Leroy Merlin Commercial Inspectorate Service changes country label from Russia to Poland

Activists from the group last week National Leroy Merlin Boycott Many Russian and Belarusian products can still be found on Leroy Merlin’s shelves. However, the network has stated that it will end cooperation with suppliers from these countries due to the war in Ukraine.

“Inventories” do not show “instructions” – these products are still available in large quantities, which means either catastrophic sales results or new deliveries from Russia and Belarus, activists say.

This is currently described:

The page with the description of Russia as a manufacturer no longer exists.

“Russia” labels changed to “Poland”? Activists say so

Spokeswoman Leroy Merlin Magdalena Kołodziejska then told Wirtualnemedia.pl. Leroy Merlin Polska’s spokeswoman told Wirtualnemedia.pl that according to a March decision, we only sell products left over from deliveries and orders until March 2022, after breaking cooperation with suppliers from Russia and Belarus.

Over the weekend, OBLM said the company was making changes to the descriptions of some products. Where “Russia” has been included so far, “Poland” is now displayed. The product code, inventory, manufacturer’s name and all other details remain unchanged. “Ultralam does not admit that it suddenly became a Polish company and states on its website that it is still a Russian company that produces in Russia, ”OBLM said, noting that in this situation we are facing an open attempt to mislead customers and the public by Leroy Merlin.

We received another explanation from spokesman Leroy Merlin on Monday afternoon. A network employee was blamed for the whole situation there.

Last week, we reviewed products of Russian or Belarusian origin in stock. Unfortunately, our employee made a mistake during this process. He decided that since we did not buy OSB boards from Russia, we had to change the country of production to Poland. This product is supplied by both Polish suppliers and, most importantly, with the same technical parameters. The descriptions of these three products have already been redesigned and contain accurate information. It is a pity that this situation has arisen and should not have happened. Our goal was not to confuse anyone – explains Leroy Merlin to Magdalena Kołodziejska.

Leroy Merlin Commercial Inspectorate

As learned by the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl, the Commercial Inspectorate is already aware of this case and is already taking action.

“For several days, the Trade Inspectorate has been checking signals for Russian or Belarusian products, the origin of which is hidden by sellers, for example, by illegally changing the country of origin to another country. We will check the market and take action. Continuously. Leroy Merlin “- we read in response to questions from the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl in the communication department of UOKiK.

France’s Leroy Merlin chain has come under fire for continuing to operate in Russia since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Receipts collected by PanParagon show that in April Leroy Merlin saw a significant decline in purchasing activity of Polish consumers by about 13 percent. Compared to Saturday, March 12. This may mean that the Poles have changed their attitude to the company and boycotted the store.

Also, the information about the network boycott of the survey agency Wirtualnemedia.pl leaves no doubt – in May, the brand is struggling with a wave of negative feedback on the Internet. This, in turn, reduces customers’ interest in shopping. – Taking into account future brand purchases is an important metric that responds quickly to changes. Apparently, after negative comments, the level of discussions began to decline. The deepest, strongest decline was recorded by Leroy Merlin – 33 percent. Up to 15 percent This is a reduction of more than half of consumers who plan to shop on this network – told us Agnieszka Górnicka from Inquira.

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