Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6. Easily remove “white spots” from the apartment

Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6
There’s also a place in your home where Funbox Wi-Fi coverage isn’t good. Orange has a device that will solve this problem. This is a Wi-Fi 6 Smartbox that you can order at any time during the contract period.

You can’t joke with Wi-Fi at home. The wall reinforcement is enough to make it impossible to play in a room without a router – that’s me. Therefore, despite the fact that the apartment belongs to the “comfortable” ones, I greeted the Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 from Orange with open arms.

Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6. What is it?

Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 is a small device that expands the range of Wi-Fi networks. This is an additional access point It will work with Funbox 6, Funbox 3.0 and Funbox 2.0 and can significantly improve subjective home Wi-Fi perception. Another access point in the new space is another coverage area and better distribution of traffic (not all devices will connect to the Funbox at the same time). You can think of it as a Wi-Fi expander. It is professionally called such a device repeater. However, choosing a repeater for your home network is a difficult task, but here we have it Simple configuration with funboxes and guaranteed trouble-free operation.

In addition, repeater mode is not the only use of the Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 – it can also be an additional access point connected by a cable (expander). The advantage is that there is no speed limit via radio, and the disadvantage … of course, the cable goes through half of the apartment. The rest work the same, and from a household standpoint, both devices form a Wi-Fi network.

Funbox 6 or Funbox 3.0 and Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 will act as a wireless network in terms of the user. They can automatically select the least crowded radio channel to communicate with, and this should be the same channel for both devices. From a user’s point of view, the house has a Wi-Fi network. You don’t have to do anything to get to a better access point – everything happens automatically. Plus, you don’t feel connected when you’re playing a game, watching something, or downloading files. This mechanism only failed me once (when the devices insisted that it was better to keep the phone on Wi-Fi 6 with Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 than on Switch to Funbox 3.0 Wi-Fi 5).

Physically, the Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 is an inconspicuous device with two lights and two Ethernet slots. You can put them on a shelf and cover them with a photo or painting (there is a special place for this), or you can connect them to a permanent power supply and place them in permanent outlets, for example, in the hall. The design of the Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 fits the Funbox 6 perfectly. There are no bright surfaces, decorations, colored stripes and unnecessary LEDs. There are 4 antennas and 2 antennas operating at 5 GHz in MU-MIMO 4×4 mode. At 2.4 GHz, MIMO operates in 2×2 mode. There was also Wi-Fi 6 support. The transmission can be encrypted with WPA2 and the newer WPA3 method.

Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 as a photo frame

Set up better Wi-Fi at home

Expanding the Wi-Fi range is a key application of the Wi-Fi 6 Smartbox, and I’ll focus on that. For orange devices to work properly, they must be far enough apart. So get ready to walk around the apartment. You need to find the connection area between Funbox and Smartbox Wi-Fi 6.

However, you must first connect both devices and transfer the wireless network settings from Funbox to Smartbox Wi-Fi 6. To do this, you need to connect the new device to the power supply, and when it is ready to use, you need to press the WPS button on it and in the Funbox. Once connected, the Wi-Fi settings will be copied to the Wi-Fi 6 Smartbox. This process will take about 3 minutes – Wi-Fi 6 Smartbox is set up very slowly.

The next step is to find a place for Smartbox Wi-Fi 6. It’s simple – just go to the area where you have a coverage issue and from time to time you’ll turn on the Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 (I went the easy way and used an extension cable). When the device detects that the location is suitable, it will notify you with lights (two oranges). You can continue to mount it on the wall, find a place for it on the shelf, and so on.

Funbox application

In this case, it is worth referring to the Orange My Funbox program, which contains detailed instructions. The Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 will also look like another device on the wireless network in the app and Funbox interface. This way of presenting the instructions seemed easier to me than the one in the paper booklet on the box. Of course, the device also has a simple web interface. And here’s a note: After copying Wi-Fi settings from Funbox, access to Wi-Fi 6 Smartbox is done with the same password as Funbox, not with the password on the sticker on the back of the box.

Orange Smartbox Wi-Fi 6 web interface

This is so. Now you just need to find a permanent place for your Wi-Fi Smartbox. I like that the cables can be covered with a photo or permanently placed in a slot without hiding behind the furniture. Of course, there is no point in leaving the Smartbox behind the cabinet – it is pointless.

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