Read inspiration before bees and cats or Children’s Day

The protagonists of fairy tales addressed to children have always been animals. Even today, there are stories that the youngest knows the world from the point of view of animals. Two of them are presented before Children’s Day.

I’m not a child anymore – but I still celebrate Children’s Day. On this occasion, I give myself a gift – usually in the form of a book. Each of us enjoys something else – it’s worth remembering about the “enhancers” of life and doing something beautiful for yourself. You can decide to read a book, go to the cinema or theater with your loved one, go for a long walk or other physical activity. Our only limitation is our imagination. But we need to remember not only about ourselves, but also about these “classic” children – in the end, they celebrate Children’s Day the most. We can do a lot of fun things with the youngest. Reach out to the book as well – so we have two reading suggestions for the little ones.

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About the importance of bees

I recently came across Paulina Płatkowska’s book “On the Bee Who Wants to Be a Bee” (Wydawnictwo Literature). As the name suggests, it is a story that takes us to the world of bees. Although it takes the youngest readers there in the first place – because this colorful story is addressed to them. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of bees for the whole world. They are animals that have a great impact on food production. Therefore, it is worth informing about the role of bees in our ecosystem from childhood. “Why do we bees have to work so hard all day?” – This question is asked by the protagonist of this self-published book, Stephanie. He doesn’t understand why he spends his days collecting pollen. Meanwhile, he hears other bees say, “Everything is important.” In addition, other bees emphasize that the joint action proves that they are a strong family of bees. I think that the bee heroes of this book can teach children to connect to a family where everyone is responsible for something and has a specific task to perform. We can also rely on our relatives. After all, as we read, “it can be very, very helpful to have a loved one with whom you can stop being brave and break up a little.” The metaphorical dimension of this story, which refers to our human relationships, is certainly important. But at the same time, we must not forget that this is primarily a story about the importance of bees for themselves and for life on our planet. Children can easily learn what the world needs bees. At some point, they will read directly what the bees are doing with the flowers. And it is worth noting that this content is presented in a very attractive, colorful form.

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In the world of cats

For readers who are a little older – but still young – I recommend you read the book “Notes of the Wild Cat” (Wydawnictwo Literature) by Wojciech Cesarz and Katarzyna Terechowicz. This time it’s a story about a Marian cat. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. First of all, he presents us the world of cats in a fun and accessible way. We have long known that cats are individual. This is the perspective of the cat nature that the authors present to young readers. Readers are given several dozen short stories starring Marian. Interestingly, they are written with a great sense of humor and … irony, which is the distinguishing feature of Maria. This can be seen in the beginning, when Marian tells us about the butter that his neighbors eat with great appetite. There are many points in this story that help us understand the relationship between humans and cats. The stories are written from a cat’s point of view, and the young reader has a chance to see how our actions are perceived by cats. Even adults will laugh a lot when they read Maria’s thoughts on life. Like the unfamiliar notion of “time” that his guardian uses when he says “it’s not time to eat”: “When there is no time,” according to Henry, “it eats me indecently.” . In my humble opinion, I know better than to be hungry or full. Henrik has no idea. ” This book is full of similar, ironic observations – these are the “Notes of the Middle Cat”. Reading them will entertain many young readers. At the same time, it will also teach him a lot about the world of cats.

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