Meet big dogs from the UK – from life-saving mastiffs to surf poodles

Meet the big dogs from the UK – from the life-saving mastiff breed to the SURF poodle.

Talented dogs have gathered to celebrate their unusual relationship with dog owners.

These include the Mastiff / Staffordshire bull terrier cross Louie, which warns the owner of cancer, and the Yorkshire Terrier, which “catches” the owner’s sepsis.

The trio emerged from a study of 2,000 dog owners commissioned by vitamin brand SuperDog Vitabiotics, which found 71% of pets to be heroes.

And Vitabiotics invites owners to visit here and download their amazing dog stories.

Louie, Karen Ethier’s dog, saved her life by repeatedly hitting her on the chest with her nose when she was warned of breast cancer (Photo: Karen Ethier / SWNS) Read More Related Articles.

Karen Ethier, owner of Louie’s rescue dog, warned of a tumor that appeared to be aggressive breast cancer.

The dog, whose leg was amputated due to the negligence of its previous owner, “beats his head” on Karen’s chest.

She was later diagnosed with triple breast cancer and underwent intensive chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery – which resulted in painful side effects such as hair loss and skin and nerve damage.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found a piece – Louie was trying to warn me all the time,” said Karen from Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

“Louie was incredibly loyal and knew I was depressed or sick after treatment.”

Meanwhile, a 13-year-old Yorkshire Terrier saved his owner’s life by “sniffing” sepsis from third-degree burns after reacting badly to Chico’s hair dye.

Levi Carter, 23, visited a hairdressing salon to change from black to blonde, but after applying peroxide bleach, the stylist said the scalp began to burn and “burn” without washing it quickly.

Levi Carter’s dog smelled septicemia after treating third-degree burns with peroxide bleach at a Chico barber shop (Photo: SWNS) Read more

He was treated for third-degree burns, but when he returned home from the hospital, the dog did not calm him down and did not want to calm down by sniffing the wounds on his head.

Levi, from Lincolnshire, said: “I just went back to the hospital because my dog ​​wouldn’t leave me alone – he had to feel an infection.

“If I went again, who knows what would happen – maybe I will not be here. Chico saved my life.

Another notable dog is a seven-year-old scooter, which is a mix between a poodle that can surf and a blue mohican.

Rescuers were trained to visit patients who had suffered a severe stroke and those who had died in their care – but because of the lack of space for a pound, workers had to put the dog on the ground.

But Kirstie Joy-Martin, a 48-year-old Meth police officer who has been battling PTSD after years of horrific child abuse, decided to adopt her.

An amateur surfer from West Sussex, Bracklesham Bay, discovered that animals could be trained as surf therapy dogs to support war veterans – so he worked with a scooter to teach him food and a favorite toy board before going to dog pools. and Tile water.

Kirstie Joy-Martin teaches dog Scooter to surf to help with PTSD (Photo: Vitabiotics / SWNS)

“We focus on photos,” he said. This is to make people smile.

“Being in the water is my happy and safe place, and it has been scientifically proven that surfing therapy can help people with PTSD and other mental health problems.”

The study found that one-third of dog owners say their pets have special talents, and 37% believe they have done something remarkable.

It was also found that 82% of dogs admitted that it had a positive effect on their mental health and that the dog made them laugh five times a day.

73% of those surveyed via OnePoll would die without a dog.

A SuperDog spokesman from Vitabiotics said: “Dogs have long been considered ‘man’s best friends,’ but it really proves that a dog owner’s life is better when he’s inside a pet.”

“Whether a dog saves your life or just provides companionship and comfort, it is an integral part of the family and we want to keep it as fit, healthy and happy as possible.

“We want to celebrate some of our talented pets and invite owners to upload dog stories for a chance to win prizes.”

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