ReZigiusz’s girlfriend had a stroke at the age of 27. Appeals to hormonal contraceptive users

  1. Veronica, 27, had a stroke in April. As he explained, he does not know what caused it. He is currently in good health, but has not fully recovered and is working on a specialized center

  2. The YouTuber partner asked other women to take tests before taking hormonal contraceptives.

  3. Risk factors include, for example, genetic predisposition, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, smoking, and alcohol abuse.

  4. Can contraception cause stroke? Indirectly: yes “- comments gynecologist Krzysztof Kucharsky

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Weronica had a stroke at the age of 27. In his first post after the tragedy, he called on observers to investigate. He added that he had a shortcoming and as a result his life changed completely. The woman has a long way to go for full fitness, but she does not give up and her relatives support her in the fight. In turn, youtuber added in his introduction that “the situation is dynamic.”

He had a stroke and did not return to full physical condition

One month after the stroke, a woman wrote on the Internet that she had no idea what was causing it. Although it works well, unfortunately it is not fully functional, but it ended up in a facility where he would try to bring it back to life before the stroke.

I can move my left leg gently, but my hand still doesn’t respond. Today I came to the clinic where I will struggle every day to restore my full fitness. Going to another room alone, just taking a shower, this is my dream, I will fight for it, and if I succeed, I will definitely share it with you.

he explained.

Weronica appealed to other women to check their health as well as their relatives regularly. In the introduction, she emphasized the need to perform tests, especially before taking hormonal contraceptives.

“I do not know the cause of my stroke and I do not wish it on anyone. You can always be safe. Many write to me that, unfortunately, at a very young age also had a stroke. In some cases it was caused by contraception … Girls, if hormonal contraception If you’re using it, go and get a blood clotting test. I’m writing this to help you understand how important it is that none of this happens to you, because it’s a really tough fight. Ask your doctors and take care of your health. ” he wrote.

Stroke – risk factors

Stroke is a group of neurological symptoms caused by a sudden cessation of blood flow to the brain.

There are changeable risk factors (which we have and can change) and irreversible risk factors (they cannot be changed and we have no influence on them).

Risk factors include, for example, genetic load, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, smoking, and alcohol abuse.

The rest of the article is below the video.

Contraception and stroke

What about contraception? Could it cause a stroke?

“So: yes. If the patient has a history of blood clotting disorders, has had abnormal blood clotting tests, or has a genetic predisposition to clotting, such as if he or she is a carrier of the genes that cause clotting. This can happen. If we use contraceptives, it increases the risk of stroke, varicose veins or thrombosis. (…) We do not prescribe contraception in patients with a high risk of thrombosis and stroke. ” Krzysztof Kucharski, a gynecologist at Damian Medical Center, said in an interview with

Your doctor will recommend testing before taking hormonal contraceptives.

Even seemingly healthy women are always tested, because there may be hidden things – the doctor answers. If the analysis reveals any violations, we do not give the patient this type of funds. (…) When a woman feels numbness in her legs, she should immediately stop taking birth control pills


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