“My pregnant girlfriend thinks she is a rich president for alimony. I am a teacher only for those who are under the care of my wife. ”- Real Life

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I come from Warsaw, but I have been living in a small town on the border with Belarus for two years. My wife, Krystyna, got a management contract from a local concern. The company could not cope with the crisis, it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and my husband was preparing to raise it.

There was growth, service cars and, of course, housing. We had to find them ourselves, and the company agreed to pay our annual rent. It turned out that the rent in this area is so low that we can rent the whole house for the amount included in the contract.

We found a mansion decorated with taste, in a quiet town on the outskirts of the city. With fireplace, plasma TV, sauna and gym. There was access to the garden from the sauna to the pool. We never imagined living in a small house with a swimming pool. We moved with joy.

I worked as a history teacher in the capital, but we decided not to work in our new place for a year, to quietly dedicate myself to my passion. This is the Sexual Revolution of the late 1960s, and I wanted to write a book about it. But in the first weeks I could not start work. The new place distracted me. Then I rode my bicycle around the area, took my blanket and sunbathed by a nearby lake. My wife worked for days. I started to feel the lack of company …

One hot day I met a girl by the lake. So I saw him. And when I saw it, I wanted to meet you. Tall, thin, black hair like Jane Birkin. Playing Brigitte Bardot’s mistress in “If Don Juan Were a Woman.” He didn’t look much older than my students. He was not over 20 years old. There is a difference of 10 years between us. But I thought to myself, when I wrote about the sexual revolution, maybe I tasted it on my own skin.

– Are you from here? I asked him.
He looked at me intently, then at my bike. And I don’t think I passed the exam.
“From here?” From this meadow? no Only rams like you can live here, – he said sternly and turned his back.
“Swollen state,” I thought in response. I bent my blanket, rode my bicycle and went home.

We met again a few days later

My wife was on a business trip, and I drove her to the station. When she came home and opened the automatic gate with the remote control, the girl had just crossed the road. Pretending not to see him, I left my husband’s Volvo service and slammed the door in a showy manner. He was silent because he could not take his eyes off the car. He came.
– This is you? I was a little naughty near this lake. Sorry. He had big eyes. Full mouth. Indeed, like Jane Birkin.
“I’m not angry, I forgive beautiful girls quickly,” I replied.
– Is this yours? He looked at the car, then at the house. – By God. The largest house in the area. Who are you?

What should I have said? Is mine just a bike? Am I a history teacher dependent on my wife? And his company rents a house, and I clean here? After all, I’m not a ram. The rams do not live in a house with a pool, but in a meadow by the lake.

“Yes, it’s mine,” I lied. – I bought it recently. The house is still quite modest for a bank president.
Well, you can say what you like about me. But I assure you that any boy will lie to Jane Birkin.
“People say there is a swimming pool in this house,” she said hesitantly.
– Of course there is.
– And plasma on the wall.
– Of course.
– But the presence of a sauna should be a rumor, right?
“There’s a sauna,” I said.
He was silent.
“I’ve never been to a sauna,” he said, and then looked into my eyes. – I have never seen a house with a pool.

I didn’t have to try hard

– My name is Tadeusz – I introduced myself. – I would like to show you everything.
“I’m Patrycja, but call me Pati,” he winked. – If you show everything in the first meeting, I am interested in what you will show me in the second meeting.
I showed him the house, and he was happy. With a little hesitation, I offered a shared sauna. He said, maybe next time. The next time was two weeks laterwhen my wife went to Russia for work. Pati came during the discussion. She had a beach dress in her bag.
– You do not enter the sauna in a bathing suit, I protested.
– But I’m ashamed.

I offered to take the champagne out of the fridge and open it in the sauna. It never occurred to me that alcohol hit my head so quickly at high temperatures. A quarter of an hour later we were both drunk. At first, Pati, wrapped in a towel, lay naked and tied me with her legs. After a while, my drunken fingers began to move around his body like drunks.

Pati stayed the night, then two, three … I was amazed. We fell in love in the morning, then he gave me breakfast, then I watched the DVD and he had dinner. We went for a walk after lunch. He massaged my neck in the evening. In bed, he massaged my back and thighs, only stimulating my imagination.

This has never happened to my wife, Krysia. He always came home late from work. Or rather, I was preparing dinner. He fell asleep in bed with a mask and a book. We rarely made love on the weekends. But not on Fridays, because he was tired. And not on Sundays, because he had to get enough sleep for work. No one was as interested in me as Pati. I was good. He is so lazy, lazy, no rope is tied …

No obligation? After three months of meetings, Pati said:
– My verse is late.
My throat tightened.
– Do you take pills?
– Where did you get this?
Exactly. Where from? Sweat ran down my waist. Was I so careless? How is this possible? Can’t you get it all back? Go back to that first meeting by the lake, and then I’ll never get close to this girl?

Pati clarifies this

I have to divorce and marry him. All his life he dreamed of living in such a beautiful house. Her mother always told her that she was the daughter of a rich man. And I am the only rich man in this area. So, the case is known in advance. If not, it is alimony. Minimum 6000 PLN. Monthly. He went to a lawyer, and he already knows that when the child’s father is president of the bank, he receives a salary of tens of thousands a month, so he can pay it.

My wife still doesn’t know anything. Pati does not know that I am not the president of the bankjust a dizzy ordinary teacher. But now our lives will be turned upside down. My wife, me and Pati will probably never live in a dream house with a pool again. I feel sorry for all of us.

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