UPC Play co-offers streaming service advertising campaign promotion Jean Marc Harion

P4, the operator of the mobile network Play, owned by the French Iliad Group, in September last year. Signed a 100 percent purchase agreement with Liberty Global. Shares of UPC Polska cable network 7 billion PLN. The purchase was completed in early April. Since July 2018, Jean-Marc Harion, General Manager and President of the Board of P4, has become the new President of UPC Polska.

During the conference on Wednesday, the telecommunications operator and the cable network submitted their first joint advertising offer. This means, among other things, that all Play customers will have 2 years of free broadband Internet access from UPC if they have a Play Homebox package. On the other hand, UPC subscribers with 1 Gb / s fiber-optic internet access can get access to the mobile package with a 60 GB limit for 2 years and unlimited calls and SMS.

“No one can stop this evolution”

During the presentation, CEO Jean Marc Harion gave very little space to television services, which in the past were part of cable networks. Traditional operators in the United States and Western Europe have lost millions of television subscribers in recent years due to the development of streaming services. Their customers prefer Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or HBO Max subscriptions, which can be terminated at any time, rather than signing long-term contracts for TV packages. However, you must have broadband internet access to use streaming services. Such offers are offered by telecommunications and cable operators such as Play and UPC.

We currently have UPC subscribers and more than 1.7 million TV users, thanks to 250,000. Play customers now. We are reacting to the evolution of streaming television. We see this accelerating, meeting customer needs and not wanting to include them in an offer. The most important thing is to be open to the needs of subscribers, because the world is changing. No one can stop this evolution and richness of content. I love that customers choose the best solution to access the service they want to use at home. Of course, this requires a large investment. We are a group that loves to invest. President of UPC and Play, we want to invest in telecommunications and always provide better quality.

UPC nationwide?

The streaming revolution allows cable operators with limited coverage to reach new audiences. For example, thanks to the Android TV set-top box, they can offer aggregate access to their TV packages or streaming services anywhere in the country. Investments in optical fiber and 5G are also needed to be able to offer Internet services. Although the head of UPC and Play did not say how the costs will be, after the integration of both companies, they will accelerate. Over time, UPC services will also become more widely available.

– We want to expand our fixed line network and for this purpose we have connected UPC with Play. Our goal is to expand the coverage of UPC across the country thanks to optical fibers. We believe in them because we want to set a new standard for open networks. We are, first of all, operators who offer access to broadband services to anyone in need without restrictions. Of course, there is still much to be done. We love wars that benefit customers. Play and UPC have very similar dates. Thanks to us, mobile services in Poland are the cheapest in Europe today. Play entered the market late, but changed the rules of the game and became number one. For more than 20 years, UPC has been a leader in broadband Internet and digital television, said Jean Marc Harion. He did not rule out that the expansion of coverage will be possible through access to the infrastructure of other operators.

The campaign is the first step in integrating the services of both companies. – Today we show you the first results of this cooperation. If I say that the first baby is 6 weeks after the wedding, it will be a little suspicious. The two colors that make up the Play and UPC brands go very well together. The offer we present today is a pleasant gift. This is a temporary campaign to turn Play customers into UPC customers and UPC customers into Play customers. The integration of our systems still takes some time, but we have great ambitions to embody the concept of convergence. We believe that the two main battles we have to fight for are the opening of a network and the freedom to choose television – said the president of Play and UPC.

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The biggest advertising campaign of Play in 10 years

The campaign will be accompanied by a large-scale advertising campaign, which will begin on Friday. Earlier, the teaser was released. – You have probably seen billboards with the words “More and faster” or “Perfect connection is available”. The communication between Play and UPC colors was quickly deciphered, but this is just the beginning. The new campaign we are developing is the biggest Play campaign in at least 10 years. It will be unique in many sizes. In terms of intensity, in terms of the stars that will appear in this campaign, the number of messages and where we will be. We really want customers to see the two big companies come together and offer something super unique, ”said Arthur Dominiak, director of home services at Play.

The TV spots belong to the previous ones designed for Play, where celebrities announced that they had joined Play. In the new ad, we will see, among others, Cuban Wojewódzki. Grandes Kochonos is responsible for the concept and operation of the ATL. The activities of BTL and digital have been entrusted to the Play agency, and the media plan was developed by the media house Mediacom. As of Thursday, more than 240 Play stores will apply the new visualization, citing two colors associated with the Play and UPC brands. In recent months, 4,000 employees of both companies have been trained.

The presentation published during the conference shows that in the first quarter of this year. Play reached 16 million customers, and UPC reached 1.5 million. By the end of March, the subscriber base of the first player increased by 6%, and the subscriber base of the second – by 3.4%. The first company’s revenue increased by 5.5%, and the second company’s revenue increased by 3.4%.

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