Khloe Kardashian doesn’t feel lonely as a single mother: “I’m connected to my girlfriend”

His small family. Thinking about my daughter’s upbringing, the truth, Xloe Kardashian He explained that he does not feel lonely without a partner – because his life is self-fulfilling.

“I do not feel lonely. I do not want to meet. I feel very busy. I am with my girlfriend. It’s as if I love being a mother, so I’m just busy, “Kardashian, 37, said in a May 24 podcast on” Not Skinny, Not Fatty. “

The reality star True said that he has a good relationship with his father. Tristan Thompsonbecause they focus on joint parenting. “She has a FaceTime call to him every night, and it’s kind of sincere. “As for me, the facts are the facts. Why are we still struggling? I don’t need to know everything, but I know the facts and that’s enough for me.”

Kardashian, 31, and Thompson have had several ups and downs since meeting in the summer of 2016. A few days before the co-founder of Good American was born in 2018, the professional basketball player was accused of betraying many women. After their first stay together, the couple divorced after Thompson cheated Kylie Jennerbest friend of the past Cordin Woods A year later.

The couple, who raised their daughters together, put their relationship to the test in August 2020. We have weekly They later confirmed that Kardashian and Thompson had called for his resignation in less than a year, but quietly revived their romance in the fall of 2021.

When this news came out, the personal life of an NBA player came up again Maralee Nichols sued for alimony. In a court medical response, Thompson admitted that he had an affair with a 31-year-old fitness model in March 2021, when he was still in a romantic relationship with Kardashian.

After requesting a genetic test earlier, Thompson openly admitted that the baby was now his 5-month-old son, Theo. “Today, the results of paternity tests show that I am the father of a child from Maralee Nichols. I take full responsibility for my actions, “said the former Sacramento Kings player, who shares his 5-year-old son’s past. Jordan Craig, wrote via Instagram Stories in January. “Now that paternity has been established, I can’t wait to raise my son in a kind way.”

In a long post on social media, the Canadian also apologized to Kardashian and said, “Chloe, you don’t deserve this. You do not deserve the heartache and humiliation I have given you. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you for years. My actions, of course, did not match my view of you. I have the greatest respect and love for you. No matter what you think. I apologize again. “

Khloe kardashian and the truth With permission of Khloe Kardashian / Instagram

In an interview on Tuesday, Kardashian said she did not inform her ex-boyfriend about his paternity claim. “Every time I learned it through my sister. I’m learning what’s the most insulting side of me with the rest of the world. “” It’s all nonsense, but can it be respected? “

A California resident said he still considered Thompson a “good man” outside of his personal drama. “It’s sad because he also has a lot of good sides, but no one can see them, because they are all overshadowed, for example, by personal issues between him and me,” he said.

Kardashian’s tumultuous relationship with Thompson has been documented in her family’s new reality series. In the last section Kardashiansthis Strong nude looks better the author was interested in his relationship with Thompson. “Our family has a very strong and loyal garden. We are excellent parents and we bring families together. We learned from mom and dad, “she told her then-boyfriend in a new episode on Thursday, May 19th. Scott [Disick] never goes and Kanye [West] never goes. It seems that you will never leave. We are all here forever.

The athlete jokingly replied, “You’ve never left me anymore.” Kardashian, for her part, said it was a “wonderful thing” to be close, adding that “whether we like it or not, we are one family.”

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