This is a fairy tale about Polish inflation! The story from the village of sweets conquers the Internet •

At first, there were a hundred people, each with a coin. In time, someone thought he could win two coins. It was said that if Smurf Smurf is elected the new village headman, he will immediately give an extra coin to each Smurf who wins only one Smurf today. When prices ruled, it was their fault … It turned out to be gargamelinflation. Mateusz BorowieckiEntrepreneur, President of the Board of OptiBuy explains how the inflation phenomenon is developing, using an entertaining example.

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We present the content of the tale:

One hundred of them lived in the village of Smurfs. Each Smurf had different skills that he could sell for a coin every day, and then get everything he needed from another Smurf. For example, Łasuch produced a cookie every day and sold it for a coin. Of course, all of them were ruled by Pope Smurf – he was the head of the village and the only person who had the right to issue new money to the villagers if necessary.

“Initially, 100 coins were enough”

Initially, 100 coins were enough – one for each Smurf. One day Smurf Painter started drawing two pictures a day instead of one – he thought he could win two coins. The other two Smurfs followed. Thus, Pope Smurf produced an additional 3 coins and received services from the diligent Sweets for them. Thanks to this operation, 103 coins were already in circulation, and three Smurfs worked harder and earned twice as much as the others – two coins a day.

Other Sweets also wanted prosperity and started working harder to make more money. Pope Smurf gradually issued new coins. In less than a year, 150 coins and as many products and services have been produced by the society. However, this caused concern and dissatisfaction. For example, such a Sweet Poet performed 3 times a day and earned 3 kopecks, not to mention Pracus, who slept with no difficulty, but earned 5 kopecks. Still, 60 Smurfs won only 1 coin. This irritated Smurf Clamajda, who did very little and continued to sell his services for one coin. Smurf, along with Maruda and Laluś, decided to divide the coins more fairly.

“The new manager will give extra coins”

They announced that if Smurf Smurf was elected the new village chief, he would immediately give an extra coin to each Smurf who won just one Smurf today. Sweets – Reformists convened a community meeting and announced their agenda. Of course, the 60 smurfs who won a coin liked it – they were eager to vote for a new boss. In Ciamaj, he became the head of the village, and Pope Smurf was removed from the government for failing to ensure the well-being of the inhabitants.

So the new boss, in Ciamaj, gave an extra 60 coins – so there were 210 of them in the village. Unfortunately, only goods and services were still produced, only 150 coins yesterday. The newly enriched group of Sweets, which already has 2 coins at its disposal, is lined up in shopping queues. The hardworking man quickly realized that he could not serve more than 5 servings a day, and there were 10 Smurfs in a row.

What did he do? He announced that from today, each service will cost 2 kopecks instead. The Sweets in the queue complained a bit about the high prices, but in the end the first five lucky ones in the queue paid as much as Pracuś expected. He finished the day with 10 coins, so it was not a problem to start paying 2 kopecks for uchasuchu cookies, as they, of course, became more expensive.

“This is the fault of Gargamelinflation!”

Ordinary Sweets began to realize that everything was becoming more and more expensive, so they came to Klamajda with a complaint. However, he calmed them down – it was all Gargamelflation’s fault, not his decision to give 60 coins.

After all, Pope Smurf also gave 50 coins for the previous year, and nothing happened. He also said that the Smurfs should be happy, because they now earn not only one, but 2 coins, as in the time of the Pope. He broadcast advertising material every day through the village broadcasting center. He also added that he would be happy to give another 100 coins and now the Sweets will definitely be able to do everything.

The sweets returned home happy, thinking how wonderful it would be to win 3 coins. On the other hand, the employee was already printing a new price list for his services.

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