Does the cat’s behavior change after castration? We refute the myths

Castration of cats is the best way to prevent homelessness in cats, but there are many myths associated with this routine treatment. The owners are afraid to do this to the pet, fearing that it will condemn him to a meaningless and lazy life. How is it really?

Castration is a useful and completely safe procedure that limits the suffering of innocent people. This involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus in cats, and the removal of the testicles in men. Although many people have different meanings, the words castration and sterilization are interchangeable. Sterilization consists only of the removal of the female ovaries and the cutting of the vas deferens in men.

But because the most important question remains Does the behavior of the castrated kitten / kitten change? Castration is a subject full of myths and stereotypes. In the next part of the article we will put an end to harmful inventions and note the benefits of surgery.

We refute the myths about the castration of cats

Castration actually changes the cat’s behavior and associated with changes in its endocrine system. Along with treating the cat priorities vary. In the past, the main purpose of purr was to multiply and fight for territory, and after the procedure it no longer matters to him, so he may seem lazy. Another disadvantage of the animal is that castration causes an increase in appetite. Speaking of which …

It is a fact that after castration, the cat’s metabolism changes. Appetite increases and energy requirements decrease. However, this does not have to be a judgment for him. Especially in the first months after surgery, it is enough to change his diet to contain fewer calories and less fat and control his weight.

Remember that a cat’s laziness and weight gain after castration depends only on how you and your pet look and, above all, how you feed it. You can find more information about obesity in cats HERE.

Unlike humans, cats do not care about parenting. There is no scientific study showing that a kitten should become pregnant at least once in her life. If he had never been young, he would not have been unhappy.

Animals do not analyze their behavior and the consequences, so they are guided by instincts. Only hormones force them to multiply and pThe need for species expansion is stronger than the “voice of nature.” In other words, cats mate to fertilize, and then kOcura does not raise cats and the female cat takes care of them as needed.

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Castration in no way affects the hunting instinct of cats. Contrary to many people’s misconceptions, it is getting stronger!

Cat hunting is no longer just a way to get food. Instead, it becomes a kind of entertainment in the first place. Therefore, unless the owner allows the pet to gain weight, it is unlikely to give it up.

It is not true that neutered cats are susceptible to attacks by non-neutered cats. This is quite the opposite, as they no longer compete when choosing a partner for the rest of neutered cats. In warning of local cats, the castrated purr stops moving threatens, so it is of no use to fight them.

Castration is a safe and absolutely necessary procedure. Thanks to it, you can protect cats from diseases of the genital organs, wounds from territorial battles, and in the case of female cats from the consequences of estrus and pregnancy.

Let’s not forget that a few minutes spent on the operating table in the veterinary clinic disappear risk of unwanted pregnancy in outgoing cats. As a result, no cat will experience homelessness, abandonment, hunger, violence or disease. Such a view of the future gives hope for the well-being of animals, rather than linking them to disability.

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