TianFun Tea: Outdated milk, no salary and stoves hidden “because they don’t have permits”? Tiktokerka explains

TianFun Tea, a popular sparkling tea shop, has come under fire. Former employees revealed that the company did not have to pay test fees, used outdated products, and ugliness was everywhere.

The following comments are made by people who claim to be former employees. There is a good chance that they have now dared to criticize the Tianfun River – and we have an avalanche effect. I am waiting for the response of the company where I submitted the allegations that the alleged employees were former employees published on social networks in recent days.

The identity of any former employee or female employee TianFun tea if approved, will be included in the text.

What is TianFun River?

TianFun Tea is a tea house from Warsaw with three locations: Chmielna 26, Galeria Wileńska and (once?) Wola Park. He advertises himself as “A real bubbletea! Straight from Taiwan to Poland” and “Recipes and ingredients directly from Taiwan.”

In addition, they target people who are interested in K-pop. For example their store has a “super fan box” for “true k-pop fans”. Standard – but a very thoughtful and wise move. So you can say that they target young people, especially girls (don’t dismiss me for that).


This is important because you can start thinking after the information you read. “why didn’t i know about it before?

Problems with the TianFun River

It starts on social media slide between people’s negative opinions and confessionsClaiming to work at TianFun Tea. Here are some of them.

They are often repeated protests problems with extraction.

Prevention (?) Going to the toilet, almost no breaks or predetermined working hours:

This company asked me for 3,000 PLN, which I should get from the covid shield in 2020. (3 months * Monthly paid by ZUS from 2050 to 1000 PLN)

I even have a picture of this paper, which says that I am obliged to pay the “debt” (as they say) in two parts.


Initially, I received a message from the landlord’s secretary during my stay in the hospital in early May 2020, I have to return 1500 PLN to the company from this shield. The reasons were different. That’s why I disappeared. Then they changed it to 1,000 a month

It has all the messages I received from btw

The secretary said, “I don’t appreciate what the company has done for me,” and “I haven’t had a salary since March.”

After 1, I don’t care if you get paid or not

Second, how does the company rate me: 2050 shield – 1000 for the apartment – 1000 for the company = PLN 0


I did not work through covid

As for the Ministry of Health. One month after the opening of the buildings in Złote Tarasy, Sanepid visited us. I was instructed not to open a month, but the day before, and today is a training event. It turned out that during this time we had no right to work.

Of course, the order is not an employment contract, but it also does not work in the “24/7 365 jobs” order.

Oh, at the time, they didn’t allow more people to change because “there is no such move and you can do it easily and that amount is enough.”

  • 10 hours of work, only two workers in each shift;
  • There is no break;
  • Difficulty going to the toilet or eating;
  • Relocation of workers between locations in Warsaw;
  • Unclear withdrawal of money from salary check;
  • Work long days in a row;
  • Cameras had to record video and audio (video cameras cannot record sound);
  • The owner’s partner had to blackmail the employees and threaten them with dismissal;
  • In one case, there was a sales order without employee receipts (you know, needed);
  • Most workers had to work without a sanitary book.

Because there are times when workers are crying in the back room for a large number of orders, when there are not enough people in the queue Managers said there was no need, and if we didn’t, we would have a problem with a lot of assignments 🙃🙃 #tianfunisoverparty

As a former tiana worker (I have been working for about 2.5 years), although the workers’ veins wear out and they can work 13 hours a day and after work at home to do everything. this is the boss, and the idea of ​​this place is completely wrong. Eternal shortages, complaints about trying to improve your work when you have to wait in line, because there is so much work, and threats that you will no longer pay for overtime, endless gossip, and millions of things that don’t work, ants in the kitchen.

It was noted that employees slept only a few hours after the shift and then returned to work.

A Twitter and Facebook user collected comments from people who should be working at TianFun Tea. There are many things, so be prepared to read a little.

