Dog therapy. Motivation to move with the help of the dog

Bianca and Alta women do important work in and around Krosno – they are dog therapists. Thanks to them, children are relieved of stress, learn faster and people with disabilities are more rehabilitated.

The therapy dog ​​has the appropriate tendencies and is trained. His abilities are confirmed by a special certificate

Damian Krzanowski

A paralyzed child from the center of disability clenched his fists. One day a cavalry girl came to him Bianca. He lay down next to her and began to lick her hands – this is what dogs do when they feel sick spots. After a while, the child relaxed, and the nurses admitted that for the first time in months, they could easily spread their fingers.

This is one of the many stories he can share Claudia Drum, A psychologist engaged in dog therapy (aka film therapy) in Krosno. – This is a form of support for development, education and therapy with a dog – explain. He shares his work on the fan page Dog trail.

Cavalier king charles spaniel – this is the full name of the genus Bianca. The female dog has been living with Claudia for 3 years

dog steps

He has also been involved in dog therapy for 15 years Jolanta Jaraczvolunteer of the foundation With the dog. His companion is a golden retriever Alta.

Every day, girls visit orphanages, kindergartens, schools, various centers, nursing homes and hospices. As they admit, a dog improves mood from a direct entrance and makes you smile. – And each of us needs a good atmosphere and a positive attitude to move – Jola says.

Alta is Jola’s second treatment dog

Damian Krzanowski

How are the classes?

The basis of the match is the game scenario. Therapists organize activities in such a way that participants perform specific tasks – physical or intellectual. Their purpose depends on the age, needs and capabilities of the group.

For example, children should repeat the picture of the tower. Colored blocks are laboriously assembled one after another. Meanwhile, Bianca watches them intently. When the job is done, they shout “hop” and the female dog jumps over the building.

The task can also include crossing an obstacle course or tunnel, solving a riddle or riddles, as well as exercises that train accuracy and memory.

Having a dog releases endorphins (happiness hormones) and relieves stress. As a result, participants are more willing to tackle new challenges and learn more easily

dog steps

Children learn without knowing it. Thanks to the game, they learn colors, letters, numbers, apply memory and hand skills. In addition, they develop their social and emotional skills. Appreciate patience, sensitivity, empathy and even the slightest effort – Claudia admits.

The dog is a motivator for children. I often tell them, “Don’t do this to me. Look, Alta will be happy. ” Children are more likely to cross the tunnel when they are greeted by a square waving their tails at the end of the tunnel. – Jola says.

Fabric dice come in different colors and sizes. They should be arranged according to the given pattern and sequence. The goal of this game is to increase concentration and attention

Damian Krzanowski

For people with disabilities or developmental disorders, daily rehabilitation can be monotonous and tedious. For example, to improve the work of their hands, they have to go through the holes in the gardens. – This is a boring and reluctant job. However, children’s attitudes change when they hide a pleasure for the dog after work and can watch him find it. Then each child is eager to do the second, third and fourth interleaving – adds.

He also notes that when participants see that the dog can be awkward and, for example, do not pass the obstacle course accurately, the participants are more eager to complete the task. Then they know that everyone can make mistakes. Moreover, the dog is not able to judge them in any way.

The presence of Bianca motivates us to complete the task

dog steps

“I’m working now”

This inscription is usually worn by four-legged therapists during classes. To fulfill their roles, they are trained and tested for tendency as a therapeutic dog at an early age. – It examines how a dog behaves in different situations and conditions, how it reacts to sounds, smells, sudden movements and strangers. – Claudia explains.

Then they take a special exam and get a certificate. It is also a good practice to repeat the exam every few years.

For me, the healing value of a dog is its added value. He leaves the comfort zone, goes to many places, meets different people and is exposed to unexpected behaviors. We do this so that therapists can work, so it is commendable.

During work, the dog “enters the role”, is calm and pays attention to the instructions of the worker

Damian Krzanowski

Thus, girls pay attention to the correct behavior of their friends. They do not allow excessive caressing or hugging, reduce stress and do not exceed the recommended working hours. They also follow the principle “a dog is not a toy”. – During the lessons, we teach children about the needs of dogs, their nutrition and habits – The psychologist adds.

Claudia prepares worksheets for the participants herself. Their leitmotif is a dog. On the right, explore safe places to hunt your pet

dog steps

Dog therapy also has a positive effect on children who are afraid of dogs. – In such cases, they are not forced to participate in activities, they can observe everything from a distance. They usually break their fears after a few meetings – Jola remembers one of these stories and says:

After a while, the hearing-impaired boy became so absorbed in his work that he learned to do tricks. He loved to “vote” the most, perhaps because this special voice reached him. As he did not speak, he took the appropriate position, tapped his fingers, obeyed the order, and Alta snorted. Each time, it brought him great joy.

In addition, learning the tricks trains the memory, and a dog that listens to and follows the participant’s instructions gives him a sense of agency.

Classes with Klaszcz Głośniej at RCKP. We wrote about him here

Damian Krzanowski

Safety first

Through lessons, children also learn how safe it is to come in contact with a dog and develop good manners when meeting a stranger.

In addition to dog therapy, such educational meetings are held mainly in schools by the “Together with the Dog” Foundation. – 78% of all bites come from your pets. We teach, among others, how to read the signals they send us and when and how to look like stray dogs says the president Agnieszka Kopiec. – We believe that this will reduce the number of bites.

If the dog’s owner allows him to caress it and wants to come to us on all fours, it is best to caress it under the chin, back or abdomen. In the photo: Gloria during a meeting with “Copernicus” students

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