Comment on the final finale from “Wedding at First Sight”! She denies having a new boyfriend!

Kamil Borkovsky from “Wedding at first glance” wrote a comment on Instagram for the final of the program! The 27-year-old denied that she had a new boyfriend and convinced him that she was really looking for love on the show! You believe him

At first glance, Kamil from Wedding 7 commented on the final on Instagram

Agnieszka Miezianko and Kamil Borkowski were the couple of the newly completed seventh edition of “The Wedding at First Sight”, which caused the greatest emotions! The audience first crossed their fingers and were satisfied with the choice of experts.

But in the finale of the show we saw on TVN on Tuesday, May 24, things changed 180 degrees and shocked Kamil’s internet users! Recall that Agnieszka changed her whole life for her husband – she changed her job and moved to Włoclawek with him. However, two weeks after the cameras went off, Kamil said he did not feel anything against her and left.

Kamil, wedding at first sight

In an interview with, Agnieszka commented on the finale of the “wedding at first sight” and admitted that Kamil’s decision surprised him a lot!

Immediately after the final, Kamil spoke on Instagram! Włocławek citizen made a detailed statement on his profile! In the introduction, he assured that he had sincere intentions and really wanted to find love in the program

Today we ended the adventure with the seventh season of Wedding at First Sight.

I would like to write a few words as a summary of my participation in the experiment.

Thank you so much for supporting me in the beginning, because there were so many of them, and to all the people who followed me, because I didn’t expect so much from you.

Participation in the program was a conscious choice. I participated in the program in order to find love.

Kamil stressed that the program actually has a lot of fans. The man praised his wife.

Kamil and Agneska – from the beginning we were the most supported couple. Agnieszka is a very beautiful woman, smart, intelligent and capable.

Kamil shed new light on the issue of moving to his wife’s apartment. He admitted that he had doubts about it and shared them with Agnieszka!

We talked before we decided to move, I was very scared and talked to Agneska about my doubts. We have no guarantee of what will happen, but in the end we both decided that if we do not try, we will not learn, and both sides will regret it.

The couple finally got married in just 2 months! Kamil admitted that he did not fall in love with Agneshka. The moment of the breakup came shortly before Christmas, when his wife had to visit her family.

We spent two cool months together, we agreed, but I had no feelings.
Christmas was approaching, we had planned everything, and Agnieszka and I were going to go to her family’s house and spend time with her at the Christmas table. that nothing will come out of me.

Kamil claims that he allowed Agneshka to live in his apartment.

I told Agneshka how the situation was and how much she needed to stay in my apartment, we lived together for about 2 more months.

In the end, he succumbed to criticism.

Criticism – Worthy or unworthy, if I immediately said that it would be good, I would be judged for not giving me a chance, and I wanted to try.

We saw each other for the first time at our wedding, we got to know each other better every day, sometimes something suited us, sometimes it didn’t suit us, but in general we got on well. Everyone can see only a part of our lives on television, not always. We had no effect on what was shown.

I do not regret participating in the program, I had a lot of fun with Agnieszka.

Does Kamil have a new lover in “Wedding 7 at First Sight”? It was commented

In the end, Kamil assured her that she was not in a relationship and did not have a boyfriend.

I would like to add that I am not and have not been in another relationship – I do not influence the rumors.

It is interesting, because Agneska has a completely different opinion on this issue. In an interview with, he confirmed that Kamil had met a certain Ania:

About the girl who was his partner … I talked to him and we agreed that this is not a topic I should raise. I think they are the ones who are most interested, Kamil and Ania, so they should talk

– Agneska said.

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