Huawei projects were recognized in the report of the Responsible Business Forum

In the anniversary edition of the Responsible Business Forum “Responsible business in Poland. Good Practices ”has up to 9 Huawei campaigns to support local communities as well as excluded and disadvantaged groups. This report is the largest review of CSR and sustainable development initiatives in Poland.

I am glad that Huawei’s efforts on sustainability are not left out. All of the 9 CSR campaigns we reported were included in the 2021 report of the Responsible Business Forum. It is a great honor! At Huawei, social commitment has become an integral part of our business because we believe that contributing to the well-being of socially isolated and disadvantaged people can have a positive impact on society as a whole and improve the quality of life for all. We will continue to work in this area and continue to support those with disabilities. – says Ryszard Hordyński, Huawei Polska’s director of strategy and communication

The campaigns highlighted in the report include:

  • Huawei Summer School for Women’s Leadership in the Digital Age

Last year, Huawei hosted the first edition of the Huawei Summer School for Women’s Leadership in the Digital Age – a pan-European program for young leaders. As part of it, 27 exceptionally talented young women from each of the 27 EU countries explored the secrets of coding, cybersecurity and leadership skills during a week-long course in Lisbon. Participants had the opportunity to meet with prominent social activists, MEPs and researchers, who shared their knowledge, experience and advice for the future, helping them expand their wings and learn about career opportunities in the new technology industry.

  • “Fighting Digital Exceptions” award within the “Business Woman of the Year” competition

In the 12th Business Woman of the Year competition, Huawei was honored to recognize the most enterprising Polish women whose so-called inspiring stories have been successfully published. role models. In addition, the company awarded the best project to combat digital exceptions. By creating a new category, Huawei wants to double support the fight against exceptions. On the one hand, by promoting best practices to inspire the younger generation of women – future leaders to create innovative solutions. On the other hand – reward projects to combat digital isolation that affect all social groups, including women. With the support of the latest technology, the fight against all kinds of exceptions has been part of Huawei’s activities for many years.

  • 8th Polish edition of Huawei Seeds For The Future

In 2021, Huawei launched the Polish edition of the Seeds For The Future program for the eighth time, aimed at the most talented female and male students of Polish universities. The goal of the flagship education program is to inspire young leaders to create a future by deepening their knowledge of the ICT industry and the latest technologies through interactive materials and lectures by world experts. An important element presented to Seeds For The Future for the first time last year was the Tech4Good competition, in which participants worked in an international team to use technology to solve important global problems. As part of Tech4Good, a Polish project – Sensideer – was created, which intelligently warns drivers about the possibility of animals being seen on the road.

  • Huawei’s partnership with the Perspektywy Foundation for Women’s Technology Education

Huawei has partnered with the Perspektywy Education Foundation to ensure women’s equal access to and participation in technology education. Huawei has organized “Women in Tech Days”, “Women in Tech Summit”, “Girls at the University of Technology” and “Girls in Science!” supported projects such as. Huawei has also become a partner of the Open Day at the University of Technology in 2021, and today high school and college students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the offers of technical, engineering and science courses. The company also co-organized the Women In Tech Days 2021 conference and the Women’s Career Exhibition at TECH & IT, among others.

  • Huawei’s collaboration with the Depression Faces Foundation

Huawei, in partnership with the Faces of Depression Foundation, provided free psychological and psychiatric care for children, adolescents and young people – thanks to this partnership, 188 online therapy sessions took place. The initiative was aimed at facilitating access to such assistance for people who do not have the means for psychological counseling or who live far from the nearest office. The project was created in response to the growing number of cases of depression in this age group.

  • Huawei’s partnership with Special Olympics

For the third time, the company became the main sponsor of the Special Olympics, which promotes the participation of people with disabilities in sports, combating stereotypes and social integration. Under the #GrajmyRazem banner, Huawei is partnering with the “Play Together” social campaign to support players’ training and competitions in many disciplines.

  • Huawei Technology Partnership with the National Museum of Warsaw

The joint initiative of Huawei and the National Museum of Warsaw has resulted in the modernization of the ICT system of this institution. With Huawei’s help, MNW’s digital resources have become easier and more accessible. The company also provided fast, free internet at the Museum.

  • Huawei’s cooperation with Polish universities within the ICT Academy and ICT Competition

As part of this project, Huawei is helping Polish universities develop their own research laboratories and offering certified courses for both students and scholars. Currently participating universities are the University of Technology in Poznan, the University of Technology in Warsaw, the University of Technology in Lód,, the Leon Cominski Academy and the Western Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. So far, about 200 students from Polish universities have been trained, 87 of them have received certificates. The ICT Academy also includes the ICT Competition, which prepares students to build a career in the ICT industry and expands their knowledge and skills in line with global standards.

  • Huawei Startup Challenge 2 – #TechForBetterPlanet

In the next issue of the Startup Challenge, Huawei, together with the Startup Academy, once again supports young Polish businesses that are actively trying to promote sustainable development with their innovative technologies. This year, the leitmotif was an activity aimed at benefiting our planet and improving the climate. Huawei rewards the best strategies in the spirit of CSR with cash prizes, which will allow it to implement these plans in the future. Among the 10 award-winning startups are those that limit the use of plastic, design environmentally friendly cooling systems, and many others.

# Report 2021

The premiere of the publication took place on May 25 at the 9th CSR Exhibition, the largest cyclical event dedicated to business responsibility in Poland.

A PDF version of the report can be downloaded here

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