A clever puzzle takes the internet by storm. What is Wordle and who is behind its success?

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Have you come across the (very strange) name “Wordle” on the internet recently? Or have you seen mysterious tables full of gray, yellow and green squares on social networks? If so, you are not alone. The Internet, and especially Twitter, has recently been flooded with a huge wave of posts with Wordle points.

This is an English online game that has become a huge hit in Europe and the United States by a strange coincidence. Suffice it to say that the largest and most prestigious newspapers, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post or Forbes, write about it, new riddles inspired by the original. We explain what Wordle has to do with and who is behind its success.

What is Wordle?

This is a simple word guessing game. Each word consists of five letters and the player has six chances. And that’s it. In the beginning, without any instructions, the player must guess what word the creators of the riddle meant. So how do you do that in a maximum of six attempts?

Wordle game guide image: screenshot from powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle / Wordle

The rule is simple. We enter any five-letter word and the system suggests what letters are in the searched word. Letters that appear elsewhere in the target word (such as the first letter, not the third) are highlighted in yellow, and the correct ones are highlighted in green. All other letters are gray.

It is important that the first words found are as different as possible, and that each subsequent word does not have (or be as few as possible) letters already marked in gray. This is an example of a Wordle game:

An example of a Wordle gameAn example of a Wordle game image: screenshot from powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle / Wordle

Of course, the results of the game can be easily shared on Twitter, where players are very happy to use. Therefore, the social network was full of a wave of tables full of gray, yellow and green squares showing how much the player tried to guess the password. The game (at least now) is only available in the web browser (HERE).

It was supposed to be a gift, it became a hit on the Internet

Wordle’s story is as surprising as the ingenuity shown by the author of the riddle. It was created by New York-based programmer Josh Wardley, and the name of the game is a combination of the word “word”. Wardle created a game as a gift for his puzzle-loving partner.

As described by the New York Times, Josh Wardle only played Wordle with his partner for the first few months. The game helped them kill the time they spent at home during pandemic restrictions in the United States. Wardle then sent the game to his family and shared the results with them via WhatsApp.

The extremely positive reception of Wordle made the creator decide to share it with his friends. The effect was similar, and Wardle finally felt he could present the game to the public. This happened, but – as described in the magazine – the game did not immediately become popular. On November 1, it was played by only 90 people.

Wordle went viral only after I added a button to share the result on Twitter. The ability to quickly and easily demonstrate the result on social media has earned the game a huge following. Two months later, on January 2 this year. 300,000 people played Wordle. people – says “NYT”. And the popularity of the puzzle continues to grow, so the number of players is probably even higher today.

Interestingly, although Josh Wardl invented a similar game in 2013, his friends were not interested in this game at all. So he abandoned the idea for many years, and the new game, based solely on the old idea, became a big hit.

In an interview with the BBC, the creator of Wordle said that he created the game for fun and did not intend to commercialize it. He says he wants the game to be free and accessible to everyone. – I do not understand why it can not be just funny. I don’t have to take money from people and I want it to stay that way. “

You can read more about the games on Gazeta.pl

Polish versions of Wordle have also been created

Of course, to play Wordle, you need at least a basic knowledge of English, because the game is available only on Shakespeare. We need a vocabulary where we can find two, three or four different words of five letters, and then we will match the next ones with the already known letters.

Fortunately, similar puzzles have already been created for people who prefer to play in their native language, so that we can guess the Polish words. The most popular with us is Literally, which looks and works almost identically to Wordle. It was created by Polish students who directly admitted that they were inspired by the English-language original.

A game in the true sense of the wordA game in the true sense of the word image: screenshot with literally.fan

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