Anna Starmach was criticized for wearing a white dress for the wedding: “NO WORDS”

For many Poles, May is the time family events. It is customary to hold unions this month, and young couples begin their wedding season. Of course, similar events do not go unnoticed by celebrities who are proud of their photos on the Internet. elegant stylizations. Polish celebrities should be careful when choosing clothes for spectacular walks: Internet users like to imitate themselves. with a critical look to assess fashion and savoir-vivre connoisseurs and their stylization.

For years, the biggest emotions among Internet users have always been aroused by celebrities who make decisions. appears in a white dress at the wedding. Traditionally, this color is reserved for the bride, and for many it comes to the wedding in white is a great rudeness by the visitor. Some time ago for a similar fashion “crime” For example, Sylwia Bomb was criticized. But lately, it is attracting the attention of Internet users Created by Anna Starmach.

A few days ago, Starmach praised Instagram observers photos from friends’ wedding, they went for it Up to Greece. The MasterChefa jury and his wife, Piotr Kushek, had fun in a tavern on the beach, with live music and dancing until the morning. We can admire how it is in the memorial footage of the event broadcast by the celebrity dressed in a romantic white dress poses in a charming sight next to her husband and exchanges love with him.

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Weddings and weddings are like fairy tales? I was in one yesterday !! Greek tavern on the beach, the best Greek food, plus live music, beautiful sunset, the best cake in the world, dance until morning and lots of lemons and daisies everywhere. But most of all, it was a great holiday of GREAT LOVE! And this love has spread to everyone, yes – Ania reported about the incident.

Of course, there were no flaws in the Starmach entry comments on her wedding creations. Although the majority of Internet users praise it The famous lace dress of the Bizuu project, There were also voices who had to choose clothes in different colors.

Nice, but this color probably doesn’t fit ?; And they say it doesn’t look bad in a white dress for a wedding and a party; There is no white wedding dress other than the bride – Internet users wrote.

White dress … No words – said one of the users.

Starmach decided to join the discussion and told the Internet user that his clothes were not marked by other guests. White dresses were the bride’s dream.

Hahha !!! All the girls were in white! This is what the bride dreams of Ania explained.

Fortunately, in addition to the small flaws, Ania can count on many compliments when it comes to wedding style.

You look beautiful; As in “Mamma Mia”; Beautiful clothes, You look beautiful together; As from a magazine. Great love to you; As always, you look lovely and beautiful (…); How beautiful and romantic; A beautiful couple; What a beautiful dress; Only with us there is a scandal in PL where guests will wear white. In Greece, girls often wear white, and this is normal – We can read under the article of the celebrity.

See how Anna Starmach posed in a white dress at the wedding. Do you really read this as “propaganda”?

After all, she wrote that young people want their grandmothers to wear white.

I have been to many weddings where women dressed in white as guests and no one got angry.

At my wedding, my cousin wore a long white dress. The whole event was so attractive to me that I didn’t care. But my mother-in-law has not been able to live for 5 years 🤦🏼‍♀️

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not look for revelation where there is no bride. Sincerely,

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Well, it’s probably better to dress modestly in a white dress and look as luxurious as here, and with breasts that don’t look embarrassed.

As for me, Ania looks very beautiful in this dress👍

I wonder what they are preparing for us in Davos now … next tilt? microchips under the skin? They are already being implanted in Sweden.

I recently got married and I really had a deep respect for someone coming in white, black or color. The guests had to have fun, and that was what caught my attention as a bride. And someone dressed in white, someone else talking about it? Executioners could not be mentioned at my wedding, because only people who wished good luck, the closest family and friends were invited. No puppies, cousins ​​who have not been seen for a long time, etc. Of course, my parents insisted, but they did not finance the wedding, so they were our only guests and had nothing to say. I recommend removing the rod ….

My mother-in-law was dressed in white at my wedding and party. I’ve been divorced for 10 years, and I assure you – white clothes have nothing to do with it. Let’s not be the devil;)

As someone wrote earlier. In Poland, there is a desire to hate the basics, because they have created the social and educational conditions, and some are too involved in the progress that should not be relied on.

If this was the bride’s dream, what is the news? What is this sensation? why does the poodle artificially solve a non-existent problem?

Such a wedding congress, the young man wanted a lot 🙂 wonderful holiday!

This annoying woman with a strange smile.

I got married 5 years ago, to be honest, I couldn’t tell who was wearing what the next day of the wedding because it hung over me. Probably every average intelligent person can distinguish a wedding dress from an ordinary white dress.

At my daughter’s wedding, the peasant women of the family also wore white (blue) clothes

This guy doesn’t suit him at all. Very pretty. Anka may be famous, but is the relationship built on that?

But you have a handsome husband.

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