The Colors of Happiness, Episode 2643: Will Gabrysia prevent Jozek from leaving Poland? He will see her with Zosia and it will end – PHOTOS

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The Colors of Happiness, Episode 2643: Will Gabrysia prevent Jozek from leaving Poland? He will see her with Zosia and it will end – PHOTOS

In the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness”, Gabrysia (Marta Juras) will have the last chance for Jozek (Patryk Pniewski) to return to her and stay in Poland with her and Julcia (Julia Staniszewska)! After all, Salatka’s departure for England is an escape after Niedzielska rejected the offer and ended their relationship. When they say goodbye, Józek and Gabrysia will be reunited. Before leaving, Salad will ask him for something. Shortly afterwards, in the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness”, Gabi will run after Josek to stop him. Then he will see her with her new lover Zosia (Kinga Bobkowska). There will be nothing left to collect? Get acquainted with the details!

“Colors of Happiness” series 2643 – Friday, May 27, 2022, at 20.10 on TVP2

Will Gabrysia and Josek return to each other in the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness”? Or will their farewell be the final meeting, the final end of the age difference that separates them, the attitude that was doomed to failure from the beginning because of the different stages of their lives? Before leaving for England, Josek will visit Gabriela at school to say goodbye to Julcia (Julia Staniszewska) in the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness”. It will be a very powerful experience for both of them. They cannot control their emotions. Especially Salad, who does not stop loving him. – we came to say goodbye ... – He will say it with difficulty, looking lovingly at the woman who does not want him.


– Yes, today …

– Where will you live?

– In Sheffield. Everything is ready: an apartment, a company car. The club fixed everything. There is really nothing to complain about. He fully admitted. Even the kindergarten for Julcia overcame her …

In Julia’s memory, Gabrysia will explode with joy in the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness.” But it will be difficult for him to think that he will never see his daughter again. He loved her as his own child. – Julcia, how are you going to English kindergarten? Is Urszula going with you? – Salad asked his mother-in-law. – Come on! I’m afraid we won’t understand.

I thought you were on the right track. Communication with her grandmother is important for Julka.

– Of course, that’s why I don’t burn bridges. Also with Julita …

– I’m glad. Józek, I know we didn’t get results, but ... – In the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness” Gabrysia will soon believe that maybe everything is not lost yet. But Josek will not leave him with any illusions. – Like, let’s not go back to the past …

“I wish you all the best, Josek.” Really … I wish he would admit in tears that he would agree to the engagement.I wish you the best …To say goodbye to Gabrys, he hugs Joseph, who will not show how much he suffered in the 2643 series “Colors of Happiness.” When he leaves the salad office, Niedzielska will see Julcia putting her favorite toy on the table. He will run to stop them. But it will be too late.

Because suddenly, in episode 2643 of “Colors of Happiness”, Gabrysia will see Josekin kissing Zosia. Julcia’s nanny will be waiting for her in front of the school. It will be clear to Niedzielska that this is indeed the end, and even if she wants to, she will not return her lover. Everything will happen in front of Josek and Darek Janicki (Andrzej Niemyt) friend Beata (Anita Jancia). – I saw how Joseki reacted when he saw this girl. Maybe it’s not easy for you to find a new one so quickly?

– No, but I was involved in his life. And this trip to England is an escape. Josek is very sensitive. It’s easy to hurt him, so I’m glad he’s not alone anyway. I was fascinated by her spontaneity and joy. For Józek, everything was very simple. And it was very refreshing …

“But it got tiring over time?”

– I realized that we are at completely different stages in life and the sooner I stop, the better. But I waited a long time anyway. But since she had already found herself in a new relationship, it must have been a good decision. He didn’t need an old girl, he needed a younger girl! – Gabrysia will add. However, in the 2643 series of “Colors of Happiness”, he will go to Jose to give Julka a favorite toy and see him again. It will not arrive on time, because Salatka will leave for the airport.

The colors of happiness. Basia will laugh for the first time since Zenek’s death

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