Berlusconi: corruption, prostitutes and friendship with Putin

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is working hard to return to political participation, despite dozens of scandals and old age. He was recently supported by former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who addressed a congress of the Forza Italia party, praised him and encouraged him to return to power. A politician who fell from a candle for several years for being found guilty of tax evasion. The prosecutor’s office is still interested in him.

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On October 26, 2012, Berlusconi was sentenced by an Italian court to four years in prison and banned from holding public office for three years. for tax evasion in the popular Mediaset case.

The Mediaset trial began in April 2005 and involved 14 people (including Berlusconi) in accounting and fraud to disguise, among other things, the payment of significant “black money” and tax fraud totaling more than 62 million euros. In May 2013, the Milan Court of Appeals upheld a four-year prison sentence and extended Berlusconi’s ban from holding public office for five years.

Berlusconi and Moroccan dancer

The verdict was the first to be handed down, despite Berlusconi’s nearly 30 trials in 25 years. But it is not the issue of corruption that has haunted the former Italian prime minister so far, but what the media calls Rubygate.

In November 2010 17-year-old Moroccan exotic dancer Karima El Mahroug uses the nickname “Ruby Rubacuori” – It turned out that Berlusconi gave him only 10,000 dollars. dollars at parties in private villas. The girl told prosecutors in Milan that the receptions, or rather during the orgy, were performed by Berlusconi and 20 young women naked in a ritual known as “bunga bunga.”

The Moroccan woman was then a minor; In this case, the investigation against Berlusconi was related to extortion and sexual intercourse with a minor. In addition, the then prime minister was accused of abuse of office: in May 2010, he released El Mahroug from prison for theft.

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Berlusconi’s Rubygate trial began in January 2011. The politician was even threatened with a total of 15 years in prison – up to three years for sexual intercourse with a minor and up to 12 years for abuse of office. In June 2013, Berlusconi was found guilty of paying money, having sex with a minor and abusing his position. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In January 2014, Berlusconi appealed the verdict, demanding a full acquittal. On July 18, 2014, the Italian Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the appeal and overturned Berlusconi’s conviction.

Karima El Mahroug and Giorgia Iafrate, one of the girls who will join the bun-buga party, did not attend the preliminary hearing. They turned away from him and denied that they would ever have sex for money.

Putin’s biggest ally in Europe

The former prime minister is awaiting another trial in connection with Rubigate. The Milan prosecutor’s office is demanding Berlusconi’s six-year prison sentence for bribing 24 witnesses in a preliminary trial. Witnesses – mostly girls attending Berlusconi’s “meetings” – were to receive a monthly bribe of $ 2,500. euro according to false statements. Mediaset journalist Silvia Trevaini also had to accept bribes totaling $ 800,000. euro. Corruption, tax fraud and sex scandals are just one side of Silvio Berlusconi. On the other hand, he is Vladimir Putin’s most loyal ally in Europe.

As early as December 2010, WikiLeaks released US diplomatic correspondence in which US officials expressed concern about Berlusconi’s “extraordinary closeness” to Putin. Diplomats cited “generous gifts” and “lucrative energy deals” that Berlusconi would personally benefit from. Diplomats described him as “Putin’s spokesman” in Europe.

All this clearly shows the support of the former Italian Prime Minister by the leading politicians of the European People’s Party Donald Tusk and Manfred Weber.

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