Types of scratches for large cats – how to choose?

Cats living in our homes are very different. These larger jeans or sizes are usually heavier and it is more difficult to choose an accessory for them. On the one hand, they need more space, on the other – they require more durable solutions that will not deteriorate with use. Cat scratch posts for large cats will be perfect for small animals, but those for small cats will not always be suitable for large animals.

A scratch post for a large cat can come in a variety of shapes. For larger sparkles, multi-storey structures are recommended so that the animals have more space and at the same time can see the world from above. Choosing a scratch pole for a large cat, for example, a t-shirt, can be a real challenge for the owner, but it should give the effect you want to get a model that is marked as a copy for a large cat.

Cat scraper for large cats – what to choose?

The most popular cat scratches sisal models. They usually consist of wooden or cardboard floors (boards) and vertical posts wrapped with sisal cord. Larger cats need space, so larger cats are recommended, for example consists of two or three floors. Instead of cardboard or wooden boards, some models of cat scratches are included slots. Some are just soft fabrics, others are made of luxury and cut like a pillow. Some large cat scratches also have diagonal lines ladders made of plush or designed for scratching. Different types of booths can be a great attraction for cats, even the largest, to scratch the poles they can enter to hide.

Another solution is the cat tree. In this case, it is worth to make a drawing post yourself, bringing home a fairly tall branch, preferably a few branches. Then the cats will succeed climb to the desired height and scratch the shell. Some stores sell ready-made cat scratches. The buyer is sure that the cat will use such a solution, and he will do his job well.

Big cats will also be interested in scratches that reach the ceiling. This is an excellent solution for small rooms. For a large cat, this type of scratching post is simply thick, vertical pipe wrapped in sisal rope or other scratch-resistant material. A cat that uses such a scratching post can not only scratch, but also climb to the ceiling.

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What should you look for when choosing large cat scratches?

If you choose a drawing pole for a Great Mainkun cat or a Norwegian forest cat, you must do so first. check the stability. For a large cat, the scratch should never be shaken, as this can cause the cat to fall and the animal to fall and injure itself. Therefore, it is recommended to choose scratch posts made of solid materials and skillfully planned. None of the elements can be arranged in such a way that the cat sitting on it is superior to the drawing pole. For large cats, the scratch post should have thick poles wrapped in an equally thick rope, as only in this way will it be possible to provide the pet with something more durable. The cardboard pipes used to create the posts are often rubbed, so it is very important to make them strong. Large cats need at least a very long pole (at least 70 centimeters high) to stretch during scratching. In turn, if the choice falls on a cat tree, it is necessary to pay more attention to its stability. For example, some branches may be attached to a wall to prevent the tree from falling or falling on the animal. The limb, of course, must be thick and flexible enough not to break during cat-jumping and other acrobatics. It should be noted that anyone who wants to add an original character to the room can decide on a cat tree. This type of scratching post can be easily used ornamentit will surely attract attention and at the same time serve as a practical room for a cat.

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