Shocking details of the horrific crime! The appeal process of two 20-year-olds begins

The trial of two 20-year-old men, Sebastian K. and Djessika N., who were illegally sentenced to 25 years in prison in the first instance for the murder of a friend, has begun. The accused was 17 years old at the time of the crime.

As the alleged act was committed after the age of 17 and under the age of 18, A. The maximum penalty for murder is not set, that is, life imprisonment.

A 25-year prison sentence imposed by the Przemyśl District Court in June 2021, was at maximum heightthese accused persons may be punished.

Only Dżesika N. was present at the Rzeszow Court of Appeal. Sebastian K. was not in the courtroom because he did not make such a motion. Judge Zygmunt Dudzinski, chairman of the panel of judges, explained that at the appeal hearing, the accused no personal attendance is required.

The victim’s mother – Wojciech P.

Sebastian K. is responsible to kill with special cruelty By acting in concert with Dżesika and by striking at least 36 blows to his friend – Wojciech P. on the head, torso, neck, neck and surroundings with an ax.

And Dżesice accused prosecutor Sebastian of conspiring to assassinate Wojciech P. together. The girl had to bring an ax to the accused and persuade him to kill her. They also had to kick, hit and jump on people. After the murder, the body was thrown into a ditch near the house of the victim’s mother.

During the investigation, both defendants were examined by a group of expert psychiatrists and psychologists, who concluded that Sebastian and Dżesika they had neither limited nor squeezed opportunities to recognize the meaning of action and they could direct their behavior, that is, they could be sane and accountable to the court.

In the case of the girl, it was enough for the experts to conduct a single examination to assess the degree of sanity in the movement. But they were talented in dealing with young people expressed their views after four weeks of observation (agreed by the court).

Earlier, the accused were interrogated once, and then came to this conclusion until a complete and final diagnosis is obtained Sebastian’s mental state during the movement and his opinion on this issue require further observation.

Dżesiki’s defense collapsed on Monday in the appellate court an application for an expert opinion on the sexual and emotional disorder of the accused. However, the appellate court did not grant the application, finding that there was no place for such tests on the basis of expert opinions that had already been hired.

The trial in the Przemyśl District Court began in September 2020. The verdict was issued In June 2021.

The court was particularly frustrated with the teenagers and sentenced both to 25 years in prison imprisonment, counting the sentences of both of them in the pre-trial detention center for more than two years.

Moreover, both of them – by the decision of the court of first instance – Pay 25 thousand. zloty compensation for the mother of the murdered Wojciech P.

Murder in Podkarpacie

The murder took place in April 2019 in Slonne (Subcarpathian Voivodeship) near Dubiecko. In the house where Dzesika’s mother lived together, a man had to judge the girl during an alcohol party attended by both the teenagers and Wojciech P. to treat him indecently. There was a fight between him and Sebastian K. Dzesika then, as the investigation revealed, fled to the basement for the ax he had given to Sebastian and persuaded him to kill her.

According to the indictment, Wojciech P. suffered greatly cutting wounds on the head, neck, limbs and back. The direct cause of death was a fracture of the skull and a fracture of the brain.

Then there was the accused cover the body with a layer, put them in wheelchairs and take them to the victim’s house. There they were thrown into a roadside ditch. When they returned home, they washed away traces of blood from tires, axes and flats.

During the interrogation, both of them pleaded guilty to the charges. While visiting the scene, they accurately described the course of events. The image confirmed the prosecutor’s findings on the basis of evidence.

Accused juveniles: Dżbrowa Górniczadan Dżesika N. and Sebastian K. met. At the Youth Training Center In Mazovia.

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