeli citizen with many surnames and many passports has received a symbolic punishment in this country for his achievements. His last detention was just a few months.

He still brags about his luxurious life on official social media channels.

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