Facebook post about TianFun Tea
Write about TianFun Tea on Facebook (Facebook)
Facebook post about TianFun Tea
Write about TianFun Tea on Facebook (Facebook)

To quote from the introduction “People injured by Tian Fun can write an e-mail to the girl, who started the action anonymously and is currently collecting material to publicize the case and inform the relevant authorities of the company. Address: infotian.anonim@gmail.com


In addition, a long video appeared on TikTok. Strong – but TW, because it was shown on the burn.

Old milk and burns

Commenting on the situation with TikTokerka kimikohime TianFun Tea, he added a lot of information from people, It is confirmed that they are former teahouse workers.

[…] The main claim is that employees are not paid during the probationary period. This, of course, is regulated by law, and you even have to pay the employee for the probationary period, but that’s not all – it will only get worse.


Tiktokerka said that the staff informed him about the following:

  • Health insurance fraud;
  • To force employees to perform work that they have not been trained to do and that they must not perform in accordance with health and safety regulations;
  • Jovid’s paycheck – “actually trying to extort money from an employee”;
  • Non-compliance with sanitary-epidemiological rules.

Apparently, the restaurant in Chmielna was not allowed to cook – So, “when the lady came from the sanitary inspectorate, all the stoves had to be hidden.”


And of course the famous, condensed milk was half a year late, after that the worker fell ill. Oh, let’s not forget to collect the products that fall to the ground and present them to your guests – says kimikohime in tiktoku.

In addition, more than one (!) Person had to burn while working. The story continues with one of the people being hospitalized for a month after a second-degree burn to the chest and neck. The manager had to refuse to fill out the accident card. The woman has not yet received any compensation, Milli.Az reports quoting tiktokerka.

The company will massively delete negative comments from Instagram:

I can confirm this – with a simple question to clarify, my comment was deleted after a few minutes.

May 25, 2022, 8:19 p.m .:

TianFun tea
TianFun Tea (Instagram, Tiktok)
TianFun tea
TianFun Tea (Instagram, Tiktok)

Ba! The company has disabled Instagram comments.

Comments from TikTok are still running in the background. People had to give up working with “weight” and “Polish appearance”.

TianFun tea
TianFun Tea (Instagram, Tiktok)
TianFun tea
TianFun Tea (Instagram, Tiktok)

At TikTok, they should delete and block comments:

And below the video we have other comments on working conditions:


I worked there, and for half a year we were paid less than the national tariff;

I could have said more, but because I went elsewhere with half of the staff, the CEO said he would sue me for 12,000;

I am glad that I did not prepare a promotional product for them, because they wanted to entrust me to xdxddd, the call was cut off as soon as I said my tariffs;

I was working there, I had an accident where I could not work for a month, and their manager refused to fill out an accident card for me. He forced me to do it alone

If this is true, then we are facing a scandal

I’m sorry, but that shouldn’t be the case. Most of the criticism probably came from nothing. At first I thought it was the only case. At this point, Twitter and TikTok bow to various criticisms and accusations against TianFun Tea.

If you say, “But this is a normal stomach in Poland.” – I agree with the above that pathologies occur in our country. But we can not accept such a thing. Let’s call for control and talk openly about things that affect us. We will not do anything without taking joint measures.

It can be saved, but you must act decisively and loudly. Remember, business is not a charity. When Company X is fooling around, exploiting people, or downplaying its practices from any criticism – vote with your wallet. Stop buying / ordering there. This is the only solution to the problem of pathogastro.

TianFun site? heh

By the way, the TianFun Tea website does not exist. More precisely, tianfun.eu, which has been operating since 2019.

TianFun Tea website?  heh
TianFun Tea website? Heh (Himself)

Now “sklep-tianfun.eu” works. The problem is that the connection is only available there … in the online store. There is no help with stationary stores. Why? Who knows.

TianFun Tea website?  heh
TianFun Tea website? Heh (Himself)

TianFun Tea position

Currently, the position of the company that sells bubbletea k-pop is still unknown. The answer will be published here.

If you want to share your story – write to vibez@grupawp.pl.

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