Action for Mother’s Day. Teraz Wy Foundation is building a network of Super Women’s Clubs

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days in the holiday calendar. A mother is an important person in everyone’s life: she teaches, educates and has great faith in the abilities of her children. May 26 is an important day and this year will be a special date. Why?

Teraz Wy Foundation is building a network of Super Women’s Clubs. The first of them was established in Vagrovich and has already started operating. The initiative is designed for women who want to be active and embrace themselves with others. mothers raising their children alone, struggling with serious illnesses, or raising children with developmental problems. We conducted a survey of parents raising children with developmental disabilities, which is up to 79 percent. they never received support from them to focus on their own tastes, even for a moment.

We believe in mothers!

“We offer this support. We want mothers, who are the most unique people in the life of each child, to feel important and valuable on that day. Therefore, we will invite them to a special dinner, cosmetic services and give them gifts,” said the project coordinator. and founder, Magdalena Lewandowska.

There was also a cheerful and moving film material about the whole action. Club leaders took part in the filming of the campaign: a representative of the City Hall, a representative of a family support organization, a policewoman, a caregiver for children with developmental disabilities and activists of the Teraz Wy Foundation. These exceptional women, mothers, dedicate their time to helping others. “We are in this business: like women and mothers. These are small gestures on our part, but the strength is that we are many and each of us gives something to make so many mothers smile that day,” said Danuta Bachta, leader of the Super Women’s Club.

Not every hero wears a hat

Club leaders support people in difficult life situations. Motherhood is a wonderful experience, but for many women around the world, it is also a challenge. Let’s not forget that there are mothers among us who are brave enough to raise a child alone, with a disability or a serious illness.

The real protagonist is Kamila, who together with her husband raised dozens of children as a foster family, and now they are the adoptive parents of Adria, who has complete cerebral atrophy, and little Hania with Down syndrome. Statistics speak for themselves. If there is an illness or disability in the family, all other needs go into the background.

“Mam Moc” – Super Women’s Club campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day

Photo: Press materials

Kamila and her husband have not seen each other for 18 years.

“As we learn these stories, we do not hide our emotional tears, because we hope that we are part of a change that will help society understand that the mother is also a human being and has the right to rest and care for her. own needs “- adds the project coordinator.

A wonderful socially oriented initiative

The president of the Teraz Wy Foundation emphasizes that everyone involved in the club’s activities is voluntary: “Our initiative is a 100% social project. We hope that our support network will expand. We have big plans, because our activists want to change the world for the better. There are wonderful people. In our activity, the city council and local companies offer us gift vouchers so that mothers with children with disabilities can go to the restaurant. For lunch. ”

There are many initiatives related to Mother’s Day, but this one is special, unifying and shows that women can support other women.

The Super Women’s Club initiative is fully implemented through the involvement of volunteers, medical students from Collegium Medicum, as well as companies and restaurants that finance gifts and gift vouchers for mothers.

Source: Press materials / Teraz Wy Foundation

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