He took the rifle at eighteen. Salvador Ramos, a school killer in Uvalde, Texas

Like many of the perpetrators of the mass shootings in the United States, Salvador Ramos had not previously shown any signs of radicalization, and had no record or connection to any criminal organization. Why did he kill?

In April or May, she stops appearing in high school. He was never overly good or loyal to school life. To be honest, no one felt his absence anyway. After that, he mostly sat at home and played on the Xbox. He sometimes appeared in the gym, but he did not talk to anyone there much – even during group work. He worked for Wendy’s, one of America’s largest fast food chains. The same scenario was repeated in the workplace. He often came and went without saying a word.

Salvador Ramos. Single type

It is said that Salvador Ramos has always been like this: silent, uninterested, lonely. That’s why it wasn’t easy for him. Other students ridiculed him for his long black hair and ascetic attire. She came from a poor family, and working for Wendy’s helped her stay afloat. After the explosion, CNN reported that Ramos was also squeezed in fast food. His colleagues, who did not understand that he did not want to spend time together, to avoid group activities or jokes, invented insulting nicknames for him. Someone even called him a “school terrorist” because the boy looked like a stereotypically lonely man from the outside, one day he would take a rifle and kill dozens of students in cold blood.

On May 9, something changed in his life. He meets a 15-year-old girl on the Internet, they talk regularly, every day in late May. Ramos calls him and even insists on keeping in touch with him. The 15-year-old will later tell the German police that every time they spoke, he acted as if he had no friends or was planning his free time.

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Birthday rifle

In the last months before Salvador Ramos’ death, online dating with a German teenager seems to be the only acquaintance. He was still moving away from his friends in Uvalde. The only thing he expected was to turn 18 on May 17. It was as if a turning point in his life was waiting for him.

Mature Ramos goes shopping that day. He chooses Oasis Oatback, a sports and walking equipment store. It is a typical place to buy firearms in America, especially in the southern states. The range is large, you can choose depending on the color. Hunting weapons, sporting weapons, assault rifles are more suitable for anti-terrorist troops than weekend enthusiasts. At least from a European point of view, it’s a normal part of everyday life for gun-loving Americans to see a rifle next to a basket ball, and sometimes even a piece of butter in a supermarket.

On May 17, Ramos presents himself with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. This weapon is used by both uniformed and hunters. A day later, he returns for ammunition, but still little. He makes his third and final trip to Oasis Oatback on May 20 and gets a second rifle. He has enough weapons to turn a large group of people into hell on earth.

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First he shoots his grandmother

The morning of May 24 begins with a social media review. It is unknown why he chose this date. He wrote to a girl on Instagram today who claimed he did not know her. He told her it was “a secret” and that he “wanted to tell her something very bad.” The girl explains today that she wrote back to him only out of fear of his plans. Ramos looked dangerous to him, hoping that he could learn his secret and dissuade him. On May 24, Ramos marks him next to two rifles lying on a bed in the photo. She claims she did not understand this and denies allegations that she got to know the boy better. He, in turn, sent a message around 11 writing that he “intends to shoot his grandmother.”

Formed from words – shoots him in the face. He leaves the house and gets into his car. He sends a message to both of the girls mentioned above. He admits that he hit his grandmother in the head (she survived) and went to open fire in elementary school. Just before 11:30, he arrives at Robb Elementary School and crashes his car while parking. He comes out holding one of the rifles. There is a backpack and vest with special holes for additional ammunition. In total, he has 375 units.

The next massacre at an American school

The school is entered from the west, through the back door. At the door, he greets the goalkeeper and walks down the main corridor. Turns right, then left. He most likely enters two connected classrooms randomly selected. The massacre begins a few minutes later.

He will spend a total of “40-60 minutes on school grounds,” local police said today. In the hall, he almost immediately set himself on a barricade and opened fire. He killed 21 people: 19 students and two teachers. Another 17 people were injured, most of them in hospital. He attempted to panic to evacuate the school during the shooting. The teachers broke the windows and let the frightened children inside. This is an elementary school, and it is more difficult to expel students from such an institution than from high schools – in places where massacres have so far occurred the most. In a few minutes the first policemen arrive. They try to reach the rooms where Ramos has set up a barricade. For some unknown reason, it takes them a long time. The stagnation lasts about 20 minutes. Then comes the attack.

At 1:06 p.m., Uvalde police announced that “the suspect was shot on the spot by police.”

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