Marcjanna Lelek came out for GLAMOR: I did it for others too, because I know that LGBT + children living in Poland should come from celebrities.

A few weeks ago, she wrote on Instagram that she had a boyfriend. Because he knows that our LGBT + children need to come out of celebrities. We talk with actress Marcjanna Lelek.

Marcjanna Lelek tells us about love, self-discovery, work and career plans. Read an excerpt from a heartfelt conversation with the actress!

Are the emotions already gone after leaving?

It was very easy for me to get out. I have talked to my family and friends before. I gradually appeared and did not experience a negative reaction around me. Therefore, I thought that even if there was a negative reaction from people I did not know on the Internet, this comment would not affect me. Because if my relatives support me so much, why should he touch me?

Did you feel safe?

Of course, this is the case in everything. Both creatively. If I have the support of my closest people, I am not afraid of anything. I am not afraid to create or say what I think, because I know that I have a strong back, people behind me and believe in me.

You posted publicly on Instagram. I think a lot of people who follow you on social media know you from the movie “M jak miłość”. And I think this series is watched by quite a conservative audience …

Probably so. And in fact, many of my followers are people who came to my Instagram profile after the series. But there are those who come because they know me from the show, and then they see that I have not published any articles about celebrities. My account is of the pictures I took, the trips I took and the film projects I participated in. Not all fans of M jak miłość are interested in this. And for me, it’s just wonderful, because I feel I can express myself as I am, I can show who I really am, especially since I’m taking a break from the show now.

It’s not just for you, is it?

There is nothing wrong with being with a woman, but I know that there are people in our country who are victims of homophobic attacks. There is a real need for such speeches, which are recognized by the media. I felt a responsibility. I can help someone who doesn’t have such support because I have the support of my relatives and I feel good in life. But – apparently – I also helped myself, because people finally saw me. For many people, I stopped being Natalka in “M jak miłość”. They see that I do other things in my life.

We’ll talk about these other things in a moment, but I’d like to ask you about this new post. You wrote: “I always felt that this could happen to me.” What does this mean?

This means that I have always liked girls, but I have never met a girl I will fall in love with. Simply. Sometimes I wondered if a girl could make me feel like a boy. Last summer I had such a day – I was walking in the city and I was wondering what my life would be like if I had a relationship with a girl. And then in the evening I received a message from a guy I liked, I felt a butterfly in my stomach and saw that a girl would never make me feel like a butterfly. About three months passed, and I met someone who did it.

After your release, several publications described you as bisexual. are you bisexual

I am a pansexual. I could fall in love with any beautiful person I wanted to be with.

What is your story of falling in love with a girl? Can you say more?

We met at school. It wasn’t love at first sight, because we had known each other for a year. It started with friendship. One day we were going to school in a car that I had borrowed from my brother. My brother parked the car under a tree so you can guess what it looked like. So we were driving in this completely dirty, bird-splitting car, and he connected the phone to the radio and sang a song – then something shook inside me and I thought it was a feeling.

Movie scene! You mentioned school. Maybe not everyone knows that you are temporarily not involved in the series because you studied directing.

I’ve always wanted to be a director. Although I told my mother when I was little that I would be an actress, but the director’s husband will shoot me in her films. Funny. I grew up happy and realized that I am a strong, independent woman and I can be a director myself. I grew up filming. I saw that the director says what will happen. It’s not about power. Implementing your ideas is to direct people to a common goal. It wasn’t until I finished high school that I was ready to become a director. Because what can you say at the age of 19? I chose to wait. In the meantime, I attended a weekend directing course at the Warsaw Film School. There I began shooting my first short film, “I’m Here,” which was screened at the Mozzi Film Festival in Kozalin. And at the age of 25, I started directing in Lodz.

You can read the full interview with Marcjanna Lelek in the June issue of GLAMOR, which goes on sale on May 24. You can get the magazine online.

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