Generation Z is taking over the internet. How does it behave on the Internet and what does it get?

Generation Z, represented by those born after 1995, is the youngest and second most active on the Internet. 20-year-olds make up 17% of Internet users, generate 17.3% of page views and spend 17.5% of their time online, which is slightly lower than the most active online generation over the age of 40 (note 1) ). How do young people behave on the Internet and what do they get most from the Internet?

Generation Z, ie the youngest buyers on the Internet

When young e-consumers shop online, most (40% of all respondents) pay attention to the prices of both products and deliveries. The more attractive they are, the more likely Z-Generation is to order. Often, however, young people in their 30s and 40s make decisions based on past experience (30%) and, among other factors that motivate them to buy, attractive promotions and special offers (27%) and waiting times for short delivery (20%) ( border 2).

In addition, the younger generation of Internet users is more sensitive to the opinions of other consumers (19%), especially to the recommendations of friends, family or friends (23%). As in the older generation, the youngest e-consumers also consider easy payment (18%) (note 3).

What and how does Generation Z buy online?

77% of young people say they bought clothes. According to the type of products purchased online, the next places are occupied by books, CDs and movies (61%), cosmetics and perfumes (55%), shoes (54%), computer games (46%), jewelry and radio and television equipment. (42%) (Note 3).

On the other hand, young e-consumers spend the most money on online purchases for mobile devices – this amount reaches about 1300 PLN in 6 months (note 4). Generation Z chooses the most mobile payments – up to 66% consider them the most affordable (note 4).

Visa Mobile – online payment solution

An interesting offer for young people will be the Visa Mobile service, which allows you to make online payments quickly and securely. This allows you to pay for online purchases at any time in the online store without entering a card number or other information. You can use it directly in the banking program or install a specially designed Visa Mobile application. When shopping in the online store, all you have to do is select Visa Mobile payments, enter your phone number and confirm the transaction with your smartphone (note 5). All this is definitely worth checking online payments with Visa Mobile.

How to start? All you have to do is download the program to your phone, register with your card number, email address and phone number, and then set the security of the program (PIN, biometric). And it’s ready!

You only need to add your Visa card to the application once – you will still not have to enter all your information when making an online payment. Every time you make a debit or credit card payment using Visa Mobile, your information is stored in Visa’s secure systems. The list of banks whose customers will already use Visa Mobile can be found at (note 6)

How do young people behave on the Internet?

The Visa Mobile program will be useful for the Generation Z, as its representatives are eager to use the services of online banking, online stores and social networking sites (note 1).
In addition, young people often use Internet search engines, e-mail services and instant messaging services. People in the 20-29 age group also use maps and locators more than the older generation (Box 1).

The article was prepared in collaboration with Visa.

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