Recipes for healthy, home-made cat food

Homemade cat food can be a valuable addition to a healthy diet. At the same time, they bring great pleasure to pets. But you must choose them carefully. Improper treatment can harm your cat.

Cats are born carnivores. Their diet should consist mainly of animal proteins and fats, as these substances are best absorbed by the body. When choosing food for your cat, you need to keep in mind your cat’s specific food needs.

Cat food and their nutritional needs

About 90% of cats’ diet should be meat (along with bones and offal), because in nature they feed mainly on rodents, small birds, fish (almost completely eaten). Thus, they meet not only energy needs, but also the need for essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. For domestic cats, the equivalent of such a meal should be high-quality food (wet, dry or a combination of both) or fresh, raw meat from a reliable source (it is worth taking an interest in the BARF diet). It is not recommended to feed animals with small amounts of meatand most of them are plant fillers (grains, vegetables). Cats do not digest carbohydrates and they are almost completely unnecessary in the diet. Although they eat grass or vegetables, they mainly get vitamins, minerals and fiber from them.

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Healthy foods for cats

For domestic cats, cooking is often one of the biggest pastimes. They can not only eat a lot, but also enjoy products that have no nutritional value and are even harmful to health. because The role of the guardian is to monitor the quality and quantity of pet food. This does not mean that he should be completely deprived of the joy of eating. High-quality, well-balanced food can meet the animal’s need for nutrients. However, it doesn’t hurt to reduce her daily diet a bit and supplement it with the right amount of home-made cat food. Given the nutritional needs described above, this is not difficult to estimate A healthy and always desirable meal for your cat will be a piece of fresh, preferably raw meat – Beef, lamb, lamb, hunting, poultry, fish, as well as offal such as liver. It is also worth including in the list of cat food fish oilsContains unsaturated fatty acids Popular meat types are not on the list of suitable types for pets pork. It is very fatty and may contain Aujeszky’s disease, which is harmless to humans but deadly to cats. They are a delicacy for cats eggsfeeding of animals living in natural conditions by eating whole (shells). The amount of eggs in a cat’s diet is relatively small, so remember to keep them in a healthy proportion when giving them to your pet. Excessive crude protein can harm the animal (Thanks to its avidin content, it prevents cats from absorbing the biotin they need). However, eggs (raw or cooked) provide your pets with many important nutrients for health. Cats usually love milk and all its products. They are an excellent source of animal protein, as well as calcium and B vitamins, so it’s worth including them in a cat’s diet. The exception to this rule is milk. Contrary to stereotypes about cats, adult animals should not drink cow’s milkbecause they cannot digest the lactose they contain. This is undoubtedly the rarity of serving a pet, usually the cause of subsequent gastrointestinal sensations. Cats are fed with better modified milk than cow’s milk – its composition is similar to breast milk. No lactose yogurt, cottage cheese – Perfect food for cats. Dogs also usually like cheese or cream, but they should be avoided in their diet – they are very fatty and the cheeses contain a lot of salt in addition. Some cats enjoy eating selected vegetables and fruits, they usually love herbs. Due to the phytochemicals present in plants, small amounts of plant products (not more than 5% of the daily diet) are recommended in the cat’s menu. As your quadrupeds digest less of these foods, the residue improves intestinal peristalsis and helps cleanse the bowels.

Which foods are not suitable for cats?

In addition to pork and milk, the following must be removed from the list of cat food:

  • meat, smoked fish – due to preservatives and high salt content;
  • sweets, especially chocolate contains theobromine, which is deadly for tetrapods;
  • bulbs, mushrooms, some fruits (eg grapes, citrus) – as well as compounds that are toxic to cats;
  • plant products high in starch or plant protein (for example, potatoes, legumes);
  • Dog food – Dogs have completely different food needs, so their diet is not suitable for cats;
  • leftovers from dinner – Even seemingly safe meat usually contains spices that are harmful to cats.

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