Dorota Świeniewicz: We have Asia, we want a group

KATARZYNA PAW: Joanna Wołosz did not lift the trophy for the second time in a row to win the Champions League. What was wrong with VakifBank in the final?

DOROTA ŚWIENIEWICZ: In this match, the Italian team did not present what they usually describe. There was no patience, the girls made a lot of mistakes, received poorly, which did not create an Asian game. He tried to manage all the zones on the field, but the team was not effective. In the third set, the Turkish team started to play weaker and Imoko’s game looked better. The performer was Paola Egon, but his good performance yesterday was not enough.

Next season, Imoko will not be the same team, because one of the best strikers in the world, Paola Egon VakifBank, will play in Istanbul, and Isabelle Haak, who currently plays for the Turkish team, will move to Imoko.

Egon is not the only player to leave the team from Konegliano, as Miriam Silla and Raphalela Foli, who will join the team of Magdalena Stysiak, ie Vero Volley Monza, will not play there. Sunday’s final was a duel of strikers, and each of them was honored to win.

Looking at the final of the Champions League with the participation of a Polish woman, do you remember the times when you fought for victory in this competition?

I am not a person living in the past. I am very glad that Polish volleyball players play in the most important tournaments and even win. It is also often the case that Asia is chosen as the most valuable player in the event. I am very proud of that, but my dream is for the Polish team to play for the gold of the Champions League.

For Despar Perugia, enjoying your victory in this competition, you appeared twice in the final of the Champions League. In 2006, the Italians defeated Magorzata Glinka’s RC Cannes. How do you remember this competition?

Very nice. It was a great victory for us, because the final took place in France and the ceremony was prepared under the victory of the Cannes team. Before this match, there was a lot of talk that Małgosia was the favorite because it was very well established and played at home. Our team was not a high-level team at that time, and during the season Simona Gioli left the staff on maternity leave (double European champion with the Italian national team – editor’s note). We were such a volleyball team at that time, almost because we were lucky in the league. But there was a time when winning the European Cup was easier than winning a gold medal in the Italian league.

Wołosz returns to the national team after a break of more than two years and a few days off. How much can his return improve the quality of our staff?

It will be an added value, because Asia is an experienced player. Our team is very young, so I think Wołosz will be such an oasis of peace on the field. We know that the playmaker’s position is critical, but Asia is a fantastic director of every team’s game and at the same time a good psychologist. She knows the girls she will play for and there is still a lot of time for the World Cup, so she will have the opportunity to get to know these girls better.

Can you talk about strengthening in the absence of two female leaders, Stysiak and Malvina Smarzek?

We do not know when they will join the national team and it will be difficult to start the League of Nations without a typical striker. We will see what the new head coach of the national team Stefano Lavari will think and who he will bet on.

Daniel Santarelli, who had a lot of success with Lavokini and Imoko in the race for the post of head coach of the Polish national team. After all, does Lavarini’s choice seem more correct?

The winner was Lavari, who was already working with young players. In addition, he has gained experience in various conditions, such as the Brazilian league or the South Korean national team. If he finds himself there, if he reaches his students, it means that he is both a good coach and will succeed in European culture.

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