ReZigiusz’s daughter reports health after shock: “I will not stand on one leg, I will not move one hand” (PHOTO)

At the end of April Remigiusz Wierzgoń, known online as ReZigiuszThis was reported on social media her lover Weronika was hospitalized. YouTuber did not disclose what happened, he just said so their lives were “turned upside down.”

In fact, it was only Wierzgoń’s partner who decided to reveal what had happened. Two weeks ago, a 27-year-old man admitted that he was suddenly hospitalized stroke.

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VeronicaFor obvious reasons, he is not currently very active on Instagram, and posted a new post on Sunday. Following her recollection of her visit to Lanzarote in March, the woman posted an extensive post about her current condition.

You will appreciate the time you lose. I would never say that I would say these words to myself … – He began by explaining the consequences of his stroke: Today I will not stand on one foot or move one hand.

Then Weronica urges you to check yourself regularly and monitor your health:

This article is mainly addressed to women! Take care of yourself and your health. I do not know the cause of my stroke and I do not wish it on anyone. You can always be safer than sorry – we read.

Many people write to me that, unfortunately, he had a stroke at a very young age He often goes on to point out the source of the stroke:

For some, it’s because of contraception … Girls, if you’re using hormonal contraception, get a blood clot test. I am writing this so that you understand how important it is that none of this happens to you, because it is a really difficult struggle. Ask your doctors and take care of your health.

Then my dear ReZi observers get acquainted with the current situation:

More than a month has passed since the incident. I can move my left leg gently, but my hand still doesn’t respond. Today I came to the clinic where I will struggle every day to restore my full fitness – informs. Going to another room alone, taking a single shower is a dream that I will fight for now, and if I achieve it, I will definitely share it with you. Many people are worried about my health, write down my feelings, etc. Thank you, I feel good, take care of yourself – Weronica writes and adds at the end:

I hope that after reading this article, at least a few people will accept it wholeheartedly and come out and do the right thing. Do this not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

I would like the topic of vasectomy to be discussed more often in our country. I don’t mean young people who want to have children, for example, men who already have children and have more unplanned long-term relationships, or you just don’t want children at all. Women still take on this problem – they take tabs, patches or injections for 20 or 30 years and constantly struggle with the side effects of these methods, and sometimes pay too much for health or life. Unfortunately, so few boys have enough “balls” to take responsibility for the generation, or rather the lack of it …

Come boldly. But we need to talk about it.

Why take pills non-stop … Your health is not important? After all, these symptoms damage the liver. Any doctor will tell you this.

Unfortunately: (Everyone knows that these pills are dangerous – especially how long they take. I took them for 5 years without a break and they destroyed my liver 🙁

quick recovery!

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All the boys have to lay their eggs. It is not worth destroying your health with hormones.

Or is it aronia? Many people in Austria write about it

And have you been vaccinated in the crown?

After all, you can do anal … this way there will be no pregnancy

After the vaccination, I had these symptoms

When I was 16, I took birth control pills !! The jinn did not order any research! At the age of 23, after drinking redbula, my eyes closed, fortunately I was not lazy !!! Almost no doctor prescribes tests before applying anti-tablets … WAVE AFTER !!! And how many women lose their pregnancies because they don’t know … and they have different mutations and problems …. the level of diagnostics and tests in our country calls for revenge in heaven … so why healthy people … we need sick people to endure and recover in hospitals there and the money will agree …

His picture from the hospital is embarrassing. I cry when I’m sitting with a sick girl – oooo I’ll take a picture and put it on my profile hahaha shame

The first thing I hear is a boy telling a girl to take a pill. If you have found any of them, maybe you have a strange taste and it is worth changing. There are rubbers, no one needs any treatment or self-poisoning

Contraception should be the responsibility of every man. If you want to have sex, go to the doctor and close the testicles


34 minutes before

I appeal to children, “especially” (WTF), boys, check yourself

All this is for the comfort of the boy. Because my ex-husband does not want to use a condom, I have been taking birth control pills for many years, because without it there is no such comfort, because it falls on his gums. I made it clear, either rubber bands or a vasectomy. Women are not harming their health, but they are harming themselves, even though they are new generation contraceptive pills. Let’s respect our health and not be manipulated by our partner, because if he does not understand and respect it, it means that he does not respect you, because he puts you at such a risk.

There are similar complications after coronavirus infection. But in Poland, unfortunately, almost no one knows about it. There is also a risk after Covid vaccinations, but less.

The whole truth

50 minutes before

Noble health, no one will know how it tastes, until it deteriorates …

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