Netomnia and STL are collaborating to test the programmable FTTx system on operating networks

LONDON, May 26, 2022 / PRNewswire / – STL [NSE:STLTECH]The leading integrator of digital networks has announced that it will test the FTTx programmable system (pFTTx) with Netomnia on networks in the UK.

With more than 25 years of optical connection experience, STL provides defined network design with software for large-scale home fiber, mobile locations and business networks through pFTTx technology. The company recently announced the general availability of pFTTx, an open and fragmented Passive Optical Network (“PON”) defined by software designed to make fiber networks smart and flexible. pFTTx offers key advantages such as scalability, improved and detailed telemetry reports, open network collaboration (ONF / BBF / ITU-T), implementation of external Experience Quality (QoE) applications, better user experience, faster market time and reduced total amount . property value. This cloud-based (based on Kubernetes micro-services) software technology suite can run on any telecom Edge Cloud platform based on the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation infrastructure. The solution currently supports XGS-PON and GPON technologies and can be upgraded to 25G. STL’s pFTTx system is also certified and available in the VMware Marketplace catalog.

The UK is in the process of implementing advanced full-fiber broadband networks, and new-age actors like Netomnia are making these plans possible. STL and Netomnia recently partnered to implement fiber-optic networks and are now working together to bring programming capabilities to large-scale FTTx networks. Completion of these efforts will pave the way for the adoption of an architecture defined by advanced software for FTTx networks in the UK.

Commenting on the partnership, Netomnia CEO Jeremy Celot said: “The promise of a full fiber broadband network will come true when service providers provide advanced architectures that enable the programming of fiber networks. We have high hopes for the possibilities of STL pFTTx solution. STL tests will be an important event in which we will jointly demonstrate pFTTx technology within the operating network.

Chris Rice, General Manager of Access Solutions STL, said in a statement: “pFTTx is a cloud-based access networking solution that improves the business model of network service providers. We look forward to working with Netomnia on their ultra-fast, full-fiber broadband program. Our solution will help you manage your networks more efficiently thanks to faster deployment and configuration and increased network performance. ”

STL – Sterlite Technologies Ltd:

STL is a leading integrator of digital networks offering comprehensive 5G solutions. Our capabilities in optical networks, services, software and wireless connectivity make us one of the world’s leading players in this industry. These capabilities are based on a convergent architecture that helps telecommunications operators, cloud companies, civic networks and large enterprises deliver the latest generation of solutions to their customers. STL works with service providers around the world to achieve a green and sustainable digital future in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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