Eighth grade exam 2022: English. “Are there any leaks?” All Twitter is boiling! Live

Eighth grade exam 2022: English

Eighth Grade 2022 English Exam – May 26, 2022. On Thursday (May 26, 2022), students will take the Eighth Grade Foreign Language Exam. As every year, English will be the most popular. CKE sheets, leaks, answers, questions, essay topics – you can find them all in our live broadcast of the 8th grade 2022 English language exam. The most important information is tracked and published on se.pl.

Eighth grade exam 2022: English

The eighth grade exam of 2022 is coming – the last day of this year’s struggle with tiring tests. The foreign language exam for the eighth grade will start at 9:00 in the morning. The following languages ​​were available: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. As every year, the former is the most popular. The eighth year English exam includes closed and open assignments, listening comprehension, source text-based questions, and a short essay. In this article you will find, among others, CKE sheets, questions, assignments and suggested answers for the eighth grade English exam for 2022.

In the gallery below, we will publish CKE sheets from this year’s English language test. We will update the materials as soon as we receive them from the Central Examination Commission. Before that, look at what the English charts look like in 2021. Under the gallery you will find an account of leaks, questions and assignments in English!

Eighth grade exam 2022: English. Leaks, questions, assignments, answers [Relacja na żywo]

8:40 Eighth grade 2022 English exam. Minutes left

There are only 20 minutes left until the start of the exam. There are always a lot of comments on Twitter. Examiners wish each other success, present lucky mascots to go to the exam, try to predict the outcome.

8:27 Eighth Grade Exam 2022: English. Are there any leaks?

Shortly before the English language test, alleged information about the leaks appeared on Twitter. We remind you that often such suspicious connections are nothing more than a simple attempt at fraud.

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8:15 CKE Sheets and Answers in English

Eighth grade exam in English and other foreign languages ​​in just 45 minutes. We remind you that the sheets will be published on our website after the exam.

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8:10 What is a Foreign Language CKE Sheet?

The modern foreign language sheet for the 2022 eighth grade exam will consist of several pages. Inside you will find, among others, listening exercises, source materials for questions, true or false assignments, shorter and longer speech forms.

8:00 Last hour of foreign language exam for eighth grade. What does he look like?

There are 60 minutes left until the start of the exam. So let’s remember what the final exam will be like for the students. The foreign language exam lasts 90 minutesthis is an hour and a half. It consists of open and closed tasks. There are several language options for students to take the exam: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

7:45 Eighth graders looking for a leak

As with any exam – high school or eighth grade – the search for possible leaks continues! But be careful, what appears on the Internet is 99% tricky! You will know what will happen in the eighth grade foreign language exam after opening the pages.

7:35 The disciples were excited about the test

The 2022 eighth grade exam in a foreign language evokes many of the emotions that candidates share online. Despite the fact that the exam is about to start, the whole network is boiling! See how you feel before the eighth grade exam.

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7:27 Eighth grade exam 2022, English

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, eighth graders will face the final eighth grade exam. This time they will solve the CKE sheet in English. In this article, you will learn what tasks they have to solve and what the CKE sheets look like.

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7:00 Eighth grade English exam

The exam starts in just two hours!

Eighth grade exam 2022. English 26.05.2022

23:00 We wish good luck to the candidates!

The report from the eighth grade exam continues at 7:00 in the morning.

22:30 Final examinations of students before the English exam. Mixed feelings

We still have tons of articles on English on social media. Elementary school graduates try to release their emotions. Some people are more afraid of math!

22:00 Foreign language exam for eighth grade. Start after 11 hours!

The last day of the exam for eighth graders will start at 9:00 in the morning. The most important information about the English language exam can be found on our live broadcast and here.

21:20 Eighth grade exam 2022 English. English leaks are buzzing around Twitter ?!

There is not much time left for the exam, so it is not surprising that students are looking for a leak. Can you trust them? In this material, we analyze this topic.

20:50 Eighth grade exam 2022: CKE published a communiqué. Internet user responds: “I wonder what you did today”

The English exam is on Friday. Meanwhile, a math exam was held on May 25. For 100 minutes, students had to complete tasks that tested the knowledge they had acquired over the years. The Central Examination Commission (CEC) posted a message on Twitter on Wednesday morning. One Internet user wrote with malicious intent: “I wonder what you got today.”

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19:50 13 hours for English language exam!

The foreign language exam will start at 9 o’clock. As every year, most students will take the English language test. What is the mood of the primary school graduates a few hours before the exam starts?

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19:20 English leaks hit the network ?! “I heard it should be …”

There is not much time left for the exam, so the graduates began to look for possible leaks on the Internet. Are there any leaks from the eighth grade English exam? You will be shocked! You can find the material on this topic HERE.

18:55 Eighth grade English exam 2022. The hardest thing to listen to?

Eighth-graders are commenting on tomorrow’s English test on Twitter. The basic belief is that this is an easier test than math, for example. The most disturbing part is based on listening to the text.

18:20 Is there a leak in English? Eighth grade exam

Most students will approach English on Thursday. As before each exam, this time the eighth graders are looking for information about leaks on Twitter. What tasks can be expected in the 2022 eighth grade exam? You can find our material here.

17:45 Eighth grade exam 2022. Too much stress and … laughter! Here are the best memes

As soon as the primary school graduates left the exam rooms, they were surprised that the exam was so simple! Some students have created memes for this that will make you laugh!

17:10 Students nervously repeat English. What will happen in the eighth grade exam in 2022?

In the eighth grade exam for 2022, we checked what people who took the exam in English or another foreign language were saying on social media. Here are a few sample comments!

16:50 Eighth Grade Exam 2022 English: How to write an email, invitation or blog entry?

Eighth grade exam 2022 English: create a written expression. How can I earn 10 points by writing an email, invitation or blog post? This question should arise a few hours before the exam. You will find our suggestions in this material!

16:15 Exam in a foreign language for the eighth grade. How long does it take?

The modern foreign language exam for VIII grades will last 90 minutes (1.5 hours). Students eligible for the extension will have 135 minutes to resolve the report.

15:45 Eighth grade exam 2022: English. Recent repetitions

Eighth grade 2022 English exam for a little more than 17 hours. We are starting to broadcast the most important events related to foreign languages ​​live.

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Eighth grade exam 2022. Excessive emotions in mathematics: “Zj **** am to”!


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