Colors of Happiness, Episode 2647: Intense Struggle for Oliwa! Castin will use the conflict between Patrick and Kajtek to take over Zbrowska – PHOTOS

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Colors of Happiness, Episode 2647: Intense Struggle for Oliwa! Castin will use the conflict between Patrick and Kajtek to take over Zbrowska – PHOTOS

In the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness” the real fight for the heart of Oliwka (Victoria Gąsiewska) will begin! Kajtek (Jacob Dmokhovsky) will be sure that Zbrowska left him at the insistence of Patrick (Konrad Skolimowski), who buried his teeth in him after parting ways with Agatha (Natalia Zambrzycka), so he will attack Jeziersky with his fists! In Colors of Happiness, episode 2647, Justin (Jasper Sołtysiewicz), who has long been trying to get Oliwka, will use the conflict between Kajtek and Patryk, but Cieślak has stood in his way! But after leaving, everything will change! Check it out in our PHOTO GALLERY!

“Colors of Happiness” series 2647 – Thursday, June 2, 2022, at 20.10 on TVP2

In the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness”, Kajtek will still not be able to reconcile with the divorce from Oliwka, although he himself caused it. Cieślak lied to Zbrowska and tricked her with Asia Lilli (Mayu Gralińska-Sakai), who finally threw her out and had nothing to do with her. Kajtek was left alone and could not cope with it. Cieślak will try to restore Oliwka at any cost, and even paint a special wall in front of the Stański Hotel, in which he will apologize to his girlfriend for his betrayal and confess his love, but in the end he will only make fun of her.. Oliwka will definitely end their relationship and Kajtek will blame Patrick for everything in the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness”!

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According to, in the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness”, the broken Kajtek will tell Sabina (Barbra Jonak) that she lost her lover and friends, who defended Oliwka by a stupid mistake. In addition, Cieślak will accuse Patrick of persuading Oliwka to end their relationship because he has been burying his teeth in her for so long! However, Sabina will defend Jeziersky and remind her son that only she is guilty of breaking up with Oliwka because of her romance with Lilly!

– First of all, I want to restore Oliwka. This is what I keep in focus. Although I lose hope that I can do it. Damn the taxi driver! He always loved Olive. She is running for my boyfriend Says the angry Kajtek.

– You broke up … Patrick can’t be blamed for trying to get closer to Oliwka. They are both free – his mother would point to him, but Cieślak knew his!

A few minutes after talking to Sabina in the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness”, Kajtek will go to Patrick and decide to speak harshly to his opponent! It will be very hot among the boys and it will be a haircut from the fight that Justin will prevent! Skotnicki will beg for Jezierski and condemn Cieślak that separation from Oliwka is only his fault and there is nothing else to look for!

“You were just waiting for that, you bastard!” – Kajtek will throw out.

– We are friends with Oliwka and that’s it. We did not go to bed – Patryk will explain to him that it will only irritate Cieślak, but at the same time Justin will appear!

– Imagine that your friend Kajtek suddenly became jealous of his ex-girlfriend! You changed his horns, not the other way around – Castin will remind him, and Kajtek will simply leave due to lack of arguments.

After Kajtek leaves the 2647th episode of “Colors of Happiness”, Justin will also decide to talk to Patrick! Skotnicki asks his friend why he is so suddenly interested in Oliwka, to be sure of what he is standing on, because he has been trying to get Oliwka for a long time, but Kajtek was standing in his way! But when they left, everything changed and a light appeared at the end of the tunnel!

– My friend wants bangs. Maybe if he gets a decent punch, he’ll be under some control. Will leave Oliwka alone – Patrick is angry.

“What did you suddenly care about?” – Justin will be interested and when he starts to explain to his girlfriend, he will directly admit to her that he intends to try for her!

– I want to know … I will not stand in your way – Adds Skotnicki.

– Do you think that only you can? – Patrick suddenly opened fire on the 2647 series of “Colors of Happiness” and his friend will clearly understand that he is not indifferent to Oliwka!

The colors of happiness. The secret of Kajtek and Lilly will be revealed. He cheated on her with Oliwka, but it didn’t end there

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