Podkarpacie Vice-Championship for Handball Players I Secondary School (PHOTOS)

BRZOZÓW COMMENT. What once seemed almost unattainable has now become a reality. In the Final of the Provincial High School with the participation of the four best teams of Podkarpacie, the school handball team of Brzozów High School under the leadership of Magdalena Kaczkowska took second place and thus became the vice-champion of the province. 2021/2022 academic year.

In the competition held on April 28 at the Sports-Didactic Center of the State University. In Sanok, Jan Grodek acknowledged the superiority of the main favorite of the event – the team of secondary school No. 5 in Rzeszow, and put the representatives of ZSE in Mielec and secondary school No. 1 in Sanok on the field of defeat. It was an incredible success, and as for the more popular indoor team subjects, it was the first medal at this level of competition for a high school student from Brzozov.

This is the greatest achievement of my 23 years in high school. Although I was able to compete in the finals with the team I led in 2004, we only finished fourth. he said Magdalena Kaczkowska.

– In fact, this year’s results and medals have not reached me yet. It is difficult to describe all this, but I am very glad that many years of work with young people have not been the result. The success is the result of the great commitment and harmony of the girls. Some of them have been creating this team for 6 years, ie from the 1st grade of our high school. Its core has remained unchanged for three years, which has had a positive effect. The girls were very supportive of each other and gave a big heart to tournaments, trainings and sparring. You could say that there was a team spirit that helped us win this medal – he noted.


It should be added that Brzozov’s women’s handball team even won the previous stages: regional and semifinals to participate in the finals. During the “region” playing in their hall, first the high school students from Ustrzyki Dolne and then the Sanok team won. On the other hand, the victory of the tournament in the semifinals and promotion to the final was determined by the victory over the host – Krosnoda I LO after penalties.

The district competition was the beginning of this year’s competition mainly for my daughters. And although the meeting with Ustrzyki did not cause us any problems, the meeting with Sanok was very difficult and extremely tense. Only a tough defensive game and consistency in the attack meant that it was possible to work only in the end and maintain a small advantage. In turn, the semifinal tournament in Krosno was more dramatic. There were forced mistakes and a lot of nervousness in our game he said Magdalena Kaczkowska.

Fortunately, we were more effective on penalties in the match in Krosno, which gave us a ticket to the final in Sanok. We have great respect for our goalkeeper Zuzia Stachowicz, who did an excellent job both in this tournament and in the final. He was the one who often contributed to such fantastic results, defending himself in hopeless situations. I can honestly say that Zuzia is the best goalkeeper we have ever seen at our school he added.


Along with the high school girls from Brzozow, the Sanok final, in which the teams of Mielec, Rzeszów and Sanok also gave a lot of emotions. This is evidenced, for example, by the first meeting of Brzozov residents with Sanok. The intense struggle ended in a draw, and our girls once again won in the penalty shootout.

This victory allowed us to think realistically about winning any medal. In the second game, it was time to face the well-known team of secondary school No. 5 in Rzeszow, based on league players.

Athletes from Rzeshov – not surprisingly – were undoubtedly better and won 17-5. In any case, in the remaining matches they fought equally comfortably with their opponents, and this, of course, confirmed the final victory.

Therefore, our players had to play with the “economist” girls of Mielek, who decided on the final line in the II-IV places. The match was extremely balanced, but the patient and impressive performance of Magdalena Kachkovskaya’s players ultimately resulted in a 10-8 victory and a historic second place finish.

The victory, which no one thought out loud six months ago, has therefore become a reality.

– Both the final race and the previous qualifying rounds were not easy. The epidemic made it very difficult to prepare for the race, and some people were injured. Nevertheless, we were able to train systematically and from time to time play sparring games with old friends – handball fans from Hajzow, for which I would like to thank them. The second state is the success of a team that will be remembered forever in the history of the school. I am proud to be a part of this team, which actually ceased to exist after the last competition. Eight girls are this year’s high school graduates, for whom I thank them for their joint activities and wish them to realize their sports passions and dreams. Together with the whole team, we did an incredible job thanks to our great commitment, work, reliability and perseverance – we won the title of vice-champions of Podkarpaket province. Unfortunately, this was the end of our adventure and this great team. But no one will take away our tears of happiness and what will remain in our memory – he concluded Magdalena Kaczkowska.

Silver team of our “high school” high school girls: Nina Bartkowska, Emilia Chudzikewicz, Wiktoria Dlugosz, Weronika Florek, Małgorzata Hałasik, Julita Król, Alicja Neupauer, Maria Rymarowicz, Natalia Sobota and Zuzanna Stachowicz.


source: Brzozov County Office

Photos: Magdalena Kaczkowska

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