“Thirty-six years ago, a postman in love stopped bringing letters to my mother. It was close and I would not be in the world “- Real life

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When my parents met, there were no cell phones or the Internet, and they were hundreds of miles apart. and yet this beautiful teenage love continues to this day!

It was 1986. Zosiya, from the village of Masuria, has just finished her first year of high school. This girl, always polite and calm, this time obeyed her friend’s suggestion and agreed to go crazy. Both Irena and her parents decided to go to the mountains for a week without their knowledge, because they had never traveled to the south of Poland. They never left their surroundings, so they were worried for the plan to succeed.

Sophie for the first time in his life he lied to his parents (He told them he was going to camp with a reconnaissance team). He packed his backpack and tent and went with Irena one July morning to experience the adventure. They traveled by train until they reached their destination (there were several changes in the route) – in a small village near Zywiec, where several years older brother Irka once went on vacation, a certain Marek …

At first, he treated her like a friend

The girls toured the villages until they finally found the perfect place to camp – Beautiful, large meadow by the river. However, they did not want to set up a tent without the owner’s consent, so they beat a nearby wooden house.

“Well, I don’t use this meadow anyway,” said the old man who opened them. – In any case, so many young people come here in the summer that I am already mistaken. Half talking to me, uncle …

The girls were behind the stove in their uncle’s lawn, as with God. Water was brought from the farmer’s well, and he laid eggs from his chickens, sometimes giving them fresh bread or cheese. On sunny days they would jump into the river and sunbathe, and in the evenings they would play dice and sing by the fire. Most they were content to be alone, and no one bothered them. On the fourth day, this silence was broken by a group of noisy boys who had begun to set up their tents at the far end of the meadow.

Traditionally, in July, Janek went to Zywiec with his brother and friends. As every year, they had an accident on Uncle Mańek’s lawn. But this holiday was special. In September, Janek began his final year of mining school and then began work in the mine. Therefore, his adult life and completely new responsibilities would soon begin for him.

The boys were not impressed by the sight of the strange tent at the edge of the meadow. They did not pay attention to new acquaintancesbecause they were a whole package. And again, the interest won … In the evening, when they were playing football, Staszek deliberately kicked him towards the blue “guard”.

– What are you doing?! Janek snapped after his girlfriend.

Before entering the two-person tent, he noticed a girl sitting on a folding stool. She braided her long blonde hair, and Caneke didn’t look so kind. But then a feeling she had never known, and a sudden conviction, struck something like lightning from heaven: “This is the woman of my life!” Meanwhile, he bent down to pick up the ball and said “Hello” – because he could not think of anything else. She immediately persuaded the boys to visit the house next door.

It was beautiful, they sat with the girls until midnight, strain tea from restaurants and bite Beskidzkie cookies. Irena was eager to continue the conversation, and Zosia muttered something from time to time, signaling that her new company didn’t like her. However, Irka condemned them for insisting on spending time together. Became friends with Staszek …

After that evening, Janek persuaded Zosia to go for a walk, fetch water from the well, and light a fire. However, they simply parted amicably. He escorted the girls to the station and promised to write a letter asking for Zosyan’s address. It would be good …, he thought. “But if I don’t write, it’s hard.”

He came on a bicycle

After returning home and going to normal, daily activities on the farm He quickly forgot his friends from Silesia. Two weeks later, Marek, who had served as a postman for a year, brought a letter in a blue envelope. Zosia looked at the sender, but a moment later he recognized the sender. The boy wrote warmly that this was the best holiday of his life and he was very happy to meet Zosia. He asked when they could meet.

Zosia knew that they would not meet soon, or at all, because they were several hundred kilometers apart. So he told Janeke about what happened at home, his future plans (he wanted to be a doctor), and books. They began to write to each other on a regular basis. At first, these letters were indifferent to Zosia. Only after a while did he find himself impatiently waiting for the postman.

In the last letter, Janek admitted that he was in love and wanted to see her again. He asked if he could count on reciprocity. Zosia wrote that she treated him as a friend, that she was very nice – and so on. Then he wondered if that was the case. So he decided to write a few warm words in the next letter. Unfortunately, Janek’s letters stopped coming. She was probably annoyed or tired of me, she thought. “Or immediately found someone else.”

Waited a month, two, three months. She missed Janek’s letters and was irritated by the boy’s behavior. I made a mistake about him, he probably thought angrily. He did not write another word.

After returning from vacation, Janek thought only of Zosia. He wrote all his feelings on paper and wrote long letters to her. To his great joy, he responded quickly to each. Finally It’s time for love confession, decided. With a trembling heart, he dropped the letter in the mailbox and waited for an answer. He waited a week or two, but the girl did not write. “Is he offended? Did I scare him? Is it bad?” – Janek was surprised.

He wrote another letter apologizing for hurting her. Unable to bear the silence, he asked her to write something. Zosia did not react. He wrote five more unanswered letters. Zosia’s silence did not weaken her feelings, and Janek could not forget her. And finally decided …

It was the end of March. On Sunday morning, Zosia was sitting in the kitchen doing her homework when she saw a figure passing through the window with the tip of her eye. After a while, someone knocked on the door. When he opened them, he couldn’t believe it: Janek was standing on the threshold.

“Hello, Sophie,” he said. – We may talk?

They were both confused, not sure why the other didn’t speak. Janek asked why he did not write an answer. Zosia explained how much her silence hurt her and swore that she had not received any of her letters. Finally, it came to Zosyan’s mind that he might be the author of the misunderstanding. In the afternoon they went to the postman’s house.

It had been crazy for him for a long time

“Hello,” he said nervously to his girlfriend. – I think you owe us an explanation.

He was right! Irena’s brother loved her for a long timebut he didn’t like her very much. He realized as quickly as a postman rival Janek – and jealously stopped sending letters to Zosia! He did not send the last post. That day, he apologized to both of them. Apparently, he wanted to admit it, because he was worried about remorse, but he was afraid of Zosia’s reaction.

“I’ll complain, Marek!” Don’t let people trust you, he shouted angrily.

“Come on, Zosia, let’s go,” Janek dragged him to the gate. “Don’t you see how he is suffering?” He must have been mad at you for doing such a thing. Do not take revenge. She was afraid to give her heart to someone else … I would do the same for you to be for myself. I will too rather, he promised to hug her for the first time.

Last year, I finally persuaded my parents to show me where this most romantic story in our family began. A sister also left. We were most impressed by the jealous Mark and the stolen letters – like Harlequin! My uncle’s lawn looked like I imagined. Only the house was empty and dilapidated.

There were tears in my father’s eyes.

“Look, Zosieńko …” he said to his mother, “thirty-six years old.” I saw you and knew immediately. And at first you didn’t even want to look at me!

– And yes we almost lost this happiness. If you weren’t so determined, if you didn’t ride that bike, our children wouldn’t be here … Who knows what else awaits us!

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