Fortinet is expanding FortiGate’s network firewall portfolio

FortiGate is based on Fortinet’s ASICs, integrated artificial intelligence security services, and the industry’s most comprehensive convergent platform based on FortiOS.

Fortinet, a world leader in integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, has introduced a number of new devices. FortiGate, designed to be implemented on the company’s campuses, branches and hybrid data centers. They use providers Improving the performance of ASICsas integrated with FortiGuard security services based on artificial intelligence. The new FortiGate 600F, FortiGate 3700F and FortiGate 70F have a significantly higher Safety Computing Rating, which allows them to compare their speed with competing products. This means that companies that choose FortiGate will provide a better return on investment, greater protection against advanced threats, and a growing user experience due to the convergence of the web platform and security.

Key sequences in network and security convergence

In the age of hybrid information systems, this is more important than ever because it connects network users, applications, physical locations, and many cloud environments. As the acceleration of digital transformation changes the location of employees, devices, and data, the area vulnerable to digital attacks is constantly expanding. The ability of companies to coordinate networks and security in physical locations and in the cloud will determine their success in protecting rapidly growing external infrastructure.

FortiGate firewalls form the basis for the industry’s most comprehensive integrated network and security platform. Their work is managed by the FortiOS operating system, which provides advanced security, perfectly integrated with modern network functions such as SD-WAN, widely used ZTNA, LAN external controllers and 5G networks. Because FortiOS is designed for both network and security, this convergence is accessible and consistent across all device types, including devices and virtual machines, and is suitable for deployment in multiple clouds, containers, and SaaS models. This makes FortiGate a powerful network upgrade with integrated security across all parts of the network.

The new FortiGate firewalls provide integrated networking and security for corporate branches, campuses and hybrid data centers.

The FortiGate 600F is designed for today’s fast-changing campus networks.

  • The new FortiGate 600F family of devices includes integrated network and security solutions for on-campus deployment to implement the Zero Trust Edge strategy. As some employees return to their offices, while others perform their duties in a hybrid model, it is important to ensure the efficient transfer of multimedia content and content from cloud applications. To support today’s highly dynamic campuses, Fortinet has provided data center capabilities to mid-range devices, including an average of seven times more connections per second than comparable competing products. These innovations are made possible by Fortinet’s specially designed Network Processor 7 (NP7) network processor and built-in 25GbE interfaces that stop the spread of threats (lateral traffic) within the network without compromising user efficiency and convenience. The FortiGate 600F also offers 7Gbps SSL verification and AI security services to help eliminate network blind spots.

The FortiGate 3700F provides a high-speed connection between your data center and multiple clouds.

  • The new FortiGate 3700F protects data centers that are part of hybrid IT networks and are critical to accelerating the digital growth of businesses. As the industry’s only compact firewall with multiple 400GbE interfaces, the FortiGate 3700F supports high-speed connections between data centers and multiple clouds, ensuring customers have an optimal user experience wherever applications are stored. Thanks to the low delay of almost two microseconds, the device is also excellent for operating environments. Implementing the ZTNA policy integrated in the FortiGate 3700F allows businesses to guarantee secure access to applications and data protection. The FortiGate 3700F’s newly introduced real-time sandbox test environment prevents unprecedented attacks with minimal operational impact.

FortiGate 70F supports WAN edge transformation for branches.

  • With the FortiGate 70F, Fortinet allows branch-specific SD-WAN features on one device, enhanced security, extensive routing, and WAN edge enhancements with the ZTNA application. The FortiGate 70F has been redesigned as part of Fortinet’s strategy to withstand supply chain constraints to make it easier to obtain components for production from alternative sources.

Security services with FortiGate and FortiGuard AI

The new devices integrate with all FortiGuard AI-based security services recently introduced in FortiOS 7.2. These include the industry’s first real-time sandbox, advanced device protection module for operating methods (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments, an epidemic detection engine for instant warnings and threat hunting scripts, specialized IPS and linear CASB (Cloud Access). Security Broker) mechanism. Level 1 (with support options at levels 2 and 3) also provides the ability to use SOC as a service (SOC-as-a-Service) to detect threats and automate this process.

All FortiGuard security services are based on reliable machine learning, artificial intelligence and independent FortiGuard Labs analytics and are integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture, which provides better protection against known and unknown innovative methods of attack over a wide area.

FortiGate 600F against competitors

The table shows the parameters of the best firewalls available on the market compared to the performance of FortiGate 600F devices. Security Compute Rating allows you to compare the performance of FortiGate solutions with the industry average calculated based on the performance of different categories obtained by competing products in the same price range.

Specification FortiGate


Efficiency coefficient of protective processes Industrial medium Palo Alto




Quantum 6200





Firewall 140 Gb / s 16x 9 Gb / s 14.5 Gb / s 9 Gb / s 3 Gb / s 10 Gb / s
IPsec VPN 55 Gb / s 16x 3.4 Gb / s 6.8 Gb / s 2.57 Gb / s 950 Mb / s 3.5 Gb / s
Protection from threats 8 Gb / s 2x 3.85 Gb / s 5.9 Gb / s 1.8 Gb / s n / a n / a
SSL verification 7 Gb / s 19x 0.37 Gb / s n / a n / a 365 Mb / s n / a
Number of parallel connections 8 million 7x 1.2 million 1.4 million 2 million 1 million 380 min
Connections per second 500 min 7x 70 min 145 min. 67 min 18 min 50 min

John Maddison, Products and CMO, EVP on Fortinet

“The FortiGate Network Firewall is more than just the most widespread firewall in the world. It is one of the best SD-WAN solutions on the market, with a powerful LAN Edge and 5G external controller and the only one in the industry to implement ZTNA regulations together. Most importantly, it forms the basis of the only truly convergent network and security platform on the market today. These convergence mechanisms have been developed for more than 20 years, thanks to ASICs developed by Fortinet, integrated security services, and the scratch-based FortiOS operating system, which provide consistency when used in the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture. protection in both company buildings and in the cloud.

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