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What is the most common question when moving to a new place? Many people seek immediate Wi-Fi access to perform their duties without fear of being connected or losing contact.

We are used to it, but this does not mean that we have the safest possible network at home with the maximum range. We must pay attention to the appropriate mesh system so as not to worry about it. Let’s check out what the Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 duo has to offer.

When thinking about a Wi-Fi network at home, we need to pay attention to three aspects: coverage, security and speed. Each of them is equally important, because even if the Wi-Fi in our house develops tremendous speeds, we will not use it much if there are places in our house where we do not use the network. Similarly, even the best range does not have to mean high speeds, because we have to use the latest technology to achieve them – mainly on the side of the router and mesh points, but also on the side of networked devices. The security of our network is not the only issue burglary by others, a certain bandwidth of our gateway, but above all a matter of protection of personal data and sensitive data, because outside interference can even mean the capture of encrypted data and its export. Each of these aspects of a Wi-Fi network is therefore equally important for any type of user, but fortunately there are simple solutions to ensure a secure, fast, and accessible Wi-Fi network at home.

Such capabilities are provided by a mesh system that creates a multi-point network in terms of access. Some time ago, setting it up required a good knowledge of the rules governing Wi-Fi networks and the appropriate configuration of each point. Today, a few taps are enough, and this applies not only to the first steps with the mesh system, but also to the maintenance of the subsequent network and the connection of other devices. In the case of Huawei Mesh 7, we are even talking about a three-point network – it is up to us to choose a version with one or two devices when buying a set. According to the manufacturer, one point is enough to cover an area of ​​about 275 square meters with trouble-free access to the network, and two points increase this area to 550 square meters.

The first steps are almost insignificant, because the devices need to be taken out of the box, placed in the house, connected to the power supply and configured. This last word may cause some inconvenience, but it is completely unnecessary, because here we are faced with the simplest task to be performed. Using the AI ​​Life application, we optionally log in to our account with a HUAWEI ID and move the smartphone closer to the mesh point with active NFC (even a special place is marked on the top of the case). Devices are aware of their existence, the program detects what they are doing, and in the next steps we decide, among other things, about the name of our network or password. The main thing is that the configured network will operate in three bands as standard: 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz (low and high). Thanks to this, we will have a stable, fast and secure connection, regardless of the type and age of our devices. We are talking about the maximum bandwidth up to 6600 Mb / s (574 Mb / s @ 2.4 GHz + 1 201 Mb / s @ 5 GHz + 4 804 Mb / s @ 5 GHz). HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 also has a HUAWEI HomeSec security system designed to protect the network and data from phishing and other attacks. Huawei’s Mesh 7 also supports the latest WPA3.

However, not everyone pays attention to the wireless network in all circumstances. There are devices or situations where we prefer to use a wired network, so it is extremely important that each Huawei Mesh 7 record has four 10/100/1000 Mb / s Ethernet ports. Allows you to connect to any network. HarmonyOS ones via devices or WPS. Above, above, there is a red and blue LED indicator that provides information about the operating status of the router.

The AI ​​Life application described earlier is used not only to configure the Wi-Fi network, but also to monitor its status. It also offers additional features such as Wi-Fi coverage visualization, which allows you to better plan the operation of the network in your home or apartment. Based on the map, we can change the position of one of the points to get the same signal level in all the space we have. This is not the end, as Wi-Fi network diagnostics includes monitoring of connected devices and their performance, as well as optimization. AI Life will even tell you that we have lost access to the Internet due to the fault of the operator, not Wi-Fi problems, and which mode should be used to get the best network performance. Thanks to the Huawei Mesh 7, Wi-Fi even falls into the smart category, as we can plan to turn the network off and on again according to the schedule. It can also be very useful to allow visitors to temporarily access your network and limit their maximum speed. In such cases, the guest network will cease to operate after the specified time. Parents may find it helpful to block private connections so that their children can use the Internet safely.

Today, the number of devices connected to it best demonstrates how much we need a secure, fast, and efficient Wi-Fi network at home. These are no longer just one or more computers, but smart home accessories such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, consoles, vacuum cleaners or bells, cameras and sensors. The Huawei Mesh 7 can handle up to 250 of them, so as you can see, the demand is constantly growing and it is worth meeting these needs and deploying a convenient but sophisticated network system, watching live broadcasts, movies and series at a high level. definition, play online, look at pages and remote control of devices will be completely smooth and we will not face any problems.

The material was created in collaboration with Huawei

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