“I was worried that my teenage son would not see me. But when he finally fell in love, he misunderstood his feelings. ”- Real life

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My husband, Magda, died when Philip was only four years old. After his death, I focused on working in a clinic and raising my son. I tried to be both a father and a motheralthough I felt that I had not played any of these roles completely. Fortunately, I had a wonderful partner in Philip. Although he grew up a little, I didn’t want to be a burden to him, but he helped me a lot with all the housework.

Apparently, none of them interested him

When I went to high school, I was afraid that our relationship would deteriorate. I heard a lot from my friends during the difficult adolescence. But Philip was surprised he liked to be with me more than his peers. This made me happy, but also a little anxious. I did not know how to ask him about it.

– What is the name of the friend you recently told me? – I tried to approach my son.

– Did I tell you about my friend? – He looked at me in disbelief.

“What’s so strange about that?” Still you definitely have a few friends and you don’t want to hide this fact from me – I combed my hair in a friendly way.

– But there is nothing to say about them.

– Why?

– Because they are very children …

– They are sixteen years old, you can’t expect much from them.

– I am also sixteen years old I have nothing to talk to them about. They don’t read anything, they are not interested in anything except some celebrities …

Philip gave me a lecture on the low level of his friends at school and his reluctance to take an interest in them. I was glad to have such a smart son, but I wanted him to live a normal teenage life. I mean, he was meeting friends, and he had a group of friends his age. In the meantime, she went to school, did her homework, and apart from me, Magda’s mother, Aniya, saw her grandmother the most.

“Leave her alone, don’t hurry,” Ewa advised me, my friend, the doctor at the clinic. Sometimes I talked to her about my parenting problems. He was also a single parent. Her Martina was a year older than my Philip, so we were able to share experiences.

– But I’m in no hurry. At his age, I was twice unhappy with love …

– Did you say that your spouse is your first love? – caught me for a word.

– But the first was serious love. I want him to survive those who are meaningless. When you compare, it’s easier to judge what’s most important …

“You and your theories,” Eve smiled modestly. – It is impossible to plan for a few frivolous first, then true love. Life loves to play games. Look at me – his daughter was the fruit of “misfortune” with a high school teacher.

– Well … but luck can help. I just thought maybe we could meet you With Filipa Martyna … She is only a year younger, but serious.

– Don’t play car games, it doesn’t make sense. Especially Martyna loves someone different every month …

– It is normal for age.

“It may be normal, but you don’t know how worried it is,” he said. “He would still turn Philip’s head.” and went. Like those who always call us or stand sadly under our apartment …

– You did not say that he became such a kind person.

“Because there’s nothing to brag about,” she said angrily. – When Philip falls in love, he will definitely fall in love. You will soon complain that his peers prefer the company to yours.

I don’t know what he saw there

Eve was right. Philip went for walks with his classmates more often, and went on vacation with them. But she didn’t have a boyfriend in high school either. I decided to go with him “Serious” conversation.

– Sonny … what did I want … – It’s easier to decide “this” conversation than to do it. – How are your final exams?

– You know, I do not overlook anything. If you want to ask a question, don’t beat around the bush.

– Well, yes … You know, I’m a little worried. Because I’ll understand, if you don’t love girls, I’m tolerant … ”I stopped because Philip laughed out loud.

– Don’t worry, Dad. I like girls, and my friends don’t care what you think.

– That’s it why don’t you meet anyone – I regret it.

– Because so far I have not met anyone who would be interested in me. But I believe it will be one. And it will be unique!

– Only you know there is no point in waiting for a prince from a fairy tale – I tried to show my wisdom in life, but Philip waved me impatiently and returned to his books.

He successfully completed his high school diploma. Together with his best friend Kamil, he also achieved the architecture he dreamed of. The first school year ended only on Fridays. Only the second …

After studying in another city, Ola moved to his branch. In fact, from day one When I saw her, I knew she was in love. At first I was very happy because I was worried that he was not interested in any of them. But there was something disturbing about his love for Olaya. He was a different person. Everything collapsed, including the exams. All that mattered to him was meeting him. At the age of four, she was more mature and sensitive than when she first met her first love!

He barely finished his second year of college. I didn’t know my son! He has always been serious and organized and is completely crazy now. If this Ola was kind of incredibly beautiful or very smart, I could understand her madness. But she was a very average beauty, and I did not feel the great gleam of intelligence in her eyes.

But he was sure of his great attractiveness. In turn, I was convinced that in the Philippines he was attracted mainly by his admiration for her. So one day when I realized that Olan was no longer meeting Philip, he was meeting his best friend, Camille.

I naively thought that after such a number, my son’s feelings would immediately rise. I was wrong. Two weeks after he left, Philip still seemed hopelessly in love with her. I decided to talk to him again. I knew that this time I had to hit the bridge immediately.

“Philip, come to your senses!”

– What do you mean? – He looked at me half-consciously.

– You’re crazy about this girl! It can’t be done!

– You said a long time ago that I should be in love …

– But don’t be mad! This girl is not worth it …

– How do you know? You know him little!

– He did not come to the meetings, did not call back, and now he is meeting with your best friend!

– Well, what ?! That doesn’t mean anything yet!

I waved because I knew no more talking. But her love was killing me.

My friend was right …

Eve noticed this. When I finished his story, he smiled thoughtfully and was silent for a moment.

– Do you know that Martyna will get married soon? He asked.

– Congratulations … What does this have to do with Philip?

– Do you remember that theory a few years ago? Do you have to experience some of these frivolous first loves first, and then recognize the right one?

– Yes. You were laughing at me.

– Probably wrong … Martina was still in love, every time she rubbed her eyes she lost her appetite and sighed. But when I met Paul six months ago, He came to me a week later and said seriously, “Mom, this is the only one.”. And this time he was behaving normally.

– You say that he fell in love many times, but recognized his true love?

– Just like that.

“But that doesn’t help Philip.” She is too old to live this teenage love.

“Yes and no,” Eve smiled mysteriously. – Martina’s example shows that unrequited love is like a childhood disease. If you pass it too early, you have resisted it. The course is very hard when he attacks late.

“But you made me happy,” I said, smiling angrily. – You know that childhood diseases during adolescence can even end in death.

– Relax. Love is a serious disease, but not fatal. If Philip had fallen in love with her before, he would have suffered more now. But he will survive. And he will fall in love again, because love is an incurable disease …

Eve was right. Philip had not been able to reunite with Ola for nearly two years. If Agneska, whom he met at that time, did not take the initiative, this situation could have continued. But she is a smart and valuable girl. He broke Philip’s resistance for a long time until you fall in love with him. I hope they will get married soon. And Philip’s first love decided to build an international career.

He wanted to work in a good architectural office in London, but as far as I know, he works as a waiter.

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