Kaufland encourages you to take part in the next edition of the summer internships

In Poland, 80% of students start working from classes and lectures during the semester or in their spare time. What motivates them is not only the additional earning opportunities that are important for almost half of them (47%), but also the experience needed to expand their CVs and obtain references (45%), as well as the next job (37). %). The development of projects, along with three months of exciting challenges and rewards, are key advantages of the Kaufland summer internships.

The summer internship program is an annual Kaufland initiative aimed at young people from all over Poland – not only university students and graduates, but also anyone who wants to prove themselves in a modern retail network. Internship is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and practical skills in an international company, which will help you to find yourself in the labor market later. Recruitment for the three-month internship program will last until the end of May. The internships, which will begin in July, provide an opportunity to participate in inspiring and engaging workshops in addition to performing professional duties. The internship is also a permanent job opportunity for outstanding participants.

Interest in the previous edition of the summer internships showed that young people are increasingly aware of the importance of gaining experience and developing their skills and specialties. This year we have another opportunity to show our students what benefits can be gained at the beginning of their professional lives by practicing under the supervision of experienced employees of our network. Małgorzata wnawnik, director of the Kaufland Polska Human Resources Department, says that in addition to acquiring knowledge and skills, students can rely on a total salary of 3,200 PLN per month.

Be aware of the labor market

Basic knowledge, widely understood experience, knowledge of tools, systems and programs are the main expectations of employers for graduates. Any opportunity to gain additional professional skills and network is an investment in the future. Over the course of three months, participants will take their first steps in the profession with the support of professionals who share their knowledge and experience. Kaufland conducts summer internships covering all areas of the company: sales, logistics, the company’s head office and the regional office in Warsaw. Students or university graduates are invited to the program at the network’s Warsaw headquarters and regional office, and sales and logistics experience is open to anyone under the age of 30. As the purpose of the program is to acquaint young people with the work of the entire network, students of the Joint Services Center and the regional office will have the opportunity to visit the logistics center in Wola Krzysztofoporska. In addition – as they did last year – they will also be able to take part in a game in the Market Challenge, in which cadets divided into teams compete to complete tasks related to the day-to-day operation of the stores. The Holiday Innovation competition is another part of the program where all students are encouraged to submit their ideas to optimize their work. The best of them will be rewarded.

On the way to a professional career

Experience is a good opportunity for those who are at the beginning of their career. In this way, they can recognize the company from the inside and participate in its real life. This, in turn, allows us to examine our expectations regarding the workplace, the tasks assigned to us, or our authority. Maja Olszowy, a summer intern, found out and decided a few years ago to link her career with the Kaufland network.

The summer internships were a great opportunity to see what the work really looked like, both at headquarters and in the market. When it came to internships, my professional experience was minimal. The mentors I had the opportunity to work with showed patience and a desire to share their knowledge. Internship in the network allowed me to develop my skills, as well as the beginning of my professional career – for more than two years I have been working in the Kaufland network as an independent HR and salary specialist. I recommend everyone who is at the beginning of their journey to take part in the internship – here they will definitely gain the necessary experience – says Maja Olszowy, a graduate of the Kaufland summer internship program.

For slightly more experienced people, such a start could also be a Graduate Program – a project implemented by Kaufland aimed at graduates of all fields of education immediately after graduation or with short professional experience. In addition to a monthly salary of 5,000 PLN, participants have the opportunity to learn about the activities and specifics of work in an international commercial network and participate in projects that allow them to develop their skills and abilities.

139 min. employees

Kaufland is a successful international chain of grocery stores offering groceries and daily necessities. Kaufland has more than 1,350 stores across Europe and employs about 139,000 people. In Poland, the chain currently has 235 stores and about 14,000 employees.
The range of Kaufland stores includes several thousand products. The network focuses primarily on the supply of fresh products – fruits and vegetables, dairy products, as well as meat, food, cheese and fish.

Kaufland carries out its mission based on four core values: quality, choice and price
and ease of shopping. As a responsible company, titled “Let’s Do It Together” as part of its sustainable development strategy, Kaufland engages a wide range of stakeholders – employees, business partners, customers, local communities, NGOs – and promotes healthy eating, nutrition. implements and supports initiatives aimed at preventing waste and improving animal welfare. , fight against climate change, reduce plastic consumption.

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